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  1. Can you cover that with a walk way crossing?
  2. I wore up stairs on different circuit sometimes 2 so I can close shop and people upstairs:)
  3. there are some canal films (well catagorised as ) on BFI might be something in there https://player.bfi.org.uk/britain-on-film/map#/52.42471060/0.2558146921/8///Canals
  4. yep that really helps .. as white plastic loves light can you turn them off inderpentantly. ?
  5. how many light circuits? or is it all on one oo and nice wondered if you where going to put a cable to the arieal
  6. looks cool.. i spent ages looking at different grass colours trying to decided
  7. nice little blue spec under point rodding on second pic i asume drivers rag...
  8. all components but 1 or 2 to complete a project...
  9. can i ask you a Q. and feel free to PM me the answer, what do you charge for drawing your models. as a CAD tech/draftperson i am curous (not trying to compete etc.. )
  10. A mobile mast for train phone network (according to google but I bet I am wrong)
  11. Nice i used to read and read and read my thomas books
  12. FYI our local corner shop pulled their signage off, and under it is a lovely old (i reakon 1940's) sign. it was cream background with brown writing on 3 panels "proprietor name", "street No", "name", the street number was very large, i suppose with letter's being main comunication the Street No was more important. J.Robinson 452 Fountain Stores Its called Fountain Stores as there was once a Fountain at the junction, long since gone, and probably why a sink hole opened up not so long back, but thats another story.. I will try and get a photo if they have not bruied it again
  13. you could always do a hybrid of the 2.. 3 tracks between platforms with a middle run through line.
  14. yep. 1 for normal point and 2 for others.. one to switch it and one to the lock mechanism. i also think there is part of this forum about planning that stuff.. (lots of people know more about it than me
  15. do you agree the main problem is allowing the FULL 90 degress of movement of servo, without trying to pull the signal post through the board or grinding the gears
  16. yep.. started with wills kits and relised 8+ runs at over 2m was going to get ££££££ so drew these https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2169509
  17. well in that case VERY NICELY done.. esp getting them in frame... i assume fired of a load of shoots and choosed best..
  18. using this idea makes it a bit easyier.. and i also build mine of board on a card template .. and then glue card with point rodding in place.. less aching back leaning over layout glue small bits to make fixing easyer of board build (stools are to compensate for foam track bed)
  19. hi do you press/stamp cobbles in when wet, or carve when dry?
  20. nice.. looks like navvies have been busy carving up that hill..
  21. now paints all dry cleaned the rails and shunted all the coaches, trucks, and loco's back into place realy should print of rest of canopy
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