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  1. Cool great to know sir! I shall put you down for one, as long as Gary approves them that is
  2. Haha you are most welcome chap! I have promised Gary above a Stroudley Lantern brake for all his help on getting it right, but I figure I may stick a few 4mm ones up for anyone who wants them at the start of next year! I'm currently having way to much fun building this stuff, but constantly making amendments on them as I figure better ways to print and construct them as I go along. I now have 17 wagons ranging from LBSC to GNR and the odd SE&CR which is mostly for the clubs new 7mm layout we hope to get cracking on next year all being well and pandemic obliging!
  3. Cheers Nick, I have ordered some from HMRS for now, but im certain im going to need more as I keep going! Also I noticed you where from my home town sir so an extra shout out for that
  4. Chap is Methfix or Pressfix best when it comes to Transfers? Cheers
  5. That looks solid Jason, i would give it a swift spray of grey primer, i always find it helps to spot any issues with the prints and brings out the detail when printing with clear resins! Plus it looks awesome dude
  6. Thanks chaps i will take a gander at hmrs if they have any in stock
  7. A couple of the 4mm wagons painted before applying the transfers i still need to get, any ideas best place to get 4mm LBSCR wagon transfers? Cheers Rob
  8. Oh nice one Gary, you will be hooked dude, which reminds me I owe you a LBSCR stroudley brake chap, ping me your addy and I will try and get one off to you before xmas if thats ok dude?
  9. Unfortunately its been a busy week workwise so haven't managed to model as much as I would have liked to! Though have finished a couple of Brakes, the Billington was for a friend of mine who hasn't gotten round to making the kit yet he bought many years back so figured I would knock him one up as a surprise! Secondly I couldn't resist this lovely SECR Incline brake, I believe there where only 2 ever made, but its so different, I thought I would model one up before I start tackling coaches!
  10. Thats turned out rather lovely dude, some cracking 3d printing sir! Hows the Mono X working out so far?
  11. Finally got some prints of my GNR stock in 4mm, i am particularly fond of the 16ft long goods van! I reckon this will look cool in 7mm when my Mono X finally arrives!
  12. Good luck with that dude, be interested to see the results
  13. How you finding the Mono X Tom? And what you printing on it? can’t wait to get mine, hopefully this week
  14. Had a go at painting up one of the 4mm Stroudley Lantern brakes, needs some transfers, which I still have to source somewhere, and probably a bit of weathering down to make sit better! Especially that bright roof! I still can't get bearings to work in such a narrow underframe, but the wheels turn pretty well without them, although not as cracking with bearings I imagine!
  15. Cheers for the heads up, going to try and get those bogies working this week all being well, along with some suitable spaces/holes for the bearings on the stroudley
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