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  1. Thanks that was the plan. I also am not a fan of straight lines, and try and put subtle curves in all roads, paths etc. I like it as it makes people lean round to see a view. Kind of guiding the eye to what I want you to see at the angle I want like Capability Brown did with his gardens:)
  2. are you planing some aircon units, water tank or stuff, and stair access..
  3. update been busy but managed to do some stuff... on the south end of baord wired up the pump house, Queen Anne Pub, and yard office lights temporarly before i build some more mosfet switches etc.. need more light here so might have to move spot lights and started on incline from station level to canal wharf. Lots more cobbles to press and coach shed to design and build. but lower yard track started to be laid and wired up, but need to build or get a DCC auto polarity switch as yard is feed by both sides of main loop and thus + - issues etc. also manged to finish off the head shunt tempoary woodern platform surface (woodern coffe stir sticks) and do the static grass but need to sort ground lever frame. so lots more little A, B, then C jobs and working out if D or EFG is next i am sure you lot understand that.
  4. That last photo is special
  5. could not see them in my email ... was that calvin(at)absentdream(dot)com
  6. Nice getting there blasting takes ages
  7. i agree about fiddle yard to aid variaty etc. i didnt have space so using dcc managed to get variity by adding stops and cross overs etc.. see video timelapse this is all random and not in my control. but i did see a layout where fiddle yard was on a lower section under the layout (that was feed via a spiral drop, but could be achived with inclines i do hope we are helpig I was same and found a lot had changed so decided that i would google each stage and see whats new etc.. with the internet we have 20+ years of back log and it allows ideas technichs to travel and improve quicker.. and its good for getting ideas
  8. As a kid I spent ages watching a train fo around and around. And now I find it reflective and relaxing,kind of takes me back this is why i jumped at dcc control as allows them to run around as they wish but also stop at the platforms randomly. But I have also built a yard that I control manually to shut whilst the Express thunders past. So I would put slips and turnouts on entrance and exit of platform and a bay or two to allow trains to switch destination and or direction if wanted. But do what you want as it's all about enjoying trains but do spend a few evenings running trains before starting scenery so changes and adaptations are easier:)
  9. i just move, flip back and forth every now and then while glue sets...
  10. yep ... calvin's where only dusty cowboy boots and ooooo or NIN
  11. very nice play with all the colours as orange or purple can make a nice morining or late evening... or dark blues for night
  12. that was a delight to watch.. full of good referance
  13. My uncle (who unfortunately is departed) used to work as a porter in the 50's and 60's
  14. thanks.. so i asume its in BR livery.. and is "Helstonish" as in west country Helston?
  15. ooo excuse ignorace... whats the first photo ? as was wondering if any emu/dmu where crimson?
  16. nice relly want to look at stuf like this my self (goods handeling) . if you could use 2 slides inner and final drop you might find it easyer to control amount droped..
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