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  1. Thanks Annie yes a good shot of the roof, which im finding the hardest bit to crack for details a big help thank you
  2. Thanks Jonathan that image is super useful, i can now see where I have made a few school boy errors with the extra torpedo roof vents, along the roof, I know this is a longer bogie version, but I believe now there was only one above the khazie! On a side note I won’t be making these commercially available, along with the 4 wheelers, I contacted David, he said he was thinking of making his lovely 4 and 6 wheeled GER coaches in 7mm as well, so i don’t want to hamper plans for that and told him so. I am primarily building these for myself and the pre-grouping inspired 7mm club layout,, and potentially a few friends and folks who have kindly helped me out should they really want any of my stuff. I have yet to sell any of my stock if completely honest, and have only given stuff away presently to some of kind folks who have helped with my work, and I still really owe a few, not mentioning any names Nick I may one day put a bunch of stuff up if Din gets his site up and running, which would be fantastic, or even sell the lot as a bulk set, otherwise I just love building and printing this stuff to push my modelling skills and knowledge of pre-grouping railway stock, which has been fascinating so far, and I really appreciate all the knowledge and time and effort folks have kindly shared with me so far. cheers Rob
  3. No you need two vac pipes, i will see if i have a spare kicking about, no i saw your filler cap was broken, so i have a spare already cut from the supports ready to replace that broken one if you want?
  4. Looking great Andy, certainly making a cracking job of this sir fantastic stuff! Do you want me to see if i have a spare filler cap for the on the left? i may well do as i printed a few of these fiddly out!
  5. Thanks Andy, yes all being well if the damn thing arrives Good question about the running boards they are pretty robust until you drop one of them like I have, then not so much!! I think the ones I did on the 4 wheelers where a bit too chunky so have actually thinned them out a bit, as I had done on the Stroudley Goods brake which have been fine so far.
  6. Fair point Nick, but im not a rival product just doing this stuff for fun now
  7. Working up some GER Clerestory 6 wheeled coaches to print in 7mm
  8. Thanks Annie, the detail is a little oversized to get it to print better, but otherwise i am pretty pleased with it as a first print
  9. Apologies for the double post on this for those who follow the 3d printing threads, but I managed to print out a first pass on one of these GER coaches, in 7mm
  10. Absolutely no worries Andy, I could tell you where busy chap. You have quite an impressive collection of stock now for the O gauge, some lovely stuff spurring me on to get building mine up! And yes looking forward to making those 6 wheeled Howldens and Billintons for the club layout.
  11. I have just gone through this thread John after you kindly sent me the link, absolutely cracking stuff sir, you have done a fantastic job on these. I have to admit I don’t know a great deal about the NBR but these look great, I ahall definitely be making some time to have a go at some of these in the near future, thank you for sharing. Rob
  12. Thanks John for the kind words, I have to admit I am enjoying building these especially in 7mm. I would be keen to see your 4 and 6 wheeled NBR coaches, I would love to get round to making some NBR stock soon also, its just getting hold of the drawings which is the only issue for a lot of these models. I have started modelling a 6 wheeled GER Clerestory which I am keen to print and paint up. Cheers Rob
  13. Ok finally I have had a go at trying to print some of these coaches in 7mm its a first attempt, and I need some cleaning up to do, and had a wee bit of warping on this so a few more supports on the next print run should hopefully fix this, along with some extra detailing inside, looking at working up the seats, and adding luggage shelfs above the seats. The roof is currently placed on so will need to be fixed down at some point. Oh and I managed to drop this which was not the best thing I have ever done, so a few bits on the underframe sadly flew off never to be seen again!! But looking forward to trying out some of the infamous Mike Trice Teaking effects which look fantastic so if I can get half as good as Mike gets his coaches then I will be a very happy chappy indeed.
  14. An update on some of the progress so far on this GER Buckjumper. So thanks to @thegreenhowards for lending me a 7mm Dapol Terrier chassis in which to build this around, and the reason the wheels are still in LBSCR Umber because I still have to purchase my own Donor Terrier and paint and line the wheels. So I have been busy getting this to fit onto the Dapol chassis, and now it works seamlessly with the same screws that screw into the terrier body as well. This being my first attempt at a locomotive, and my first O gauge loco, I really wanted to practise and have a go at hand lining with a pen, its not quite as I would like it if very honest, but hoping practise on future models will sharpen these skills up more. But I used Chris Arundell's Easi Liners, of which I have already managed to break one!!! My fault for mis use entirely. The GER blue is also not quite right, but I am happy with it, and its closer to the NRM J69 blue which is obviously a bit darker. I now need to source some transfers for this little loco, and decide what number to make this. I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed putting this little loco together, and even more so painting it, and now considering what next to build in 7mm, preferably something GER as well to accompany my little Buckjumper on the Club Layout, and something that could potentially easy get hold of a chassis for to build the locomotive around. Cheers Rob
  15. Yeah I know exactly what you mean, I ummed and aahed over the Phrozen 8k, but i think having something that large will definitely help with the O gauge stuff im hoping to print, and potentially the 28mm war gaming terrain stuff I build as well. So I took the plunge, still waiting for it however, and I figured ok, its expensive, but the enjoyment, and knowledge II get from prototyping and printing my own stuff since I have started this 3d printing malarkey has been off the chart, so I can’t wait to see if its any good, or just another big paperweight
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