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  1. Update on the progress of this little village, added in some static grass... some home made wire trees, and shrubs, 3d printed some gates, and telegraph poles, next up is a bit more balancing of the foliage, as I'm not completely satisfied yet, sorting the road and then followed by adding people, and life to the scene, and any small details.
  2. Hello Monkeysarefun, no this is the M200 the first version, its quite a few years old now, I think at least 3yrs old, and im thinking of getting a new printer as I think the technology has moved on massively, especially with resin printers, but ideally im hoping Prusa bring out a larger printer this year, are you using the M300 then?
  3. So I have started to make some progress on the model village, for my dads model railway, using all the buildings I designed and 3d printed, the drystone walls are also 3d printed in sections, and then set into the plaster. Usual technique of sculpted foam insulation, with plaster of paris on top, and used for the rock cuttings! The plaster has been primed, and is now ready for the paint, and static grasses/foliage bushes. I have placed some trees where I think they work best, but no doubt this will change as I go on! So there is brick Dairy that serves a siding, a pub, which will be the Henry Arms after my nephew, then a row of worker cottages going up the hill to the road bridge, and the foreground buildings are a small farm, and barn set. The buildings all need to be removable so lighting can be fixed inside them. So I have masked them off and plastered up to them to sit them in, I will hide any small gaps with grass, and bushes. I will hopefully post some more progress soon!
  4. Well nothing is ever to late to change I Imagine in the model railway world, though In this instance I have shipped it off to my dads who seems happy running trains past it already, I shall mention my Engineering error to him and see what he says, and if he wants it changed I will rip out the wings and sculpt some more rocks in place , though in the meantime I have 20 other odd sections I should crack on with as although his model railway isn't large, 11ftx6ft there hasn't been any scenic work done on it since he put the track down several years back hence I promised to do something for him, and the grandkids to enjoy! However David your feedback is most welcome as its all a big learning experience for me, and the next time I come to do this I shall be thinking.... Ahhh do I need these retaining wings or not!!
  5. David you are of course exactly right, I hadn’t even thought of that, but true the wings don’t make any sense because its solid rock.... school boy error! Something to think about for my next model thank you! And thanks to everyone for their kind comments cheers folks! Rob
  6. Happy New Year folks its been a while since I have posted anything, blame that thing called Christmas and life that always seems to get in the way, but thanks to all the tips and advice on here especially from Simon on HeatonLodge and Milocomarty who have been producing some inspirational stuff on this forum so thank you for sharing all your tips and knowledge guys much appreciated, and so I had a lot of fun working on this for my dads model railway. The rocks where sculpted in plaster of paris on top of the usual insulation built up form work, then painted, with a series of washes to get the look I wanted for the stone. The static grass is war world scenics, mostly because I had trouble trying to get hold of mininatur stuff, although I agree the simpler colours without all the crazy reds and blues in them work better, so when I plan to make my own MR, I think I will definitely going for a lighter plainer shade! Anyway my dads happy that is the main thing right :) The stone bridge abutment is an early piece of 3d printing, (I would definitely redo this now I have learn't a lot more about 3d printing) it connects to a Girder bridge above, which will have to be fixed and made good once this section is in place. As for the Tree it was built using the same method as I posted before, wire stem, built up with model filler, then sea foam added afterwards, the plants for me though are the most fun, and these consist of dried out sedum heads, sprayed dark to create shrubs, and dried out Astillbe flower heads which have also been used as is, or covered in flock or Noch Leaves which seem to give a reasonable effect. I want to experiment more with some different looking plants and shrubs on the next section, which will hopefully include some of those 3D printed buildings I have been beavering away on! Cheers Rob
  7. I knocked up a couple more trees over the weekend, need to vary the sizes and forms a bit as the first few where similiar heights, so adding a larger and smaller multi stemmed tree to the collection, before starting to explore undergrowth and bushes!
  8. Thanks for the tips, i'm looking those grasses up now, already baked some earth earlier ready for sieving on afterwards. :)
  9. I have seen Giles work on static grass its extremely good, and I am currently watching his videos, I notice he uses Polak static grasses, there are currently so many different brands at the moment its hard to know which to use, or if it matters? As for the summer trees there is no secret to them, just a simple blend of light, and dark noch leafs mixed together to give colour variation, before applying to the tree frame. I do however use matt modge podge with a brush not hair spray to fix the leafs! The reason for this is so when sprinkling the leafs over the tree canopy/ Seafoam they dont stick to the branches! Bizarrely though I really wanted to set my dads model railway in Winter/Autumn as I personally think its more interesting visually, but my dad wanted summer! And its his railway But the work on Heaton Lodge is very inspirational, along with a lot of other great modelling works on here, so much so next year i’m hopefully planning to build an office/studio in the garden I can build my own model railway, and hopefully incorporate a lot of the learnings I have picked up from all you great folks on here
  10. Indeed it makes such a difference! Just got to work out how to make good looking flowers and bushes next to
  11. Thanks Simon, having been following your excellent work on HeatonLodge its praise indeed, and i’m going to be taking your advice next on how you apply static grass, and the sieved soil to dull down the shininess, which I had no idea about before reading your thread! Many thanks Rob
  12. Thanks Mikkel for those kind words, its just ordinary Seamoss from gaugemaster, all I have done is break the small parts of the seamoss off and glue them to the wire trunks, and then give it a spray with matt dark brown, followed by a couple of light mist sprays of primer grey, and a dash of red oxide for some variation. Cheers Rob
  13. Thanks Darius for the kind words
  14. So I figured I best have a crack at modelling some trees for my dads model railway, i’ve made a bunch of 3d printed buildings, but this is my first attempt at some actual scratch modelling, built with good old twisted wire, covered in modelling filler, then added seamoss, sprayed dark brown, and dry brushed grey, then applying modgepodge glue with a brush and sprinkling noch leafs on until it knd of resembles a tree!
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