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  1. It might be a combination of issues - residue left behind by air-drying, forcing the drying process with the heater or worst case maybe grease spots left by handling?
  2. I found the ex-works photo on Google at the start of the build, and bought a copy of it that appeared on EBay once I'd nearly finished the physical building. The one at the top of the blog was a photo I found of 968 when stabled at Brunswick Shed, Liverpool, and I've seen the picture of her sat at Walton shed, still looking pretty clean and reckoned to be taken in August 1923.
  3. A small selection of photos covering the build of a Pollitt class 13 Single express loco, converted from a DJH Pollitt D6.
  4. Bit of a daft question regarding your Worsley Works Parker coaches - did you buy the ones that the sides are split down the length? If so, have you managed to roll in any sort of tumblehome? I'm asking as I have the beginnings of the dining train as featured on Steve Banks pages, and am trying to work out how much the lower body curvature is going to be visible...
  5. Running day at Ruddington today. I'll be down with my weirdo models, and a few sensibles, if anyone is in the area...

  6. Tested SVT on Monday, along with the 05 again.. The SVT will run at a scale 110mph. The 05 will do a steady 85mph on a 5-coach train, and will hold that performance with free-running coaches, up to about 10-coaches.

  7. Get to find out if the traction tyres are any good tomorrow. Will the SVT do a scale 125mph?

  8. Finally put the replacement traction tyres on my SVT 137. Hopefully it will start off on its own, instead of needing a push...

  9. The state of things - like trying to run railcar without its traction tires. It's not going anywhere fast...

  10. On balance, if the British battlecruisers had been as accurate with their fire as they had been as rapid, they might have been able to compensate for the duff shells. However, the practise of keeping the LIVE bags of powder and shells in the passageways and leaving the doors open made certain that any hits were always going to be catastrophic, when they did start landing in the most inappropriate places. Of the ships sunk at Jutland on our side, only HMS Invincible's destruction was attributed to a direct hit on the magazine of A-turret, and that flashed over into the midships magazines. Bo
  11. Okay, this is my step-by-step set of instructions for the conversion of a RailRoad Flying Scotsman into the proposed Peppercorn 4-8-2, based in part from Mr King's own builds. In terms of experience rating, I would rate this as a 3/4 star in terms of difficulty, if only because of how I jump around from picture to picture. Prior experience of kitbashing locomotives is required, as is the assumption that you know how to alter Hornby wheelsets to suit your needs. My original notes have been misplaced, so I'm making this up as I go from the pictures. 1. The starting point - not for the fai
  12. I tried to write up a build sequence for my 4-8-2 some years ago. It started life as a replacement body, but developed from there. Anyways, I tried to remember the order of assembly after a period of six months to go in as part of a magazine article (never done), and as expected got myself totally lost even after referring to my pictures. Picture Manager has done something weird with the ordering.
  13. It might have been that 002 was in a worse state than 001 at the time? Or it might have been that with it being seen as the Nazi steam record holder it was deemed inappropriate to keep it? But that wouldn't explain why the Olympics engine was kept...
  14. Decided to try and attempt to replicate the train that claimed the World Speed Record for Steam for the Germans in 1936. I have a reasonably good German book 'Schnellverkehrs des Reichsbahnzeit' which went into the various aspects of high-speed travel of the time, including a quote from one of the gents who was there on the train - but it was abridged. In my excitement at finally getting somewhere with a record-breaking train, I did not notice that one of the passages was missing key words that would change the translation and meaning of the relevant bit about the carriages behind the big 05 0
  15. A small entry regarding my build of 46202 'Princess Anne'. She is as finished as I am capable of doing. Enjoy the pictures of her alongside my fathers 6202. Pictures taken on the model railway at the Taylor Street end of the Birkenhead Heritage Tramway.
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