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  1. At risk of 'politicising; the thread, I cannot help but agree with Mr Mortimore, (as one of the beneficiaries of the Welfare State and Education Act), and can heartily recommend this book: https://www.amazon.com.au/Citizen-Clem-Biography-Attlee-Winner/dp/178087992X as wwell worth a read to find out the extraordinary work of the man. Now back to the modelling bench.. Cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  2. 45568

    Dapol Class 21/29

    Superbly put Mr C. , and I have found that all those same types managed to migrate around 150 miles north to the Nottingham suburban area for trials as well, (although this seems to have slipped by the observations of contemporary observers??!!). Cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  3. 45568

    Hornby LNER N2 0-6-2T

    Here is my take on a non-condensing version from the Hornby model... A how-to appeared in an issue of MRJ by Alan Sibley?? from the Mainline model many years ago! This involved a scale chassis and re-motoring, and was before the advent of the improved chassis Hornby model. Cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  4. Now with a grey roof and slightly weathered chassis...Better? Thanks again to all those involved with bringing this little beauty to market, a lovely model that is well worth your efforts! Cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  5. I seem to remember long ago when Bachmann introduced the N class mogul, it was said that with some small alterations to tooling a U class variant could be made if sales/demand dictated the need. I think, therefore, given that the N has not been seriously updated by Bachmann since it's release, that perhaps sales were not as great as anticipated, and demand for a model that in many ways looks very similar might not be there. Rather like the revamped 'Jubilee' , released in short firebox condition with an option to tool the long firebox variant dependent on sales, has not resulted in the long firebox version. Cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  6. As a PS to my earlier post, I should have credited prototype information to Mr. David Larkin, and his excellent books on BR wagons; inspiration for these models came from 'The Acquired Wagons of BR, vol.2', a fascinating read with some superb pics of these wagons in service. Cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  7. With the discussion surrounding the 'Rails' 3D-printed wagon, last week I received the following two 3D-printed wagon bodies from : https://www.shapeways.com/shops/stafford_road_model_works designed to fit on the Airfix/Hornby/Dapol 21t hopper chassis. This is a GWR N28 loco. coal wagon, I was taken with the provision of three side doors and two end doors, very different from the usual 21tonner. This is mounted on a Hornby 21T chassis, which I prefer over the Dapol alternative for the moulded tie-bar and finer axle box detail. This represents a very early GER steel design, introduced in 1904, which did survive until the 1950's. it is finished in black, the original 1948 livery choice for coal wagons, (which were considered departmental stock initially). This is mounted on a Dapol chassis, which is suitable for this prototype as no tie bars were present. Both bodies are supplied in 'white versatile plastic'. I treated each to several thin coats of red oxide primer from a rattle can which helped to fill some of the irregularities. They were then finished with Tamiya spray cans inside and out as appropriate. The transfers are Modelmaster sheet 4680?? for loco. coal wagons, weathered with Vallejo paints. The close-up photos do show the texture of the surface, but given the surface of the real thins, this is not necessarily a disadvantage. These will form part of an 'empties' of various 21-tonners, (23 at the moment!!), of all different types and construction. I was fortunate to obtain several Kirk dia. N23 wagons, with the single side door and twin end doors, with care these make an excellent wagon. I feel an N34 coming on next! Whilst the cost of the individual wagon bodies is not that expensive, the postage from USA or wherever can be a significant part of the order. I would recommend a group of mates to pool their orders and cut down on postage if possible1 Cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  8. I have to agree with Colin here. My limited knowledge of GWR wagons is sourced from a couple of books on the subject in my collection. The difference between the GWR and the other three grouping companies appears to be that the GWR was largely autonomous within it's area, and, relatively, absorbed very little goods stock from those companies it took over, (which were principally in Wales). Compare this to the LNER, where there was a wide variety of wagons inherited from the GE, NB, GN etc. some of which managed to pass nationalisation and achieve the coveted BR livery which seems to guarantee successful sales! Similarly I can think of a couple of interesting van designs inherited by the LMS from the CR or L&Y that would make attractive models, again surviving into BR days,(I am thinking of the Caley van with the distinctive X framing on the sides and doors for example). The wooden 'Mink' vans were my first thought for the GWR/WR, but a glance at the wagon books shows a bewildering variety for a "Standard" design. Parkside and other kit manufacturers have produced kits for these, although that is not going to deter a keen manufacturer. Perhaps a scaling down of the Ixion/Lionheart Mink from 'O' gauge? The Siphon G is well overdue for an update, although to me the body moulding still looks well, as does the 'H', the underframe lets them down; however, I don't think that a large bogie van is really that suitable as a subject for this type of production, I can imagine some constraints on the physical size of a single-piece moulding applying here..although I am more than happy to be corrected by those who have more experience with this technology. Personally I see Hornby as the most likely contender for a revamp, (to go with the 'Manor' for 2020???!!!). This production method seems to favour short runs of unusual prototypes, one I would like to see is the SR banana van, done as a kit years ago by ABS. Dangerously close to wishlisting now though....stop it! I look forward to seeing where Rails/Dapol go next with this. cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  9. Just arrived, from Sheffield, to Perth Western Australia.....! Absolutely superb, thank you Rails, I will await with great interest further developments in this new era of wagonry! cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  10. I have just received this from Rails of Sheffield... Absolutely superb, these apparently sold out in no time. any thoughts on a GWR van that might prove equally popular? Cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  11. 45568

