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    Hi Will, Thanks for your kind comments. I used pictures of the underframe from a variety of sources. I found some online, others in books (I think the Haynes book was quite useful) and a few underframe photos that I have taken over the last 30 years. I think I even used online pictures of 50041's derailment outside Paddington, as some show bits that you definitely wouldn't normally see unless the loco was jacked up minus its bogies. Even with all of the photos it was tricky to work out exactly what goes where, and I'm not claiming that my model is totally accurate by any means. I just wanted to recreate the complexity of pipes, etc. If I can find the links to the pictures I'll share them here. Cheers, Kevin.
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    Hi Will, Thank you. I really enjoyed making the Penbits detailing kits, and they do look good. I wish Penbits did the sprung bogies for the 50, and in OO. Cheers, Kevin.
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    Hi Wayne, I enjoyed doing the Railiner. I think it might of been becasue I knew I'd only have to make one of them! I'm not a big fan of repetitive work. I've attached an old pic of mine. Still needs weathering properly. Hope you get some more time for modelling soon. Cheers, Kevin.
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    Hi Will, Thank you for your kind comment, and apologies for my slow response. Unfortnunately I have not been able to do any modelling for a while now. I hope to get back to it in the next year or so. Regards, Kevin.
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    Hi Wayne, Apologies for the slow reply, almost a year! Yes, I contibuted to a MR article on modelling china clay operations. It featured 37175 (now looking very dated) and some of the wagons that I have built. I also had two further articles in MR, one on silver bullets (way before the RTR model) and the other on a Ferrywagon and the TRL Railiner, which were rebuilds of the Roco and Hornby models respectively. Still no progress on Trethosa. Unfortunately my current house is just not big enough to have a home office and a modelling workshop - and the office had to take priority. I am working on a solution but it will take a while longer. Hope all is well with you. Cheers, Kevin.
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    Back to my roots...

    Hi Pete, Looks amazing so far, I'd never guess it was 2 mm from the pics! Best wishes, Kevin.
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    Hi Wayne, Nothing has happened for a while due to family commitments, but I hope to get back to it soon. Cheers, Kevin.
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    Thank you for your very kind comment
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    Hi Wayne, Things have been very slow recently, well stationary actually, as I've been suffering from a back problem which started Easter weekend and is still not quite right. It meant I couldn't sit for long, so modelling had to go on hold for a bit. I hope I can get back to it soon. The intention is for my 37672 to be in red stripe as well, but I want to get on with layout some more before starting that, so I expect your's will be finished first! I look forward to seeing it. Hope the kitchen floor went well! Cheers, Kevin.
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    Thanks guys, your comments are much appreciated. Cheers, Kevin.
  11. Thanks Will, but I think it was the pics of your 50s on flickr that helped motivate me to have a go at 50039. I think they capture the locos Superb(ly) (sorry) in their latter years. Agreed, if anyone knows of a way to stop the buffers rotating whilst keeping their springyness I'd be very interested to hear. I have thought about it, but so far haven't come up with a solution that wouldn't be overly noticeable. The other thing I haven't added yet is the guard irons on the bogies. Quite a complex shape to make. Penbits class 37 sprung bogie kits have them, but they are part of the bogie frame, so they can't be sold separately - I have asked! Cheers, Kevin.
  12. Thanks for your kind comment Jon. One more pic taken during the Basingstoke show with the 50 on the depot at Portland (http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/108407-portland-a-what-might-have-been-nse-layout-in-dorset-preparing-for-basingstoke/page-7) Apologies for the wonky buffer! Still some bits to add including windscreen wipers. Cheers, Kevin.
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    Evening, I've just about recovered from the final push to get the 50 presentable for the Basingstoke show, and helping to operate the layout, which was very enjoyable but tiring. I decided to leave a few things until after the show, including the windscreen wipers, hand brake chains, cab interiors and the lights. The main decoder and speakers were installed and operational. One of the reasons I couldn't fit the lights is there wasn't enough room - I'll need to do away with the Hornby circuit board, which won't really be doing anything in any case, so that I can fit the function decoder. A few pics of the final stages leading up to Saturday and a couple taken on Portland. One of the last major jobs was to finish the second bogie rebuild and fit the brake pipes to both bogies. After spraying and fitting the bogies to the chassis dc tests were carried out before fitting the decoder. The last jobs were spraying and fitting the fan and fan grille, minor weathering around the exhausts and finally, at 21.30 on Friday, the 'Implacable' nameplates were fitted. I arrived at the show at about 08.30 to help set up and carry out some test runs. Unfortunately it was clear that there were certain bits of track on Portland (http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/108407-portland-a-what-might-have-been-nse-layout-in-dorset-preparing-for-basingstoke/page-7) that didn't like the 50, or vice versa, so the decision was taken to keep the loco on the depot. It did move a few times during the day around the depot area but didn't venture on to the main line. (Apologies about the wonky buffer, must have got knocked) As it was parked very close to the front of the layout this did at least mean that it was more visible to visitors. I think I'll have a few days off now before starting on the lights and cab interiors. Cheers, Kevin.
  14. Hi Jon, Thanks for your comments. Yes, I have had a go at modelling the tanks, pipework and frame between the compressors. I have yet to add the protective mesh that covers the underside in this area. The loco has moved on a bit since my last post here. I did think about 149 (actually I have one of the Rail Express limited editions) but wanted more flexibilty in terms of the period of operation for my layout Trethosa, and also for another layout idea I have where a large logo machine would be much better suited. Note the marker lights are not fixed in place yet, and there is still maskol on the cabside handrails. Cheers, Kevin.
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