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  1. I would be interested in 2 luggage van kits, 2 heating & luggage van kits and 1 post office van kit. Any idea when these will be released as lots of Irish railway models due to be released between now and the end of the year.
  2. Looking excellent already. Any update on a possible delivery date?
  3. Looking for Pack O of the Accurascale DRS PFA wagons if anyone has a spare pack lying about. Also, interested if someone wants to sell all three of the DRS packs. Thanks.
  4. Plenty of scope there for further PFA releases with different nuclear related loads.
  5. Any plans to release the DRS half containers as a stand alone item, perhaps with different container numbers?
  6. Would anyone have information on the PFA's that ran into Workington Docks carrying gypsum? I believe these trains ran in either late 1990's or early 2000's. Was this just a flow that ran for a short period using PFA's? Also, any other photos of the British Gypsum PFA's in Workington would be very nice. Not my photos; just linked in post to illustrate the working in question.
  7. Always a sign of an excellent model on RMWEB when the only complaint is that some liveries have already sold out. As I understand it, there will be some more of each livery available once the batch currently on a ship arrive in port, so good things will come to those that havent savoured these models yet. Take a bow, Accurascale.
  8. Considering how popular the DRS wagons have been, seriously hoping that Accurascale do another run with full height containers as used nowadays, or some of the other different nuclear waste loads carried on these wagons. The wagons associated with nuclear traffic are seemingly quite popular with modellers judging by the demand so far for the DRS PFAs and the KUAs, so bodes well for maybe some other nuclear wagon types being produced in the future.
  9. Agree. From counting the side ribs on the prototype, the branding on the model should extend two ribs more in height to match the prototype. Can only assume the same difference in size exists in the width of the branding on the model. This is one of the reasons that it looks wrong. Also, the slight angle difference in the diagonal between the paint shades on model versus prototype, as you mentioned.
  10. The diagonal of the colour join appears to be correct. The issue is the Colas Rail Freight branding is both too narrow in width and too short in height on the model. If you look back at the post that Hattons posted comparing the Colas 66 colour with the Bachmann Colas 37 colour, the size difference in the branding between the two models is obvious. If the 66 had the same sized branding (spacing aside) as the 37 shown in the Hattons photo, I reckon it would have been spot on.
  11. KXA and some of the taller containers for the DRS nuclear flows, as used currently and for the past few years, would be nice next additions to the range, with more DRS PFA numbered wagons to match. As nice as the DRS PFA low height containers are, I cant find any reference to them being used after 2015 as the traffic started using the taller containers around then. Hopefully, the next batch of PFA's might lead to some variations in loads. Hint, hint, no rush, Fran & Co.
  12. The KUA is a very big wagon as wagons go. Revolutiontrains CAD shown below.
  13. My money is now on the KUA nuclear flask wagon. Revolutiontrains are releasing this in N gauge and have also collaborated with Accurascale to release the PFA wagons in N gauge. So my guess is that Revolutiontrains have reciprocated the deal by allowing Accurascale to do the KUA wagon in OO gauge.
  14. Considering the four lads cover UK and Irish prototypes, I suspect the 'very big' announcement is the Mk3 coach, as that would allow them to produce all Irish and UK variants, which would be a vast range on its own. I know Hornby are producing the new sliding door version, so that's maybe not a runner, but mixed reaction to the Oxford model would make all other types still viable, I think, when you consider the Accurascale/IRM level of detail. One manufacturer was lined up to do Irish specific versions, but pulled out, and Oxford were considering Irish versions initially, but no movement there as of yet. If not the MK3, then I suspect that it will be something yellow and permanent way related.
  15. Thanks for that which was exactly what I was looking for.
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