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  1. Who will do the class 31 ?
  2. Article in express mag re weathering PTA so I had a splash about. The engineeers train is also coming along.
  3. Yes Ive seen this, I note the bogies are slightly different [very slightly!} but Il just use the bog standard Axle motion.. Be nice to get to DEMU showcase next year when all this nonsense is over and get some bogies from Skits!
  4. Thanks its not to bad. I always use 40 thou card and use pre cut strip for detail. The measurements ,im told are more or less the same as the JNA falcon wagon but obviously these have a full solebar along the bottom. There's a drawing in John Fox's book for a JNA falcon. I guessed the positioning of the ribs from pics. I used Skits bogies as I already have these but now Gaugemaster do Dapol bogies as a spare which is useful as these might be a better bet. I may attempt the other type next that have the different bogies,
  5. As explained by the other chaps , its about splitting hairs really. There are some 59 sound projects' available now. But it seems a compromise would be a TTS 66 chips. If you listen to some vids on youtube of 66s and 59s you may have some idea- or go and see the real thing at westbury! just follow the instructions on fitting decoders if you haven't done it before. Its fairly straightforward.
  6. Im back in the zone, checking on bogies and ready for a project. Hows it goin out there Grizz? Does anyone know if the MLA ballast wagon is the same length as the JNA falcon ? I cant seem to find measurements anywhere?
  7. Hi just a passing interest in 3mm scale and as a challenge for myself and a mate I was wondering what the scope is to produce a decent 08 shunter in 3mm. decent body? - I hear a very good printed body is available from someone. chassis and wheels possibilities? I cant find anything on searches so just wondered if anyone can point me in the right direction .. I thank anyone who can answer, ..
  8. Thanks. arr ok so I'm presuming lego doesn't assign them to other keys. A bit beyond my experience ,having a programmer.. wow train sets are getting very scientific these days!! maybe its worth assigning a function to a function number that isn't used.
  9. Hi , Quick education, Im new to the v5 as mainly had v4s. I have just purchased a v5 from lego recently. I see that aux 1 and 2 are green and purple respectively. Apart from these 2, I see there are other Auxs for the 5 [pale green, pink ,aux 7,8,9]- are these assigned to any function key or are they dependent on the programmer assigning them..? thanks to anyone who knows.. mark
  10. oh shame.. will on the spend the new imminent 59 and 37 then.. instead
  11. anyone any ideas when next batch of Hs 66s are coming?
  12. yes good website. I used it a couple of years ago to scratchbuild the newer JNA.. that revolution latterly brought out
  13. wow looks brilliant. I definitely couldn't scratch build that.. or could I? maybe Il order some!!
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