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  1. Looks like a Courier Van in Royal Mail livery in the background there? Unless I'm mistaken....
  2. It was around the back of Toton in 2008, still with plates attached and still in a reasonble condition externally. 2009 it was in the yard, minus the various plates, and has rotted there ever since... EWS changed and DB Schenker branding came about in 2009
  3. I know what you mean about that top lip. I think it is a two pronged attack, slightly tapered and a bit of paint to camoflage it too. I also have a fairly big rake to do at some point in the future. As for the couplings, I keep checking the RevolutioN website, but those couplings are OOS! Just hope they get loads in when they do become available, because I need alot.....
  4. Joking aside, that is probably doable. Just seen on C5 the vials of scents that they use on HMS Belfast to recreate the atmosphere of a working warship.... An exhibition manager would probably have kittens if you turned up with a hot air paint stripper gun and a load of brake pad filings, which would be another and probably cheaper way of recreating the smell. Oh, and that option will be on the deluxe model, which also comes with opening doors and disembarking passengers, and will cost around the same as a loco. F12 sends a disgruntled member of station staff all the way down the platform to close the door the passengers have left open.....
  5. Depending on the loco type, some had three battery switch positions, - On, Off or Lights Only. Others were merely on or off, but the lights were always available, so if someone left the engine-room lights on, a few hours later the batteries might be too depleted to start the engine. It was also common for headcode lights to be inadvertently left on, as during daylight hours they were pretty much unnoticeable.
  6. Modern electric stock has some very distinctive noises, especially during acceleration and deceleration. Then there are the door open and close pings and chimes. With some coaching stock being fitted with controllable lights, the next step will be Mk 3s with sound, just so you can get that characteristic air suspension noise as they pass by. Then we can fit freight stock with speakers too, with an array of brake and flange squealing effects, and several levels of wheel-flats. You'll just need even deeper pockets to afford it all......
  7. Planted a load of yard lights today, so a night shot of the servicing shed. Need a load of ladders now....
  8. Have been playing with weathering effects on some Dapol opens. These were obtained cheaply in 'Blaenavon' red originally. Sprayed grey with a rattle-can without removing the markings first. Then some spare decals added utilising the Johnson 'Klear' method, the keen eyed will note that they are actually for 16 tonners. Burnt Sienna oil colour was then crudely added and left for a day, before brushing with a white spirit dampened brush. This was followed by black and then rust enamel washes to add extra layers of grime. Hiding behind are some ex GWR and LMS grain hoppers that have had a similar treatment. Seems to work reasonably well, so more of the fleet to follow me thinks......
  9. With Padbury and the largest of The Claydons only 2 miles away, and the already sprawling town of Winslow a mere 1.5 miles away, I fear it is already doomed......
  10. If that is just to replace the level crossing, I'll be amazed. It only allows access to the back of the farm, there is another route in adjacent to the bridge over Claydon Brook. The new bridge will be somewhere in this picture from 2018, which still shows the VJ platforms, whose good bricks were reclaimed by GWSR IIRC, taken from the crossing. New bridge should be just in front of the mast on the left I think, at the end of the platform, which is a bit further than it seems due to the lens used to take the photo.
  11. Just a guess, but I reckon VJ gets bypassed with the road being diverted over the new bridge, turning east to run parallel with the railway and joining back up with the existing road on the northern side of the Claydon Brook bridge. That bridge is only 12'9" clearance, so it takes out a restrictive route, even though it is only a minor road. They can then reinforce the old bridge, and VJ residents end up in a cul-de-sac.
  12. Davexoc

    Spare Parts

    Didn't get an email, but did get the parts I ordered, delivered in the post today....
  13. Currently Newton road has reopened, as has Little Horwood to Mursley, and LH to Winslow. Whaddon Road is closed until just before Christmas. Sandhill appears to have reopened, but I can't confirm as I haven't been that way. The interesting one will be Winslow itself, as going by the scale of work on other bridges, this one too must need attention???
  14. I'd say that second one is the single arch bridge at the bottom of the hill coming down from Winslow, slight kink rather than 'S' bend, but not the more viaduct style structure that also spans Claydon Brook immediately east of VJ which is on an 'S' bend.
  15. You'll be telling us that O uses more than OO next.... This is all getting a bit tedious and repetitive. You just can't please all the people, all of the time, or it appears anyone in N, any of the time....
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