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    00 gauge, micro layouts, BR Western Region, industrial railways.

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  1. Innovative use of the box and it will be just right for the Express Dairy Ruston 48. Look forward to seeing more. John
  2. Thank you Ian for a great concept. Look forward to seeing more. Regards John
  3. Rob, If I could achieve half of the quality of modelling output that you share on this topic I would be very content. Please be assured that all your efforts and photographs are a source of inspiration. Thank you John
  4. Congratulations Mark on Tyteford Halte winning the BRM spotlight competition. Well deserved and I am looking forward to seeing even more of your exquisite work. All the best John
  5. Hi Paul sorry to hear that your not 100% hope you are up and about soon. Best wishes John
  6. Mark, thank you for sharing this overview of your superb work. I can only marvel at your skill and attention to detail it continues to inspire me to improve my own. John
  7. So pleased to see your project back on the site and obviously progressing, I look forward to seeing it develop over the coming weeks.
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