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  1. Just want to know the best way to pin down track either tack it down or glue it down I am considering gluing it what's the best way
  2. Just a question as I'm sure in the late 80s early 90s the Hastings to Ashford line was part of the SED so if this is the case why were the demus painted from blue grey to nse and not the Jaffa cake livery I think they would have looked good in it
  3. I need to renumber a epb and a Bachmann class 205 I have got the coach transfers but I cant find one for the tops unit numbers for the end if any one can point me in right direction most greatfull
  4. Looking for a Hastings demu motor coach kit built or not pm me if anyone can help
  5. A class 207 demu or a four epb would be nice or a 421 cig something for those of us that model the southern region so we don't have to rely on special editions eg class 205 a the tc unit
  6. A class 207 would be nice as I don't see Bachmann ever doing one and it would sell .how many off us out there have a class 205 I can only dream
  7. just a heads up certain shop in Sheffield is now selling the NSE version for £169 cheapest I have seen so far https://railsofsheffield.com/class-205-a2-h-thumper-network-south-east-two-car-demu-JJJA30987.aspx
  8. I have had issues with a Bachmann 37 but it was down to the decoder I was using I changed it and it was fine most of my fleet are Bachmann and touch wood have had no problems with them wish I could say the same with another well known brand .
  9. I'm looking for advise with regards to the Bachmann class 170 I have been thinking of buying one for ages but with all the negative things I have herd about them I don't know if to just go out and get a Bachmann class 150 as I do have a later type of class 150 now and I have no problems with it but I only have the money for one I have already pre ordered a class 171 from them although I could be waiting until the end of time to get it. advise greatly received
  10. unless Bachmann bring out a 4TC unit with a class 33/2 Not sure if a model has ever been made of them but it would be a bit daft to bring one out without a loco as the price will reflect on this will Bachmann sell it as a four coach set and make less money as it wont be powered so in this case it wont have any lights just a thought
  11. Yes it would be impossible for Bachmann to make a full 6 car unit but they could always model it on the last mainline working Hastings unit in the 90s 203001 ( 1011) which was only a four car unit working the Hastings-Ashford line but its a dream it will never happen .
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