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  1. Gentlemen, Less than 24 hours after my original post two pages of entries have gone by! The B2 61639 was fitted with a B1 bogie in the 1950s which it carried to the end, the tender was an ex-NER 4125 gallon example from a C7 with the coping plates cut off behind the coal space. 61615/32 towed the 4,700 gallon ex-P1 tenders. Having completed this one more as a test to see whether it was feasible, I am gathering the parts for 61616, which I remember from my 'Ladybird Book of British Locomotives'! It will feature 12 spoke bogie wheels and an NER tender with full coping plates. I am hoping to chronicle this build with photos and put in the relevant section of RMWeb when finished. The J38 was a scrapbox parts build using a Bachmann J39 body and chassis and Bachmann 57xx pannier wheelset. The tender should be a swb 3500 gallon type, but searching photos online and Colour-rail showed 65904/21 towing 4200 gallon variants of the type modelled, (not the one Bachmann attached to the J39). This one is a Hornby example from a D49 Hunt, which was also spare. I considered buying an SEF 3500 gal. tender, but the idea was to build without expense if possible. A quick note to Clem..this model won't concern you, I don't think one of them ever trundled through Daybrook on empties to Colwick! Thanks to all for the comments, I hope the above answers any queries. Incidentally, does anyone know of a source for a brass/whitemetal casting for a B17 chimney? Cheers from WestOz, Peter C.
  2. Good afternoon (WST) Tony, In the spirit of your 'lockdown modelling' request, I offer the following: A Hornby B2, from a Hornby B1 and Hornby B17 parts. A Bachmann J38, this was a result of using up remaining parts of other projects, and just to see whether it was feasible! Certainly not within my usual modelling area, a very localised class not seen in the East Midlands. Cheers from Fortress WestOz, Peter Chandler
  3. 45568

    New Hornby Rocket

    I received my R3810 pack yesterday courtesy of the big H. Mrs. 45568's reaction on seeing it was' you should get another to put on display!'. I have quickly tested it today and all seems to be fine. all in all an exquisite piece of model engineering. Thanks to the development and production teams at Hornby for delivering such a little marvel. I was tempted back in the day by the original 'Rocket' set, and have, over the years, kept an eye out on Ebay for a good example. I do not need to now. Cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  4. Having lived in Kings Heath until 1974 before migrating to Oz, I am fascinated to hear of units going to KH for modification. Is this really B14 post code Kings Heath? If so, where is it? Enjoyed your pix btw, Cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  5. Wanting a BR ex-IOW terrier, and coincidental with a rather good offer from a Melbourne retailer on the SR-liveried IOW Terrier, I offer this as a treat to come from Hornby, who are bound to do a better livery job!! Resprayed using Tamiya spray cans, a set of old Modelmaster lining transfers, (can you see the join??), and Fox numbers. A toolbox on the tank top which is very prominent on the prototype was made from evergreen styrene. Smokebox side lamp irons fashioned from styrene sheet. Runs beautifully. Cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  6. Wanting a BR ex-IOW terrier, and coincidental with a rather good offer from a Melbourne retailer, I offer this as a treat to come from Hornby, who are bound to do a better livery job!! Resprayed using Tamiya spray cans, a set of old Modelmaster lining transfers, (can you see the join??), and Fox numbers. A toolbox which is very prominent on the prototype was made from styrene. Runs beautifully. Cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  7. I can't think of a better photo to highlight John Whiteley's Flicker feed, as noted elsewhere in the fora by Andy Kirkham. Relevant to the thread too! Cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  8. Quick work on the J Jack, looking very good! I feel I have a bit of vested interest in this one! cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  9. Quote: "Very nice Peter. The colours look spot-on. I'll try those myself I think." Thank you St.E. I have not used this combination before, but I feel they capture the colours of the faded look that painted wooden-bodied coaches got in the late 1950s as they approached their end-of-life or first repaint. I am working on an idea to use the Hornby Caley coaches to cut-n-shut to 57' stock using Mainline ends and u/frames, and these colours will suit them, or even Gresley coaches in Crimson/cream. I agree about the Slaters bogies, quite intractable to change on this example without damage. It was supposed to be a quick project!! Cheers, Peter C.
  10. Something that may interest ANTBers..I recently acquired this from OzEbay for a modest sum. I suspected it was a Slaters toplight kit which I thought may find a home in the UK via UK Ebay with a drink in it for me! When it arrived I identified it as an E88 toplight composite. Mr Longworth's tome informed that these lasted until 1957-8, and looking at the model, parts were quite well put together, but the paint job was fairly poorly done and rough. With a little persuasion I managed to separate the roof and sides from the underframe, and cleaned the sides in caustic soda to remove paint. The interior was also repainted. I resprayed the sides using Tamiya TS46 light sand and Mr Color 81 Russet spray cans for cream/crimson respectively. The sides were reglazed, and transfers for numbers and class designation/window markers added from Modelmaster transfers. Corridor handrails were added from styrene rod. Finally, the sides were reattached to the spruced up underframe, and eventually, after some coaxing and profanity, the roof refitted reasonably well. All in all, an interesting diversion..I realise that the toplights would probably have been sheeted over by the 1950s, W7754W was the last in service. The bogies may also be wrong, they certainly needed a fair amount of material removing from the underframe to allow free running and curves to be taken. The whole took me much longer than anticipated, but the result is a different vehicle for my WR excursion rake. I have never tackled an unbuilt Slaters Toplight kit. Certainly the details on this model were comprehensive, I imagine they were quite a challenging kit, the mouldings appear top quality, perhaps they will be reintroduced? cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  11. 45568

    EBay madness

    Absof**king-lutely! It is bampot stuff, but as I previously noted on this thread, there are some real nutters on Ozebay ( Forestml anybody), our equivalent of micmin and gostude, without the bargains! As an aside, the aforesaid Forestml, which operates from one of Sydney's swankier suburbs, actually had R3809 at $A670, I think I know who purchased it! Cheers to all from Fortress WestOz, Peter C.
  12. 45568

    EBay madness

    "Rocket' mania../optimism?? hits Oz! https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Hornby-OO-R3809-STEAM-LOCO-STEVENSONS-ROCKET-HRR3809/303604618173?hash=item46b03ed3bd:g:1EAAAOSwOeFe8x7f Divide by 1.8 for the GBP price! Cheers frpm Oz, Peter C.
  13. Are these freely available, and if so where from please? Cheers, Peter C.
  14. May be of interest to an OZ H/D collector? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/BRITISH-SOUTHERN-RAILWAY-SCHOOLS-CLASS-LOCO-FOR-Hornby-DUBLO-3-RAIL-A-JEWEL/133412951590?hash=item1f10081626:g:heIAAOSwJChev26P Cheers, Peter C
  15. QUOTE ...I'm surprised the model only made £29.99 though. Yes, that would be a bargain, but I suspect it went for much more than that, despite it's 'holier than thou' pretence, Ebay is full of holes!! Cheers, Peter C.
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