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  1. Morpeth 47018 up p w Nov 86 J8731.jpg The loco is in railfreight grey not an odd pinky green! And the Farish by Bachmann version of that very loco in that livery hits the shops, well timed......
  2. The furthest I go back is 1977 I'm afraid, but three pics of 33s resting while the tankers are off-loaded. The 33/2 shot is taken from under the Tetsworth Road bridge with the Chinnor Road bridge in the distance. The industrial estate has sprawled, and Angus Fire which was the unit almost alongside the old station has since been converted to flats, plus there are more houses beyond, as well as on the fuel depot site. Trying to remember if 33063 was the one I got to drive one morning before school, after the driver offered an engine room tour and run up and down between the bridges. My mate and I were a little late for the register that morning!!! Regards, Dave
  3. I take it the bar within the red markings is the drawbar for moving it in the wrong direction. Attatches behind the cover on the blade under the point.
  4. It is obviously not a model as there is no bridge over the track with a bus on it!
  5. Pretty sure that is half sets 3301 and 3302, as the other four half sets that were in GNER colours all carried names in panels on the grilles. Regards, Dave
  6. Yup, had one deliver sweets for the grandchildren today. Nobody had to drive to our Coop, too much beer had been drunk anyway. They loved it when it pulled up outside and greeted them with "Hello, I have a delivery for you". And when they get going they don't hang about.... Anyway, back to EWR. The way I see it, Oxford to Bedford will be completed as it is a handy feed in point for the HS2 infrastucture site at Claydon/Calvert, Materials can come in from MML,WCML, CML and GW Padd-Brum. Any more descoping might be Bedford to Cambridge related. Just my thoughts...
  7. IIRC the original plan for MK was for a mono-rail type rapid transit system once it grew. That was why some of the central reservations on the dual carriageways are so wide, allowing the system to be built alongside the road one. The other thing that was envisaged was, the replacement of the roundabouts with traffic lights when traffic flows increased. Reality has led to no RTS, roundabouts with traffic light control, and the grid road upgrades being abandoned with some awkward entry/exits onto the roundabouts (especially for HGVs) where the dualling hasn't been done. It all went by the wayside when the MK Development Corporation disappeared. I guess when all the EWR planning was done, it was envisaged that you could nip an EMU or bi-mode on the OHLE between Bletchley and CMK quite easily, with a swift turn around. With the descoping already implemented, the pathing becomes more of a problem. A couple of extra 110mph 350s on the fast to/from Ledburn might be doable???
  8. In 2007 that set was laid up at Doncaster - Eurospine TOPS code - KDA. A couple of sections of the articulated set. Regards, Dave
  9. I drove into Winslow from Little Horwood this morning, and I take it that the bridge over that road is soon to be lifted out. I cannot think of any other reason for adding several passing places on a road that is already a two lane road, other than something very wide is soon to be moved along it, like a very big crane and a bridge deck. There has also been a lot of vegetation clearance recently around Mursley/Sladen Farm area.
  10. Don't think I've seen a 158 with a snowplough style front airdam before. Now wondering if this was a one off??? Regards, Dave
  11. Further running has revealed that without the dummy, but 6 trailers at around 60% power the power car does wobble slightly, the rear bogie seems to be where it comes from. With the dummy either at the rear or buffered up at the front and it runs smoother. The extra drag with it at the rear also opens up the gap between gangway connections. Further investigation required now that Paul may have found the problem.
  12. Mine doesn't wobble, but it isn't running really smoothly yet. There is quite a bit of fore/aft movement in the bogies which is replicated on the dummy, but I've had it running as an 8 car, and it goes quite well. Would agree about the LEDs being a bit bright. The dummy definately needs looking at as it is not free running, and is problematic leading into my fiddle yard, but then I have replaced the trailers with all short knuckle couplings (which are awkward to couple, so might have to go long/short).
  13. I particularly liked this one. Nicely corroding Class 31 on nuclear flask with two versions of the RNA barriers. A good selection of engineers' wagons/trains and numerous brake vans in various livery variations. Then there are the skip carriers, and finally, a 16 tonner, just sat there off the road rotting away. Regards, Dave
  14. Back in May 2008, 67029 with 92013 DIT through Wolverton
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