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  1. The BDA was used as the derivative for other bolsters like the similar BEA, BFA, and the pipe carrying BTA. Then there is the BRA, plus most Polybulk variations and similar hooded hoppers, and also some tankers, like the Ammonia TCAs. All have used Y25s, either cast or fabricated....
  2. Requires a reversal somewhere on the return, so avoids a run round?
  3. Great shots of Old Oak Common, I am guessing that was a Sunday before 1400hrs?? The clocks on the running shed aren't reading the same time.... I recognise a Dolomite Sprint at the back of The Factory, which would mean old man Wiggin's shift were in, as I'm sure it hadn't been passed on to one of his boys at that time. The 50s were fairly recent arrivals as they don't carry names yet, and thats alot of Gronks around the table.
  4. Took a sight test this morning, might need a retest because I ended up at work.....

    1. Metr0Land


      Should have gone to Specsavers Barnard Castle

    2. knapper


      At least the new government recognized destination for those taking the new sight test just happens, by pure coincidence as it was just stumbled on, a very picturesque old market town. Not sure how it's going to cope with those just doing eye tests and the many thousands of tourists it receives every year though.

    3. vaughan45


      Also happens to be a big site for GlaxoSmithKline, Covid-19 drug manufacturers

  5. Not as noisy as a B1-B though. Around that time I remember seeing an F111 at an air show. This one was flown by the Australian Air Force, and as a party trick would do a fly past dumping fuel and lighting it with a quick flick of the afterburners, leaving a flaming trail in the sky behind it. Probably wouldn't be allowed these days.....
  6. Some new signs along the A421 near Finmere showing access to HS2 works at Widmore Farm, and prohibiting works traffic into Mixbury.
  7. The 56 is probably on fly-ash, empties from Fletton (Peterborough) if heading north. I always aspired to an OM1, but ended up with an OM20 after trading in my Zenit....
  8. Woodford Halse had a triangle, and if you use side by side mapping, the position of it easy still clearly visible in the soil on the satellite image.... https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/side-by-side/#zoom=17&lat=52.17776&lon=-1.20567&layers=193&right=BingHyb
  9. The ballast cleaning train, some of it in this view here at Toton. When formed up, its big, yellow, and very very long....
  10. The first editions used to reach Old Oak Common early in the night shift, usually on a loco coming on shed for servicing. As the shift progressed, the later editions might turn up too. Our welder lived in Reading, and always turned up with a copy of the Telegraph. Apparently he used to pretend to do the crossword on the journy home, but he just wrote gobbldygook according to someone who picked it up afterwards....
  11. Usually a siezed traction motor or failed bearings. But could be serious wheel flats too...
  12. Well as it wouldn't be announced until later in development these days, and the fact that Hattons are not friends with Bachmann at the moment, doesn't mean to say it isn't just around the corner. I'll have three or four when they arrive, five when Kernow commission the GWR 150 set..... If I start on my BHE etched one, maybe that will hurry it along??
  13. See, there is a prototype for everything. That must be 36 pristine HAAs straight out of the box. I bet they've all got the same running number too...
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