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  1. Were working on the Art work for the etches Hopefully it won't be to long before we can get them etched
  2. I see Shop categories have gone from small seller but the big boy still have it
  3. We are having problems with our Phone line an engineer is calling Wednesday 21st July in the Afternoon Please get in touch via email until then Brian
  4. We have stated to list Names for 4mm Industrial Locos in our Ebay shop so far there are 236 listed
  5. We have added what we have left of the HMRS Transfers on to our Ebay shop
  6. Hi The one we have is the LNER type see photo 100_9810 by brian mosby, on Flickr
  7. Over the Weekend we have now got all the 7mm LFC Steam Loco plates listed over on Ebay there are Some Diesel & Electric etch plates in the Range & at this time there are NO plans to sell these plates https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/247developments Plates by Type are LFC Pre Grouping 7mm LFC GCR 7MM LFC GER 7MM LFC Highland Rly plates 7mm LFC LNWR plates 7mm LFC L&Y plates 7mm LFC NER 7MM LFC BR/GWR plates 7mm LFC BR/SR plates 7mm LFC BR/LMS plates 7mm LFC BR/LNER plates 7mm LFC BR plates 7mm LFC 009/ O16.5 Narrow Gauge LFC Works & Tender Plates LFC Shed Plates LFC 10mm Scale Plates
  8. Hi Duncan here is a pic if the SV10 IMG_20210609_182911 by brian mosby, on Flickr
  9. Another Hot Day in the Office That's Now 173 7mm LNER Plates listed no Ebay from the LFC Range https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/247developments 100_9708 by brian mosby, on Flickr
  10. Hot Day in the Office listing the LFC LNER Name Plate So far we have the A4's A1's & some of the A3's done there are 32 A3's left to list https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/247developments
  11. Today we have Finish listing the 66 LMS LFC plates Name Plates & tomorrow I hope to make a start on the LNER ones
  12. Today we have Finish listing the GWR LFC plates & Made a start listing the LMS plates
  13. to make money by renting them out when not needed for the MOD movment
  14. We have some Taff Vale plates in our main Range http://www.247developments.co.uk/PRE_GROUPING_2.html
  15. Hi We have not found any so far In the LFC range & looking at A old Cat there were non in the range But in the Cut out type there are some 4mm low No GWR 82 86 287 308 551 558 968 & 701
  16. LFC Lion Firework Company were in Lepton Huddersfield And since up until we moved to South Wale in 2017 I had lived in Huddersfield for 46 years since Birth Its back in the hands of a Yorkshire Lad which feels right to Me
  17. Back In mid 2020 we took over LFC Plates, Some of the Range Needs Cutting out by the Customer. Due to this we are selling them at a lower price than our 247 plates Over on Ebay We have Started to list the 7mm scale range So far we have listed some of the following Railways GWR SR Highland Rly LNWR We still have lots More to list https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/247developments
  18. We will be closed Monday 19th April as I am having my covid jab
  19. We will be open for callers but as we can only have one Customer in at a time you well need to book your time slot in advance we will be open on12th at the following times Monday to Wednesday & Friday 9.30am till 4.30pm Saturday 9.30 till 12.00 We are closed all day Thursdays & Sundays 01639 701583 [email protected]
  20. Today we let you know about our new range of full size plates price. 99p IMG_20180926_094023 by brian mosby, on Flickr
  21. Hi Rich C440 is not Discontinued per say but i was still getting from the coach parts Erol but He has been Very Unwell since late 2019 & i can not get new stock at this time
  22. We will be closing at 4.30 pm on Wednesday 31st march reopening Monday April 12th as we are taking a break over Easter
  23. We already do Thunderbolt IMG_20210310_101338 by brian mosby, on Flickr
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