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  1. .... and if your broccoli didn't need cow sh1t for fertilizer. ( Or other chemical fertilizers produced with rather more than zero environmental impact.)
  2. There are very few sections of the Southern Electric network no longer operational as such.
  3. When was travelling to / from the Mad-Hints in the seventies 4VEPs were the norm with the occasional 4CEP .... and 2HAPs were not uncommon ( everything was combined with a Blazingsmoke service west of Woking, of course ). I remember one trip home - presumably late-ish Sunday evening - when we had a 2HAP ( or more ) that so was fresh from the Eastleigh paintshop that all the door slamlocks kept sticking : we stopped at Woking's Platform 2 where somebody got out and closed the door - but it didn't catch and swung open shortly after departure : next stop Waterloo !
  4. I think that's a solution looking for a problem ......... whatever you do you're not going to improve on the efficiency of a straight electric loco.
  5. Nuclear waste, unfortunately, is a problem that already exists and, fortunately, we know how to manage it ....... unlike, say, fracking - I mean pumping - loads of CO2 into the bedrock.
  6. Lewisham p'raps ..... you could walk it quicker than going out to Dartford ! ( I'll stick to the Circle or District if I ever have to swap between those termini.)
  7. Neither were the 'pre-plastic' versions required in anything like the quantities our 'modern' world demands ! ........ I'm not sure clearing the Amazon Jungle to plant rubber trees would be a very good idea. ( and I've no idea how you'd build an economically-viable off-shore wind farm out of 'traditional' materials )
  8. Charing Cross to Victoria ( the London ones ) via Ramsgate ...... I'm not sure that's available now 'cos so much in that end of Kent runs to St.Pancreas.
  9. ...... if you add dummy truss rodding to type all-steel K class.
  10. May be specifically talking about the minute particulates diesels are notorious for ...... good ol' steam clag is far less damaging to health !
  11. ..... and "Philadelphia" was the main N.C.B. workshop in the North East and "Adelaide" is the principal railcar depot in Northern Ireland ( and major Great Northern loco shed in its day ).
  12. Not to mention the OIL ( = fossil fuel ) needed to make plastic to insulate all those cables and for the blades & columns of wind turbines ......... then there are different ( silicon ? ) material needed to make solar panels - and I've no idea what the environmental impact of extracting them is !
  13. There may be other opinions on that matter. As there may be for anywhere else you could name, of course !
  14. D2090 and unit 017 were also painted up all nice and smart at one time ........ and 4308's driving trailer was being worked on under cover when I was there two years ago.
  15. I don't think there's enough clearance to 'leg' the roof - and too much to 'leg' the walls !
  16. Loco-hauled non-gangwayed stock was getting thin on the ground by the time cantrail stripes were introduced.
  17. If the towpath is a public right of way, that's one hell of an obstruction ! ( Yes, I was going to mention the horse - but TheQ beat me to it. )
  18. I'd've thought the National TV Station really ought to have people capable of rather more than basic electronic repair and maintenance !!?!
  19. How on earth did that get built ? ...... in relatively recent times !
  20. Definitely an even number and it looks like the crank pin is between a couple of spokes - so, yes, fourteen. Sod's Law dictates that the Gibson wheel is 'pin in line' - but the spokes are so short there that the discrepancy might not be noticed ?
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