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  1. I know this thread is a couple of years old. I wonder if the original poster had any luck building something? . I see cavalax are doing this wagon so it too spurred me on to see if I could attempt a scratchbuild. There is a similar wagon in J Fox's book. I would hope to find pics online to 'guesstimate' measurements against the bogies...
  2. Rugby cement pca converted from Hornby tta, 'scratch - converting'
  3. A 59 in orange!! Yuk!! This will have to be brought up in parliment!!
  4. 'For instance( and someone may know better ) look at whatseems to happen at west bury. Those colas 70s seem to sit idle for most of the week other than the hinksey/bescot trip.....' Yes I noticed this on a couple of spotting trips at westbury.. One 70 was actually on tickover most of the day and created an awful stink' in the air.. Yuk! I thought these modern things were environmental!! Anyways I see the 59/2s are off to pastures new in nov as freightliner supplying there own locos..All change!!
  5. Anybody tried the class 37 sprung suspension kit yet..? Quite an undertaking and beyond my skills, time and.. Er well interest.. Oo gauge is a safe place lol!!
  6. Wow great news from Accurascale!! Now I cant impress my fellow modellers with my scratchbuilt versions...!! They will think theyre ready to run!!
  7. They do some HIA bogies available from dcc supplies 8pound). No sign of the axle motion ones..
  8. Anyways i attempted a new TEA, from an old Hornby one. New Tf bogies and a bit of detailing. A better walkway beckons. Difficult to get the right materials for that. Rapidos Tea was getting very tempting ( had no idea they were being done) otherwise i wouldve spent a bit on them. I see recently one went on ebay for 70squid!!! Having spent a few years 'scratchbuilding' ive noticed that rtr stock is going up in value, especially as there are many smaller suppliers doing one off runs. Its almost better sense to invest money on them than the stock market! Heres my 20quid version..
  9. Hi Scooby.. theres a drawing in John Foxs Book , 'Railway wagon plans' its a decent book . I recommend it as investment for other projects. it is 207 mm long body ,height of body 19mm [at ends. ] different internal measurement due to the plate that runs back from the ends. I find it useful to find a good picture online and make the pic the same size as the bogies your going to use to get the other proportions you need. im sure youl work it out. Any news on Axle motion bogies from Dapol..? Unfortunately I missed DEMU this year but I believe John was there showcasing some scratchbuilding techniques. Mark
  10. Thanks for vids.. Be interesting if anyone has any insight or info re the demos on wagon building and weathering.. As i cant fit in a visit this year..
  11. Is it better ventilation...
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