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  1. And I check the track layout just now, and there is a working that does just that. 5A58 is sat on the C&PRR line about to set back to said signal before crossing over to platform 2 then on to Aylesbury....
  2. Don't know why there are car stop markers on the approach to Princes Risborough.....
  3. 66168 power towards Saunderton tunnel with the empties from Calvert.
  4. Took this shot through the bridge wall, of Swanbourne station...... They'd better get a move on before it falls down!
  5. While there may be some action at Bletchley, the jungle is taking over again at Winslow..... And Claydon...
  6. And the Scarborough Spa Express advertising board a few years ago, but at Skegness....
  7. Depends very much on the working. Check out
  8. Four up on an ECML diversion 2007, 3 GBRF + 1 Freightliner
  9. Oil down the sides of a Duff like that usually meant the oil cooler had failed. The oil pressure being higher than the water pressure when running, lead to the oil being expelled from the vent in the coolant header when it was topped up on shed.
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