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  1. Well that was well worth the wait! Looking good. DeadRinger
  2. Geoff I have been a modeller in the dim distant past, but done nothing for too many years. However I do appreciate excellent modelling and yours is. Long may you carry on. DeadRinger
  3. Excellent work Geoff. Really looking the part now. DeadRinger
  4. Beginning to look really good. Keep up the good work. DeadRinger
  5. Love the stile. but it seems to encouraging trespassing on the track? DeadRinger
  6. The size of the spoil tips intrigue me. They look larger than the size of the cutting. But then as any one who has dug a large hole knows the dirt that comes out takes up more room than the size of the hole. DeadRinger.
  7. I was just looking to see if there was a record of the number of lives lost building the railway, but the numbers seem mixed up with those who died because of illness, especially smallpox outbreaks. However much we hate H&S, and I am one of them, the working environment is a much safer place nowadays. DeadRinger
  8. A good model [railway] should create an impression of reality. At the top of the league (in my humble opinion) must be Pendon museum. www.pendonmuseum.com. But many layouts can attract attention for various reasons. I usually find RTR layouts, however extensive, rather uninteresting, but if the layout captures that 'look' I will look more closely. Capturing the large landscapes is more difficult, something the N gauge is rather good at.. Take Copenhagen Fields for example. But Geoff has already demonstrated how this can be achieved in a larger scale. I am rather looking forward to see how this layout pans out. DeadRinger PS. In the dim distant past I demonstrated Hornby Zero-1 at several large exhibitions, with my co-demostrator, Brian Robinson. He would often turn to me and mutter '"here comes another one!" referring to the anoraked unkempt man heading our way, knowing he was about to complain about some detail of a Hornby model he thought was incorrect! It was Brian that suggested a visit to Pendon would make you take up aero modelling!
  9. Thanks to all those who enlightened me on spandre;s, DeadRinger.
  10. Looks better every time. But i have question, which I could google of course. What are the spandrels? I keep reading about them in your posts and assumed I would realise once they were fitted, however I am still not sure. Felling ignorant, DeadRinger
  11. Thanks Geoff, I was beginning to get withdrawal symptoms! Deadringer
  12. Just WOW. When painted and weathered is is going to look really impressive. DeadRinger
  13. When you started laying the stones, it was looking a little chunky and maybe overscale, but now it approaching completion, it is looking absolutely brilliant. And it is keeping you out of mischief! DeadRinger
  14. Jeff, Its good to see you back in the harness, so to speak. Since discovering the KL2 blog, I really appreciated the level of attention to all the details including the boarding out of the garage and strength of the baseboards. As for the walling, well what could I say. I look forward to the future. DeadRinger
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