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  1. One box I used to pass occasionally was Pinxton, but I never managed to stop and get a photo though. It actually passed me one day, I had to detour due to a road closure, and looking out of the factory I was working in was amazed to see the box go by, on the back of a lorry. That was the day it was removed and transported to Barrow Hill, so I might still get a photo yet....
  2. The diesel hydraulics don't have hydraulic motors, having transmissions connecting the engine to the final drives on the axles. The difference between diesel hydraulic and diesel electric could be summed up during wheelspin/slip. A diesel electric can spin any one or more powered wheelsets independantly, whereas a hydraulic will spin all connected wheelset together. It does question how the class 31 and D600s can both be designated A-1-A, as the 31 has four traction motors compared to the two transmissions of the hydraulic, one can spin one axle, the other will spin a pair.
  3. Could it be a Carlisle bound train on the Tyne Valley? Looks like that centre car is still green to me....
  4. Couple of views of Toddington from a brake van...
  5. Agree, they ran through Lincoln. Here is a loaded one, well except for the wagon on the crossing....
  6. It appears to have been swept away a little while ago, presumably with the joint line upgrade before freight returned on a regular basis. Next box north was Sleaford South IIRC. It was just south east of Helpringham on a road that connected two droves along Helpringham Fen, which ever way you went, you ended back at Helpringham. I spoke to the bobby there back in the early noughties when 60009 DoSA passed by on a railtour.
  7. Cheltenham Racecourse from the footplate of 2807, departing tender first...
  8. View of Gotherington from a passing Toad...
  9. 390118 getting away from the Milton Keynes stop, soon to be followed by 10 class 66s in just over an hour, mainly top and tail returning to Bescot after last weekends possession at Camden Junction...
  10. I think it is 86327, that was one of the few with the early type headlight. The others being 101, 103, 214 & 316, which weren't multi-jumper fitted, and 038 which I think still had a crossover pantograph.
  11. I can't find a front view, so here is the back of Kettering, well Swanwick Junction these days..
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