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  1. YAY Proper looking .. looks lie they will get ALL (erm 2 or 3 ) channels...
  2. nice tidy little scene full of character
  3. and 1 more photo atm, i am happy with that, not perfect (i can see bits) but works. DAM missed black line on back of signal.... lol
  4. ok so after a lot of think about what is next and what has to happen for that to happen etc... The main aim here is to add static grass to a embankment, pump house back yard, and old canal warehouse hard standing, needless to say still not reached the grass stage Step 1 glue down and solder drops onto the yard entrance track, wharfe entrance and coach sideings. and coat with a spray of matt black. while that was drying, i got distracted and drew and printed some parts for "queen anne's back yard" 2 brew kettles, and water holder, with fire door, and wood store. they make thier own ale, not sure if its any good. then came the balasting, i dont mind doing this as kalms the brian. but i did realise i needed to sort out hte hed shunt tempoary platform (added when station was alltered and a new plaform 1 and 2 came with the line out of the cutting. also added some stools for point rodding that will go to a main lever frame on the gorund at the end of woodern platform. this is old school match stick and wood glue building painting in matt black as i go. the surface will be woodern coffee sttiring sticks it dons't 100% follow same hieght as main platform, but i dont mind a step, to show adaption over time and thus layed all the balast i wanted atm, you can see where i will go to hard standing and coach shed (treacle grit pot) and cobbles for wharfe entrance.(diff slepper partern will be under cobbles.) and after 1 pot of copydex water and whashing liquid, a lot of time with a 100m syring i got it glued down and once dry masked of and sprayed with dark brown for grime, (hopeing this colour will work with desial, electric and steam. also some point rodding printed of and in place .. next pva and dryed dirt for areas under platform and embankment, in prep for the erm grass.. (oh yea )
  5. Will the old body fit a new chassis as I understand the gift problem got a few of those my self
  6. There is alot you can do with lights. See my layout and nicely done kmp
  7. I was surprised how better they are with stay alive.. welcome shoe horning all that in. how many more locos have you got to do. ?
  8. best way to read any manual, is the same method as reading academic papers, use the 3 step system 1. Read main title/abstract to make sure its what you are looking for 2. Read the bold headings etc, just to learn what can be done, but not how. and if something is intresting read it then, or if don't understand google keywords. i think of this like finding out what tools are in the tool box, not how to use them. but you know what can be done with it 3. When needed (aka i know it can do X) read relevent section to find how. as now its relevent its more likely to be remebered dont read whole manual like you are revising for exam, you only need to know what it can do, not how.
  9. use this button "go to last read post"
  10. yep snap.. i need to find a good source for micro size (large uf) caps.. what size did you use? mine was a 47,000uf @ 16v gave the loco a good 2 sec backup
  11. glad you found the problem.. do you find the stay alive gave smother running? i did on my 0-4-0 shunter.. allowed for a lot smother slow running. and now want them in ALL my locos
  12. i do like a proper old school technical drawing, and after a bit of googleing found a fair few from that company They made A LOT of loco's some very quirky and or spercific designs, it was actually a fun/intresting thing to google.
  13. Yep I agree ... was more pointing out they do exist:)
  14. yep remeber seeing them on inet once... cannot remeber where? eg
  15. erm... i thought all.. but i could and have been wrong before . so... but as in a stay alive we want to store some electricy in this case yes
  16. not 100% all stay alives need to be on the DC side of the AC-DC convertor.. but also some people put them on the Sound part only.. but would not recomend connecting to rails as thats AC not DC and caps dont like AC Nope some dcc chips have wires for stay alive in place already.. i think lenz do but way more expensive than the cost of 2 wires. erm complex.. to explain..
  17. best idea when the gremlins find you ... stay alives are good on little lococ's want to put them in all mine.. dose the DJM J94. have a wire for stay alive or have you had to add them ?
  18. shop keeprer out front could be a good idea.. maybe he is wating for a delivery of a certian box
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