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  1. Any ideas as to when 31574 was withdrawn please? Paul_C
  2. Can anybody tell me if 31574 ever served the Sittingbourne/Sheerness areas from wherever it was based? Paul_C
  3. I have tried to phone Rails today (fifteen attempts) but their number was constantly engaged which I find a bit odd. Paul C.
  4. Has anyone received the BR black version with early crest yet (31574)? Mine is with sound so I guess it will be a little while yet. Paul C
  5. I have just fitted the "Hunt's Elite" (pivoting) to an old Triang-Hornby Bowaters slurry tank (R668). My modelling skills are far from being at an advanced level so this is all a learning curve for me. Chris Hunt had one pack of five left so I snapped them up and they arrived within two days. On Saturday evening I decided to have a go at fitting the first one. I carefully drilled out the brass rivet and the rest was very very easy. The cross beam on the Hunt's coupling is an absolute perfect fit and snaps into place nice and snug. The cylindrical stud on the model does seem to suffer slight damage no matter how careful you are with the drill but I see no problem with making and fitting a new part enabling a self tapping screw to be inserted. Even if the centre stud remains intact it will probably need a bit taken off the length to allow the Hunt's to sit flush. A few strokes using a file will do the trick. I haven't glued or screwed anything in place yet, they are just snapped on for now but in time I will fit them permanently to the whole rake of twenty. I now eagerly await the arrival of their new stock as I had the last pack of five. Once the whole rake is fitted things should look pretty good to say the least. Paul C.
  6. Thank you both for your posts. If Langleys don't have one then a scratch build is a cracking idea Phil, thank you. Paul C.
  7. I'm looking for a 4mm scale 1953 style Commer radiator grill for a code 3 project (KFB fire appliance). Can anybody make any suggestions please? I've looked on the RTI website but they don't appear to do them. Paul C.
  8. Can anybody tell me if these sound files are actually of a genuine D Class or taken from something similar. Paul C.
  9. Thanks for your replies. It would appear then that the crimson sets were more evident in the fifties which falls in line with the era that I'm modelling. I've just been having a browse through and found a few entries that mention three forms of green, Malachite, BR and Southern Region. I've found a weathered set from TMC listed as SR green but the catalogue numbers prove them to be Malachite. Were SR green and Malachite green one of the same? Paul C.
  10. I have a set of these in crimson but can anyone suggest numbers of those that would have run on the Sheerness branch line around the late forties and through the fifties please. Paul C.
  11. Good to see you're progressing James, at some point it will all drop into place for you and the layout will be up and running. Looking forward to seeing some updated photos. Paul C.
  12. Thanks for your replies. Reading the content you seem have a very good understanding of railway terminology and abbreviations whereas I'm still trying to get my head round a lot of it. I guess it's plausible that from time to time certain trains and locos found themselves making their way onto the Island so I've probably got a little bit of leeway to play with. Paul C.
  13. Phil, I did search for the thread entitled SR Headcodes but couldn't find it. The thread must be there somewhere so I'll keep looking. In the meantime I've recently found an old photo of a 33 at Sheerness station showing the headcode of C9, any ideas? Paul C.
  14. I have some Noch wall sections and need to shape a couple of them to create a curved section. They're hardfoam so I'm wondering whether a heat gun would do the trick and if so how d'you go about it (I've never used one). Paul C.
  15. John, Read with interest your post. I will PM you on Wednesday. Paul C.
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