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  1. Hey are you sating the LNER is not a real railway, I thought the only pretend railway way down South? Which ever club your a member of they should be happy that they have a modeller of your standards as a member, its good to see that there are still some very accomplished modellers around. I cant wait to see what your next project will be
  2. As a GWR fan in 7mm, I thought the model was looking good, then I realised it was 4mm and I'm amazed, you certainly fooled me into thinking it was 0 gauge. I look forward to seeing the finished model
  3. Just got my Warship, WOW I'm a happy bunny
  4. MRFIXIT99

    Dapol 08

    I cant wait for them to appear, as soon as I inspect one in the flesh I'm sure I will open the wallet and get one, or maybe two. At less than £200 each they cant be missed. People claim 0 gauge is expensive, but with models like this around how can 00 or N gauge modellers justify paying £90 for their versions? I might even throw my old part built kit into the bin!!
  5. Or you could model in a scale that does not need them, at last I have found a justification for modelling in 7mm, though my nephew insists on 2mm and keeps passing his black 5 for me to re-tyre
  6. My wife has just said she has seen your layout before, and she was right its been in the Railway Modeller this year? Do you have it booked for exhibition this year as if you are anywhere near me, the wife and I would love to see it in the flesh
  7. MRFIXIT99

    Silk Purse?

    That's how I remember teaks, just a quick question, do you and the Foster Street contributor working together as both your work is excellent
  8. The J38 looks brilliant, even to my 7mm eyes, if you ever consider making one in my scale I would be really tempted, along with one of your B1's. I struggle to line 7mm stuff you must have the patience of a saint
  9. A brilliant entry on locomotives that could certainly do with improvements, I think its brilliant how you are doing such simple modifications but producing some brilliant results. Are you working on the bogie wheels next? From a personal point of view it would be good to see how the lined black compound progresses, as my Father had a Basset Lowke one in that livery and it looked rather smart Keep the posts coming.
  10. I found your blog by accident, and I'm just catching up on your entries now. I'm not an N gauge modeller or an LMS fan but your blogs are turning into vital reading for me, you really are a talented modeller. The LNER teaks look great, some of the weathering is very subtle, I remember teaks, in BR days being in a terrible state, so maybe you should apply more "grot". The only complaint I have so far is that you need to do more of a step by step entry so modellers like me can learn your secrets. Just out of interest I have an 0 gauge rake you can weather, purely so that other modellers
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