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  1. Will the model allow these to be represented? Cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  2. People interested in the development of the A class may well be interested to read about their West Australian cousins. A new book just available from RHWA. Cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  3. The X CLASS ERA in Western Australia, An illustrated history by Peter Gould. For the first time all in one book, the story of 48 locomotives that ushered in the modern era on WA railways. The X class were unveiled with great promise, then suffered so many problems as to cast doubt on whole idea, and bring about a royal commission. But WAGR engineers eventually solved the problems and these engines went on to give three decades of service all over the system, whether on the express passenger trains or with goods on the most remote branch lines. Peter Gould has researched and recorded
  4. Beat me to it! I'm interested in doing the same thing having had success with the J68 and NLR tanks. Cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  5. Hi, I am about to order the Bill Bedford O4/7 body to fit on a Bachmann O4 loco. Any hints, tips, pointers or comments on the project from those who have completed one welcomed! Thank in advance, Peter C.
  6. Johnster, this topic details one I did earlier,from a Tassie supplier. He is also offering this cordon... https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GWR-Cordon-Gas-Wagon-3d-printed/303707622688?hash=item46b6628d20:g:pFoAAOSwaENd1Mp7 Cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  7. When I first went to CH I lived in Hall Green, about a 5 minute walk to the 11, and a bit further for the 32, for the city, altho' we often walked to the station for the train to Moor St. Moved to Moseley/Kings Heath in 1965, after which I walked to school mostly! I do remember a rake of wagons on that down refuge, complete with brake van. which we managed to sneak into a couple of times at lunch time for spotting and a ciggie,(both illegal). 55 years ago! Cheers from Oz, Peter C
  8. That secondary school being King Edward VI Camp Hill School, my alma mater from Sept. 1962 to July 1969. A quick nip down to Hazelwell bridge from the Cartland Road entrance most evenings after school usually saw 2-4 trains within 30 minutes, then back up to catch the 11 home! A very busy line which ran across the bottom of the playing fields, it was a detention offence to cross said field to trainspot at lunchtime! I always take a run past Hazelwell when I'm back in Brum for a UK holiday. Cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  9. Hi Paul, I believe the B2 kit is very good, but etched brass is way beyond my soldering ability. I have looked in vain for a B2/B17 brass chimney for my conversions. I obtained a lost wax example from PDK models but it did not seem quite the correct shape to me. On the loco. above, I cut the chimney from an old Hornby tender-drive B17 smokebox and filed it to fit the B1 'box. still not quite right but... If DMR had their B2/17 chimney available separately it would be ideal. cheers, Peter C.
  10. Hi Colin, Many years ago,(30?), I built a B2 using the Crownline B2 conversion kit, a Replica B1 body and a Hornby tender-drive B17..! The Crownline kit gave some whitemetal castings to covert the Hornby LNER tender body to an NER 4125 gallon type, with the cut-off raves. This fitted on to the Hornby chassis, which had the wrong wheelbase, but things were a little easier back then!! When I started this conversion, I used that same body on the latest B1 tender chassis, it looks the part and gave a little continuity between the two models. Hornby have a beau
  11. For completeness, a couple of pix of the NLR tank. Cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  12. In contrast to Paul G's J68, mine on a Hornby 'Terrier' chassis. Very cruel close-ups, to my human?? eye it looks the part in a layout setting. The body moulding required a little bit of fettling for clearance to achieve a good fit on the chassis, and I took some time trying to get the best fit of the cab roof. good value for money IMHO though. Cheers from Oz, Peter C. Cheers from
  13. Like this??? From Hornby B1 and B17 parts. Cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  14. Thanks for that Colin, I will give it a try when I can get some plastruct. I have recently finished a J68 and the NLR tank, like you I was quite impressed by them. I am thinking of putting an article on the builds in 'Kit and scratchbuilding', and will post pix on here when I have some. Thinking of suggesting the Caledonian '498' dock shunter as a possible model for the Electrotren chassis, double slidebar too! Cheers from Oz, Peter C.
  15. "modifying the NLR loco to the correct single slidebar, " How did you do this please? Peter C.
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