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  1. These look great dude, are they resin printed?
  2. Seems trees are hot topics right now, so I knocked up some more trees for this church scene I built.
  3. Finished the church scene for the corner of my dads model railway! Although I have to admit some of the printed headstones are a bit big! And im finding the lack of variation for characters in OO a bit limiting hence these folks are HO scale! May have to start printing my own!
  4. Hey Rob i took a gander and its Chiltern Seeds, they seemed pretty reasonable, but this a while ago, if you need to know anything else just ping me!
  5. Hey Rob, it was a while back I bought them, i think I just googled it, i will see if i can dig them out later on which nursery i bought them from, I do remember them being very cheap, and I got something like 500 so room for plenty of errors
  6. Cheers John 18 squid a box is good price for sure
  7. Not sure if this is particularly useful for card buildings, but plastic kit buildings i masking tape round the base of the structure, and then plaster/sculptamould up to the edge of the building. I then carefully pull these buildings out before the plaster sets or it will be a nightmare to move afterwards! You should then have a perfect sited structure, that you can then paint, flock, or static grass upto to hide that awful gap that you sometimes see on models. Here is a picture of the scenic base with buildings removed, they almost feel like excavations when removed. But i can now place lighting inside, and get to any lights for maintenance.
  8. Cool thanks, keep us all posted how it goes, I will give this a try to, I have a bunch more trees to make
  9. Cheers, i forgot i had bought a bunch of these seeds to try out, I might kick these off this week, they are just surface sown is that right?
  10. I have some seeds to i want to plant up, have you started yours yet? What do you need any ideas much appreciated
  11. Sorry haven’t been on this in a while: the seafoam is from gaugemaster, about 20 squid a box I believe, I have tried the WWS stuff, and it wasn’t as good, a lot of useless squashed bits I found, the fuller less squashed seafoam works best for nicer looking trees! I need to work on scribbing the bark next time.
  12. After many hours of printing finally got something out I can work with, this print did warp a bit in a few places, which is an issue with abs, had to print the roof 3 times, but finally got there! It is the biggest building by far I have attempted to print, and a good test for my next venture making some WW2 Buildings for Bolt action wargamming for a friend of mine who wants to recreate Saint Mere Eglise, the church alone at 28mm figure scale will be nearly 2ft! Anyway hope you folks are staying safe in all this craziness, a good opportunity to get some modeling done in this lockdown
  13. I would agree with Monkeysarefun and Skinnylinny I have tried printing wagons on fdm printers, its ok, but nowhere near as good as a Resin printer for the detail. I have yet to start printing on my anycubic, but bought it just for creating rolling stock! I would get the Anycubic or the Mars, though some reviews suggest the Mars is slightly better now... but there wont be much in it! Plus both are pretty reasonably priced, but not something you want in the house with resin smells!
  14. I have finally finished the 3d model for the church, here is the model file rendered out of the 3d software, next just got to print, and paint it! Though I suspect this will take some printing its quite a large building on the layout....
  15. It certainly wasn’t cheap I agree, but definitely worth the investment considering the poor performance I got with the flyswatter! And as John says above if you are doing lots of grassing.... then well worth it! If not, then probably not so much
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