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  1. Thank you Nick as always very helpful, and knowledgeable, and gives me a great head start on my painting of this little box, I will post when I have finished the paint job, I then have to make a slightly longer version for the club layout so can iron out any issues with the second printing all being well, and subject to hopefully getting my fdm printer back online
  2. Quick question if any of you knowledgeable folk know what colours this Box would have been in lbscr times, the weatherboarding im guessing a pale cream, the frame and roof supports a dark red, windows a white, but what would the stairs have been? Red, or the pale cream? Or even white perhaps? Im searching online now and struggling to find any solid examples. Cheers Rob
  3. First print of my Crawley LBSCR signal box in O gauge, Here it is primed and ready to start painting tonight. I Still need to detail out the interior. I used a mixture of FDM, and resin printing on this baby, was quite fun to make, though I have managed to knacker my fdm printer for the time being.... To many bricks :)
  4. Part Two, marginally different, a bit darker, though this time i sprayed with a gloss varnish before doing the mortar to protect the brickwork, however despite several coats of Matt varnish when finished it still has a slight glossy shine, so doubt i will do that again! I think I prefer the first arches in terms of finish, and will next push a little more yellow to see how that looks possibly. I have run out of test print walls for now, though have some ww2 St Mere Eglise buildings i printed a while back, so will have a go at doing the stonework on those next, whilst I wait for the signal box to print out.... only 2 days left!!!
  5. This is a good point Mike, I often find with modelling, its what looks right is best over what is realistically correct scale wise!
  6. Thanks Alan, yes I agree its always hard to judge these things on screen, and even in reality I notice how much this model changes colours under different lighting settings, from natural, to artificial lighting! I have just finished painting up the 2nd set of arches, and will photograph tomorrow, however i feel this even darker now, perhaps as you suggest more Umber/yellow, which bizarrely is the base coat I use for these models, so perhaps i need to get a little less carried away with the subsequent layering coats I think you are most definitely right about the embossed brick being way to deep in a scaled reality, however I do personally think it has a certain visual appeal, and tactile nature about the embossed models, even if it isn’t scale correct cheers Rob
  7. Thanks Ray, funny you should say that its very much inspired by the crystal Palace retaining wall. The 2nd variation I'm currently working on has the keystone element!
  8. First attempt at painting some london bricks for these arched retaining walls, feel they need to be browner, so working on a 2nd attempt.
  9. While im doing some painting tests to try an achieve a good look for those arched retaining walls, I have been working on knocking up a LBSCR Signal box in 7mm for our club layout and just liked the look of this lovely signal box at Crawley. We may not end up going with this box, but i'm going to print it and paint it for fun regardless. I still have some detailing inside to do before printing but here is what i have so far
  10. Hello Linny that is indeed a good thought, I was thinking of glueing and filling every other brick, but I maybe able to stagger the bond as you suggested, helping to hide the joint more, especially as i intend to use fine filler for the mortar joints on these all being well
  11. Working on some London Brick retaining walls for the clubs new O gauge layout, printed these test prints up to try and get a distinct Victorian vibe, and to do some test painting on achieving that yellowy brown brick look, these are just primed at present, hope to publish my test results as I go
  12. Absolutely stunning work Andy cracking job sir! I told you the GNR livery was definitely the way forward, and now you have mastered it, perhaps a C1 next in GNR or and N2? Not sure about being a 3d printing whizz, but I will certainly do my best to create those lovely Howlden 6 wheeler Carriages to go behind this beautiful C12 of yours! Can't wait to see, hopefully you will bring it along tomorrow night Rob
  13. Hello Ray Thanks sir. Yes im hoping the clean up will work, if not sadly they may stay until I have replaced the screen! But if not Deluxe perfect putty sounds perfect i might get some for my models! As for the louvres I was super happy with them so far as its the straightest i have achieved at that scale, I would have to thicken them up quite a bit I imagine to give them more strength at this scale. I would like to print an Incline Brake at 7mm with some added details including the interesting handrails Cheers Rob
  14. Doing some test prints of the SECR Stock, a few issues, mostly I think my screen needs cleaning as im getting a few lines in the final prints, but none the less once painted and transfers have been added I can ship these off to my Dad to run behind his C Class, as I think he was a bit to late to snag one of Dapols/Rails lovely D classes Anyway hopefully more to come soon, all in 4mm without transfers, NEM pockets yet either
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