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  1. Lovely pic of 6891 I used to live in Risca, - just a little further on towards Newport Empties goung down the valley from Ebbw Vale, but I'll bet she sounded good! She looks ex-Works! G
  2. Thanks Jonny It is ambitious, but to be honest I'm far more interested in building it than running it! There would be a lot to do for just me, but I think each bit could just be operated in isolation I've worked on the railways all my life and there are a few of my friends who have agreed to help. ............not least with the electrics! I reckon 15 years and I'll have cracked it!! G
  3. I'm planning on retiring in 3 or 4 years and adjourning to the loft. Its 32' x 18' and I've planned out a layout based on a much reduced Bristol. Bath Road Depot, Malago Vale Carriage Sidings, Bristol East Yard (much reduced in size) and a couple of the platforms at Temple Meads. It will take me a long time to complete, but I've been building up the fleet for a long time, so I thought I'd start a thread! Any and every comment is very welcome.
  4. That's all been a great help chaps! Thanks very much Given all your info, I shall go for 6875, 6885, 6892, 6975 and 6979 G
  5. It really is a minefield! In Brush Veteran's Class 37 photos is a super pic of 6921 with BR Logo amidships and sans serif numbers.............look perfect corporate blue, but its actually green! 0F74 would be a good head-code for me - Light Engine to Bristol (Bath Road) G
  6. They look great Teddybear! Like Radyr or Margam on a weekend! Terrific stuff G
  7. Hi Brian ............I wouldn't be able to resist having a 37 on a train of Cement Presflos though! That would just be perfection! G
  8. They did indeed! Pulverised Fly Ash from South Wales in HAA Wagons. And it was throughout 1970 and later, so the timescale is spot on! There were always South Wales based 37s around Bristol. but they became more prevalent in the mid 70s. G
  9. Thanks John You are of course absolutely right! I would like to do them all with the single arrow amidships, which I think looks better (just personal choice) I've managed to find a few photos of 6875, so I'm sure she was like that. ...........but as you say, I do need to be careful! G
  10. Just needs weathering now! I've collected 5 of these over a few years - I want to get them numbered as they would have been in Summer 1970 Perhaps too many for a layout based on Bristol - but I do like them! G
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