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  1. I’ve been wondering myself if it’s OO or HO, I’ll measure when it arrives, I know it used the Merchant Navy wheels so I guess it must be somewhere in between OO and HO. Begs the question as to why it was made though, never seems to have been any hints of an export attempt and American Flyer already made the J1 Hudsons in HO
  2. Thanks Grifone, I've a hunch the coaches likely never made it to market I can't find any references outside of advertisements, the plan for cars instead is to track down some Trix Twin heavyweight coaches, I've seen them around, cheap and ratty and they'd be nice to restore and repaint into NYC two tone grey. I'm very quickly falling down a rabbit hole I see no recovery from...
  3. Hello everyone, I’ve been going though adverts for Graham and Farish’s OO range to try and narrow down some dates after obtaining a NYC Hudson from a friend for restoration, there were some lightweight coaches shown in the advertisements to run with the Hudson but I’ve never seen them mentioned outside of advertisements. Were they ever made available and if so does anyone have photos? I imagine they ended up like the Pullman coaches and banana shaped. cheers, Alec.
  4. Huzzar, some progress! Over the course of July I've spent time wiring the boards for Port Chevril Magna installing point motors and the track power, I've bitten the bullet and decided to go fully DCC and have so far chipped the tramway Peckett and surprisingly the electrics worked first time round. The trackpower feeds are supplied from a central bus made from some lengths of OO flexi-track and all the point motors are wired to a stud contact panel of the layout, its a rats nest but all colour coded and tied up depending on the motor number.
  5. Goodness that station building is looking absolutely gorgeous, might have to magpie a look like that for the stations on my own layout. The chimneys set it off really nicely.
  6. Hello Annie, I’ve followed the Big UK layout ever since you started posting it on NGRM and it’s fascinating to see the bare bones layout again. How many different parts ended up getting added to it over time? I recall you added a 3ft line at some time and the custom stock for the Grand Navigation company has proved to be a bit of inspiration for my own Isle. Thanks for posting in these threads as they’re all lovely reads (especially the Kotanga Tramway)
  7. Hello everyone, I'm back, the 0-4-2 has had it's cab and a new chimney printed out in resin and it's starting to look the part. On the narrow gauge front I've been printing off the final prototypes for the CM&BFR coal wagons, these are replicas of the Campbeltown and Machrihanish light railway, the 1907 batch of 5 plank 3.5 ton wagons, 1914 batch of 6 plank 4.5 ton wagons and the proposed yet not built 4 ton hoppers Pickering proposed but the CM&BFR ultimately never bought. The plan is for coal traffic to be modernised arou
  8. Not quite a level crossing but exactly the same vein, the street running section of the Molliebahn and of course it was a Mercedes. Seems the driver deliberately pulls out in front of the loco too. No way they didn't hear it coming even if they didn't look.
  9. It’s based off of the Sole SECR S class No.685, it was a saddle tank rebuild of one of the Wainright C classes hence it’s ungainly height. It worked at Richburough port then Bricklayers Arms until 1951. The Triang model is way oversize for an already pretty big engine as it was originally clockwork and the large tank was to fit the spring, same went for the diesel shunter lookalike. My guess is a designer must have seen it at Bricklayers Arms and figured it a good fit to the clockwork 0-6-0 mechanism.
  10. I'm afraid I can't contribute much to the music and headlines despite being thoroughly entertaining so I'm just going to compliment Edwardian for an exceedingly rich and varied read and I look forward to what comes next.
  11. Thanks for the interest Schooner. I've finally had a new bottle of printer resin dispatched so I've gotten on with the cab for the 0-4-2 loco, I've given up with working the belpaire into the design at the moment so I've put a basic wagon-top firebox onto the cab. Whether it'd be exactly humane to just have a weatherboard in the middle of the North Sea remains to be seen and I'm very much in the mind of giving the poor saps crewing it a tarpaulin.
  12. Hello everyone, although I've been a member of the forum since 2016 I've never posted much aside from some now very dated kitbashing projects but with the lock down resulting in school finishing far earlier than planned and nothing happening until at least September I'm finally making a start on a project I've been sitting on for some time. I've been heavily inspired by Pre-grouping companies, dozens of other layouts both SG and Narrower Gauges as well as companies on mainland Europe (Dutch machines are ruddy beautiful). So I present the Island of Tumm, a fictional Crown Dependenc
  13. Hi 313201, just saw this, I think you meant to quote me, I haven’t actually attached the pony truck yet, it’s something I still need to fathom out. The pony truck is off a Wills County that was floating about and has a rectangular slot to slide in, I’ll be able to simply screw it in but I need to get the Dremel out and carve out the backs of the cylinders to allow some decent movement. Aside from that it’s a pretty good chassis to kitbash although if you can get hold of some HO chassis as made by Tyco/Mantua it would save a good bit of work.
  14. Either Beyer or Manning Wardle I think, Wardle built locos in a similar style to Beyer for some export machines
  15. Blows dust off of account... This thread has to be one of the most dangerous to peruse on the site, more-so under lockdown and in that fiddly period where there’s no schoolwork to be done. I’ve been adapting Maunsell’s 4-8-0 proposal to my own needs, and mostly for fun. Overall it’s a bit of a mix of my own design, the proposal drawings as well as the Mathew Cousins painting and Mr Corbs excellent photobashes. The running gear is adapted from a first generation Hornby 8F and tender drive while the body has been fudged together with a Dapol schools kit and bits from the 8F, the boiler extensio
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