    Oxford N7

    Some rather blurry shots of an N7 doing what they did, with a 'Quint' set. The set was built from a Kirk kit more years ago than I care to remember, it has been waiting for a suitable loco. I will try harder next time! Cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  12. 45568

    Oxford N7

    I started this thread on 24/01/17, now, two years and 9 months later, my BR liveried example arrived. Like others, I am very pleased with the looks and performance of the model, and have personalised my example a little! Cabside and window 'bling' removed, snifting valves, whistle and other brass brightware subdued! Condenser linkage removed, couplings shortened. Smokebox ring highlighted, Smokebox numberplate from Fox transfers, 38A (Colwick), shedplate!! A lovely model of a lovely prototype, I am well pleased. I have the relevant Yeadon on order, I would like to do 69621, is this model suitable? Cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  13. Lovely weathering on the decking of the 'War' wagons Rob, I need to practice that too! Ordinarily I wouldn't post these wagons on the thread as I thought they were unlikely to be seen around Brent, but apparently they worked regularly to Cambourne! They are BR dia. 1/004 pig iron wagons, utilising the Trix moulding for the body work. Details are in the 'modified ready-to-run' section for those interested. Cheers from Oz, Peter C. P.S. 6016, my last 'King' cop, Acocks Green station, July 1962...Aaaahhh.
  14. I thought I would be the only one to think of Lonnie Donegan whilst I worked on these!! 'The Rock Island line is a mighty fine line! Cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  15. Trix UK-outline models do not feature often on RMWeb. Although they featured some interesting prototypes, their 3.8mm/foot scale made them unsuitable for use with other 4mm/OO stock. However, the plastic pig iron and mineral wagon bodies were fortunate as this meant they scaled at a correct prototype 16'6 ''. There is no kit or rtr version of a pig iron wagon in 4mm; Peco produce a 7mm version, and Farish a 2mm. I believe Mainline announced one in 1982??, but it was never produced as they folded shortly afterwards. (It did have a catalogue number and I remember ordering one along with a B1!). I was fortunate to acquire three of the Trix wagons in good condition from Ebay around 3 months ago, they seem to have disappeared now! I removed the body from the underframe and set to work. The solebars with the larger journals are found on Parkside PA16 underframe kit, they are 10'0" wheelbase, so the V-hanger is removed and 4mm cut from the centre of the solebar to give 36mm (9foot) between the axlebox centres. Tie bars are fitted and brake gear from a Parkside 9'0" underframe fitted. The prototype wagons have a drop-link brakegear system, this can be correctly modelled using the Red Panda RA01 underframe kit cut to a 9ft wheelbase, (instructions on cutting are in the kit), however I chose to represent this using spare brake levers from Parkside Plate wagon kits. Bufferbeams and buffers came spare from Red Panda mouldings, coupling hooks are Dave Franks' LMS parts. The bodies are painted using Tamiya TS-81 Royal light grey, and TS32 Haze grey, (the darker colour). The wooden floor is painted with Vallejo 'old wood' with a sepia gouache wash. Vallejo paint are also used for rust and oil highlights. Transfers are from a variety of Modelmaster sheets, the 'pig iron' branding is from sheet 4690. The numbers are 'close' to the range for pig iron wagons....! As far as I know there are no commercially available decals for these wagons, anyone wishing to make these wagons might do well to contact Railtec for a bespoke sheet? I am very happy with the way these have turned out, so much so I scratch-built a companion dia. 1/003 to go with them! I have 'pig-iron' loads on order from Unit models to load these wagons. Any questions or queries, please ask! Thanks to Paul Bartlett for the prototype images on his site, which are an immense help to all wagon modellers. Cheers from Oz, Peter C.
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