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  1. Hi Paul,

    I bought a Dapol Class 08 sound decoder from you back in 2016 and have fitted it to a different 08 class loco but I can’t get the loco to run.  I have entered decoder address 3 into controller but nothing happens.  Are you able to help please as it was working fine in a previous loco which I sold about a year ago?

    Many thanks,
    Mick Walker

  2. Really pleased PECO are going to produce a 7mm/0 gauge GWR Pagoda and Engine Shed.
  3. Thats good news nice to see a photo if you can so we could compare with Dapols.... Cheers!
  4. I also understand the current head of product development at Dapol came from Ratio models so hoped and expected it would have been closer to full-size practice. However I also understand the complications of creating a working model and it needs to be robust for operation and use, but there are parts that could have been designed closer to reality. I will stop now as I have had my say and expect/hope most of you will be happy with this new signal. All the best....
  5. None of fittings are to the correct pattern or even close in most cases. ladder is incorrect with its outward facing rungs. The older Peco/Ratio kit is much closer to the real thing and all the fittings are correct patterns including the correct finial dimensions. Just don't understand why this later model is so wrong. It's such a shame as could have been a great model. I expect it will be fine for those that just want a basic working signal and are not worried about its visual accuracy like some of us.
  6. I would suggest you contact Dapol direct for some advice to make sure whatever you choose to do will not void their warranty....
  7. Yes thanks and I use Modelu signal finials, they are spot on size wise as they have been scanned from original....plus they are hollow balls as the prototype really nice!!!
  8. Yes agreed I mentioned this in an earlier in this post. The Modelu finials and signal lamps are spot on and I use these myself and use peco/ratio signal kits, the arms and spectacle plate would make a very good replacement. Now I have seen the final product I think I will stick to making them myself as there are too many areas which I can see are not correctly modeled for my finescale layout. However ....Many thanks for supplying photos and hope all goes well in use.
  9. I see they ignored my constructive comments made at the Bristol O gauge show that the Finial looked wrong and was too small. I was told they would raise this with Richard Webster (?). The ball should 7 inches in diameter full size (or 4,08mm in 7mm scale) and larger than the post width which is 6 inches at top. Scaling the photos above looks like the ball is closer to approx 5 inches equivalent diameter (or 2.9mm in 7mm scale) which also makes the whole finial too short in height and out of proportion. The ball is approx 30% to small on diameter Shame as this a simple error tends spoil the overall look of the signal. Interesting photos show bit of potential rework around the arm pivot. Looks like its been attacked with a craft knife to make it fit or work especially as both signals are the same (???). It's taken so long to come to market and would have hoped it would have been better, especially at the price being charged.....
  10. Not going to pre order this time as there is always plenty to go round and my tastes may change by time it actually hit the shops in the dim distant future. This is not a cynical comment just realistic and I hope to be proved wrong this time which would be a nice treat.
  11. Many thanks for the wake up call but I will just will just put the snooze alarm on for now as still got some extra time by sound if it... Sweet dreams zzzzzzzzz
  12. Just hope the announcement is worth waiting for as I have been waiting too long for previous announcements and promises to become reality (don't hold out much hope that this will change for the better).
  13. Yawn zzzzzzzzz (can someone wake me when they appear, many thanks!)
  14. Thanks for update on signals! However if it was Dapol that said they "should" both be with us by Xmas then this suggests it give them a significant amount of wriggle room if required.... 'shall' or 'will' would have raised my confidence levels ..... a little more. I might appear cynical but really just stating the obvious based on past experiences....
  15. Still waiting for the 0 gauge signals promised Easter this year..... Wonder if these will ever make this year?
  16. Or .......pull the other leg it got Christmas bells on.
  17. Would that be this year...... or next ??????
  18. Looks very nice but notice very prominent mould lines running across either side of smokebox which is a real shame.
  19. Easter has been a gone and no sign of signals as Dapol suggested at Bristol show. Shame and not a great surprise as track record for delivery on everything appears to be much further into the future.
  20. Yes also saw the samples at Bristol show very good but the Finial on the GWR Woden post is far to small (I have full sized wooden post signal so I really noticed the difference) I mentioned this to Dapol and they suggested I raise with Richard Webster, but not sure why they couldn't do it themselves? What is did do though was to pop along to the 3D Modelu stand to see if theirs were larger... and they were... in overall height and diameter of the Finial. Shame really as the Dapol Finial really let's the signal down visually. Still not a huge issue to replace finial plus the Modelu version has a hollow ball and will transform the signal. Think the spectacle plate is not quiet right and wooden arm is too thick, but again those can be replaced. But on the whole it's not bad!
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