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  1. My pleasure I fitted them both with MM1 Drophead Buckeyes rather than keeping the Screws They certainly look the part.
  2. I've had two Motorail ones Very pleased with them. G
  3. Thanks Simon That's excellent! Cheers! G
  4. Can anyone tell me what the "(S.M)" lettering on the end of a Standard BR Carflat - below the 90 MPH lettering - means? Thanks Graeme
  5. As my railway is focused on May 1970, it is my understanding that neither the Vac braked Mk2s or Air Braked Mk2As as represented by the Heljan model would have carried Inter-City lettering at that time. Hence my request to Tower Models. G
  6. Hi Global According to Michael Harris' excellent book; "British Rail Mk2 Coaches - The Design that launched InterCity, " Page 60 says; "(taken from the minutes of a BR Passenger Board Meeting of 1970) As from September 1970, new Mk2 (type vehicles) were branded "Inter-City" on the bodysides and the marking was extended to Mk2A and 2Bs two months later." That would suggest that it was either very late build Mk2Cs or from Mk2D onwards that were the first to be built from new with that lettering The book most certainly shows brand new Mk2Cs at Derby Litchur
  7. I've ordered spare parking brake cylinders from Gaugemaster just in case. I have plenty of spare chain ............just in case! I'll do it as soon as they arrive G
  8. Thanks fellows! I shall have a gentle go at the brake cylinder!!! Very best G
  9. Thanks jcarta I'm sure you are absolutely correct The problem is that the 50 (and the 37/4) have chains which other Heljan locos don't. I want to know if the brake cylinders pull out to allow the frames to be slid off as you say - without damaging the chains Thanks G
  10. Can anyone help me and advise how best to get the bogie side-frames off a Heljan Class 50 (so I can paint the wheels) without damaging the parking brake chains? Any help gratefully received! G
  11. Lovely pic of 6891 I used to live in Risca, - just a little further on towards Newport Empties goung down the valley from Ebbw Vale, but I'll bet she sounded good! She looks ex-Works! G
  12. Thanks Jonny It is ambitious, but to be honest I'm far more interested in building it than running it! There would be a lot to do for just me, but I think each bit could just be operated in isolation I've worked on the railways all my life and there are a few of my friends who have agreed to help. ............not least with the electrics! I reckon 15 years and I'll have cracked it!! G
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