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  1. I suppose rudeness is in the subtext. I didn’t perceive the original request for information to be rude but thought your “I know but won’t tell you” responses to be somewhat obnoxious. That perception is only reinforced by your post above. Happy deleting. Cheers Darius
  2. I would concur - better brushed on with a flat brush than sprayed. Cheers Darius
  3. What a nice, considerate and helpful human being you are. Darius
  4. At first glance I though that was a muffin with a large dollop of icing. Cheers Darius
  5. Part of the layout will feature a river valley with the upper level lines crossing on a viaduct at the rear of the scene and the lower level lines over a stone arched bridge. The arched bridge was made using two Hornby “River Bridges” as the basis with wooden pier extensions and cardboard stonework. How the bridge was made is described here. Cheers Darius
  6. Painted, sealed and completed. The nature of the approach spans/embankment will be figured out when we build this part of the layout. Cheers Darius
  7. Cladding applied to the other side of the bridge. This side will not be readily visible on the layout and so is much “simplified” compared to the side that will face the viewer/operator. Cheers Darius
  8. Alas I wasn’t aware of this programme until seeing this thread but I can join in the fun with a canal trip tale of my own - a narrow boat trip on the Kennet and Avon canal from Bath to Devizes in the summer of 1985 with the Bristol University Canal Club (well five of us). A wonderful trip it was. Cheers Darius
  9. 3D printed coupling part modified to take an NEM type coupling. Cheers Darius
  10. PoP2 completed. Looking forward to what is coming next from Paul. Cheers Darius
  11. Decals applied to PC4. Complete bar some light weathering and the addition of couplings to PC3 and PC4. Cheers Darius
  12. For some strange reason there is an unusually large number of the old Lima/Murphy NIR Mk2 coaches on eBay… Cheers Darius
  13. “Its trains are ergonomically designed for comfort and ease, helping passengers to work or play at their custom-designed seats, which all come with adjustable* tray table, privacy wings and personal lighting.” I see they will be using Hitachi Class 803 units (presumably suitably weld checked and strengthened). Be interesting to see how comfortable (or otherwise) the seat specification is for these trains… I note from the Wikipedia site that they have ordered five 5-car trains so presumably capacity will be limited. Also no first class. Interesting how these days all design is “ergonomical” and “custom” but never “cheap”, sorry, “cost-effective”. Cheers Darius * up or down presumably.
  14. Darius43

    Peco at 75

    The “Peco at 75” supplement in the October 2021 RM is well worth a read. Their investment in modern manufacturing equipment and forward thinking is particularly impressive. Also some good news on the Code 75 Bullhead front in so far as it will continue to be developed. Cheers Darius
  15. Cardboard surfaces sealed with future floor polish/varnish, primed, airbrushed “cotswold stone” and sealed again. Cheers Darius
  16. PM me your address - I have a load of MJT etched hinges and can post some to you. Cheers Darius
  17. Second pier and one side completed. Still a bit more work to do on the other side… Cheers Darius
  18. One pier completed - three to go. Cheers Darius
  19. Hornby deck “troughs” filled in and track loosely positioned at the required streamline spacing - 50mm centre to centre. Cheers Darius
  20. Bridge pier “cladding” commenced. Cheers Darius
  21. Hi Compound2632, I’m going to infill the Hornby track “toughs” and go with streamline track centres. There will be a bit more than normal clearance to the balustrades but that will not look as bad as the set-track spacing. Inside face to inside face of the balustrades is 126mm. Could always say the bridge was originally built for broad gauge… Watch this space… Cheers Darius
  22. A bit more woodwork added… Cheers Darius
  23. Stone dressing completed to one side of the arch. Pier extensions in place. I used a set of chipboard blocks that came as spacers in a set of self-assembly shelves that I bought about 15 years ago. I kept them in case they were useful for something… Cheers Darius
  24. Made a start on the stone dressing using various thicknesses of card stock. The stone coursing was scored using a Stanley knife. Cheers Darius
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