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  1. until
    With the world of railway modelling expanding every day the potential skills involved are growing all the time. The Chiltern Model Railway Association’s Interactive Modellers Workshop is here to help. We have assembled a group of experts in one place to advise and help you. Ever wondered how they manage to fit speakers in such a small space? How to solder wires to the track? What skills 3D printing involves? Or even how one crafts scenery together? We are bringing together experts on Kit Construction, Electronics, Baseboard construction, Scenic design, as well as insurance, valuation and traders. We can help with the answers to these, and many other, questions. With a small number of layouts and trade stands it is a relaxed atmosphere in which you can sit down and have one to one conversation and, hopefully, solve some problems and learn some new skills. Tickets Information
  2. Dear All, I'd just like to publicise the Chiltern Model Railway Associations Interactive Modellers Workshop later on this year: With an accompanying IMW Facebook Event There will be a number of experts attending (subject to availability) and there will be a wide range of topics covered both in tabletop demos and group talks. Please let me know if there are any general subjects you might be interested in, as there is always room for more.
  3. Marcus-Jay

    Hornby APT 2020

    But as a 14 vehicle set, they are mighty impressive :-) And at a bit over 12ft - long ! This is a test run before a visit to the paint shop.
  4. Apologies, I was thinking of the OO version, I stand corrected re the N gauge
  5. 6 trains on each side. So you would only need to move one side to get to the bottom, and both sides move independently.
  6. You understand incorrectly! It is a transport frame for our units, so that we can set them up at exhibitions. It was designed by myself for this purpose. The Nelevators will be free standing units as part of Whitedown Junction when it goes out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_tKx46cTnw
  7. They certainly do exist. Here is one we have had for a couple of years. The Aluminium sub frame is something built to aid with transportation of the unit and not a standard Nelevator part.
  8. Well done chaps. Now if only it hadn't been delivered at a time when the entire family wants me to run them around Xmas shopping. Spare time - denied
  9. Whatever you do, if you want a reliable solution, do not use a WiFi camera at an exhibition. Something wired will work, wireless dips in and out. A search on Amazon for 2ch CCTV produces a number of viable options. Tho you might want something with more channels and addable camera, sadly nowadays it is often worth having an extra pair of eyes on the front of the layout.
  10. Ohh.. Will they lift up like the pantograph? (Sorry Fran, I've been waiting for that humour opportunity)
  11. I will run out of kidneys to sell to fund such a thing!
  12. Given the Nova MkV sets are already in the inventory, I'd say a 397
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