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  1. Yes also saw the samples at Bristol show very good but the Finial on the GWR Woden post is far to small (I have full sized wooden post signal so I really noticed the difference) I mentioned this to Dapol and they suggested I raise with Richard Webster, but not sure why they couldn't do it themselves? What is did do though was to pop along to the 3D Modelu stand to see if theirs were larger... and they were... in overall height and diameter of the Finial. Shame really as the Dapol Finial really let's the signal down visually. Still not a huge issue to replace finial plus the Modelu version has a hollow ball and will transform the signal. Think the spectacle plate is not quiet right and wooden arm is too thick, but again those can be replaced. But on the whole it's not bad!
  2. How MUCH..!! WOWWWW !!!!!!
  3. I think they are quite crude chairs compared to C&L/Exactoscale and they have holes to take track pins so more suited to non prototypical trackwork.
  4. I used Peco rail as it fitted better than the C&L rail. Yes I know it's not spot on for bullhead profile but you can't tell once it's assembled. I would recommend it!!!! This is a link on the forum to show how good it is.... http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/111464-gwr-scale-track-components/ Hope this helps
  5. Have given up asking Dapol don't think they will ever make them!
  6. Found this quote from earlier post, Posted by a member on 03 November 2017, which suggests not much movement on this model has been made yet. Note the same comment made about production status at two different times.... "The Dapol collectors club magazine which arrived to me yesterday a bit chewed by the Royal Mail (so maybe a bit delayed), but still legible, had a table of status updates which doesn't add much except it is in black and white. '14xx CAD/CAM finalisation about to go into tooling'" Shame there is no further information, but not a surprise!
  7. ...and I suggest you might like to add another 9 months to this estimate based on past delivery performance.
  8. Just opened my correct colour van only to find one I the buffers is missing! Shame as the rest of the van has travelled half way around the world before anyone noticed.... A simple quality drop off which should have been captured at source. Now got to spend time and effort sorting myself.... Again!!
  9. Not had an email sorry but going to check my order tomorrow from my supplier before parting with my money.
  10. Greenmodelmonkey

    Dapol 08

    Yes agreed and just hope they don't pick an obscure colour scheme like they did with original green batches.
  11. Greenmodelmonkey

    Dapol 08

    Worthwhile TQM and continuous improvements needs willing participants and desire to do something differently which costs money and effort. Getting the next product to market is likely to be business priority of the day as this will generate more immediate revenue. I agree this is not how it should work but it feels like it from my point of cynical view. Nothing unethical it's just a business method/target supported by a returns process if customer is not happy. I would call it business risk management. Not seen movie but will watch thank you.
  12. Greenmodelmonkey

    Dapol 08

    Do agree on this one but I doubt if many will return items as they will either accept or fix it themselves. So it maybe the returns are going to be low in comparison with the high sales volume which is priority I guess and just part of normal business. I notice quality issues seem to be an issue aross many products and yet the customer is still prepared to dig deep to get what they want warts anMejznerd all. Why spend money on getting product 100% right when the majority are quiet happy if it's sometimes less than perfect. Shame to say this and i want product to be 100% perfect but I'm going to be realistic and just pleased we are now getting some stunning models which we have never had before, and yes there may some imperfections I will just accept, if not it goes back.
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