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  1. Hello sir its been a good while, how is the building printing going? i dont have the Mono x running yet, hope to set it up soon, but thinking of getting a saturn, or a Phrozen Mighty to try out to. im wondering if Anycubic will produce a Mono XL
  2. Haha good question Andy, I have no idea how long the carriages will take haven't yet printed any, but the wagons at 4mm take around 3.5hrs, and double that for 7mm as the Stroudley brake took around 7hrs something if I remember rightly. So for 7mm stock which I know you are keener on is a mere 238hrs give or take the odd printing mishap! I'm going to be a busy chap that is for sure!
  3. Hello Ray Hope you are all good chap, I haven't no, my printers are still packed away sadly, though moving closer to getting them set up as the electrics should be hopefully going in next week all being well! And then its just cosmetics. But itching to get printing, crazily I have 34 wagons, and 27 carriages to print now!!
  4. Something a little different, SR 8Ton van, built apparently by the IWC and sold to the FYNR according to my southern wagons volume 2, although not something I would normally print, I do have a soft spot for this cracking little vent van
  5. More southern 6 wheelers this time LSWR, and a big thanks to @Skinnylinny who helped me so much with getting the details right on these, and providing fountains of reference ta very muchly Brake Third, First, Third and Full brake here, I may do some more variations later on
  6. I would guess that the 32' PBVs with end lookouts had similar PS: arc-roof PBV very nice indeed and I'd like a print when you're ready to sell them. I already have one of the elliptical-roof kind. Thanks Guy, the link to the 27 foot coaches is particularly useful, and very nice work indeed. I will add these details in to my models, and of course you will be first on the list for the PBV
  7. Thanks Guy this is fantastic sir, a lot of information here that I am picking through still being a novice to the SECR stock at the moment, so this is most appreciated. I have knocked up the Arc roof PBV tonight, I found a great photograph of a PBV damaged at the St Johns 1898 train crash. Shows a lot more detail on these older style Vans. So from this im assuming that the later elliptical roog later vans where devoid of such roof details?
  8. Thanks Gary as always chap Hoping to start rattling some out in the summer all being well, along with all the other stuff! I would like to say a big thanks to Linny for helping with the drawings and details and Guy, for his excellent knowledge. I will go back and do a pass on the panelling on these to ensure consistency in terms of depth. Now i need to decide whether to jump on some LSWR or LCDR carriages
  9. SECR 4 Wheel carriages, Lantern Brake, First and Third SECR 6 Wheel Carriages 6 Wheel Lantern Brake, Third, First and Parcels
  10. Its definitely coming along nicely Andy, and great work on those Kirk non corridor stock, they look the business behind that GCR Atlantic, can’t wait to see this for real.
  11. This is fantastic thanks Guy, I now know what you mean by the Handbrake linkage, I modelled one on the back of my SER/SECR Goods Brake van, so will probably use that as a starting point as my drawings are hard to read for the ends so this is amazing and most appreciated chap I shall set about modelling and placing one on the back of this passenger brake. Cheers Rob
  12. Ta Gary, though have to warn you chap, I started out thinking only one 3d printer..... trust me chap you will be getting more in time
  13. Thanks Guy as always chap your knowledge is welcome, I wasn't aware that the handbrake linkage was a trade mark feature on the SER Carriages i need to go back and check my reference to see this. But much appreciated
  14. Hello Ray, yes that is the big question, so to answer it in short yes definitely I will be supplying a few of these for sale to folks who might want some. I haven't been printing anything of late, which has been frustrating for me as I really enjoy seeing this stuff for real obviously, and painting it up. But my printers are currently packed up in the garage, not the greatest place for printing, especially in terms of temperature fluctuations and leaky roof! So all my practical time has been spent working on building a purpose built studio/office in the garden to use to house and
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