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  1. ok thanks. Richard, il get back to you on that if needed!
  2. yes that's what I'm thinking.. so I should've been more accurate , its a lok 3.5 original Bachman decoder I'm thinking of fitting into a Bachman 66 that previously had a select in it .. like you say dependent on the scheme Bachman used. They didn't have cablights on the first ones I believe so the function may not been on it.. [?]
  3. would the cablight still work? yes i meant 100 ohm!
  4. Does anyone know if putting a Lok 3.5 into a loco previously fitted with a loksound select whether it will work ok? [obviously will have to change speaker to a 10ohm].
  5. Just a stab in the dark as it were. I'm after one of these if anybody has one they don't require, the original 21 pin 3.5 as fitted to Bachman sound 66s.. will pay a fair price. Thanks if can hep.. Otherwise will keep an eye on the Ebay! Mark w
  6. thanks for the input RAF , im sure the info will benefit others and me. it seems the fault may have been caused by my programming track rail just slightly touching the main track which is on the drop down section so hasnt got isolating joiners. [arggghhhhh] Latterly ive connected another spare decoder to get my points working . so my faith in the R8247s is restored!
  7. I have a bargain blue 56 sound all fine except one end red lights.. Anybody know which contact is for the tail lights.. presume one contact is the return .?
  8. I have some odd behaviour from my Hornby accessory decoders, controlling pl11 point motors. Only two outlets are working correctly. I have tried reset, cv8 to 8. But comes up error on the dynamis. Having tried everything (and they worked fine on my previous layout a couple of moths back.) Do these decoders fail? I've not experienced any of this before and have used dcc for many years.
  9. thanks.. but no9 for mine is definitely flange squeal not a buffer mm il try to get hold of bachman
  10. does anybody have ,or know where i can get the bachman 66 sound function sheet for the lok4.0? as fitted to 66546.. [or is it a select?] thanks
  11. Yes, thanks.. Interesting pic at Salisbury in 82 with no radio pods.. When were these fitted u wonder
  12. Just some advice on the accessories pack of bits, what applies to 33012: do all bits fit to the model or are they dependent on loco.. I can't seem to find pics of 012.. Were snow ploughs fitted, for example.
  13. OK thanks.. I think I will see if I can carry on the Heljan tradition and use some red bulbs for the rear blind.
  14. Did 33s have red tails fitted?
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