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  1. I doubt you'll need to keep your ears peeled... I suspect the Detlic will be loud enough to be measured seismically
  2. Might have missed where you were getting them from... .But I can not reccomend highly enough David's Dingo mounts: http://www.dingoservo.co.uk/ The webpage (as of 08:20 4-4-20) states he is still open. I belive he posts parcels as part of his daily excercise.
  3. It will come as no surprise to all but, regrettably, we have had to cancel this years Interactive Modellers Workshop. We plan to be back in 2021.
  4. So true, the economic impact of this will still be echoing at Christmas I reckon :-( Marcus
  5. Hi David, First thing. Back up your work. Then check its backed up. Try running AnyRail as an administrator - right click on the AnyRail icon and the option should be in the list. This will give the application a few extra permissions to write files. Uninstall AnyRail - Go find the email with the licence and registration details, you'll need that later. Go to the start menu and type uninstall - you should see and option for 'add or remove programs'. Select this and use it to remove AnyRail from your machine. This should get rid of anything to do with the Any
  6. Ahh, no. The date is on a Sunday as a trial to see if how this affects attendance. The IMW is not, per se, an exhibition of layouts but more of a day where modellers can expand their skills and learn how other people do things. Whilst there are a number of similar events clashing with them is unlikely.
  7. Just to bump this topic and get a question in. Does anyone have images of the VMS style signal with calling on or shunt signals on the pole?
  8. until
    Due to the Coronavirus situation the 2020 event has been cancelled - we hope to be back in 2021. With the world of railway modelling expanding every day the potential skills involved are growing all the time. The Chiltern Model Railway Association’s Interactive Modellers' Workshop is here to help. We have assembled a group of experts in one place to advise and help you. Ever wondered how they manage to fit speakers in such a small space? How to solder wires to the track? What skills 3D printing involves? Or even how one crafts scenery together? We are bringing together experts on Kit Const
  9. Dear All, I'd just like to publicise the Chiltern Model Railway Association's Interactive Modellers Workshop later on this year: With an accompanying IMW Facebook Event There will be a number of experts attending (subject to availability) and there will be a wide range of topics covered both in tabletop demos and group talks. Please let me know if there are any general subjects you might be interested in, as there is always room for more.
  10. But as a 14 vehicle set, they are mighty impressive :-) And at a bit over 12ft - long ! This is a test run before a visit to the paint shop.
  11. Apologies, I was thinking of the OO version, I stand corrected re the N gauge
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