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  1. I like the look of 21mm gauge when I've seen layouts using it. So it's just to see whether OO Victorian Railways is feasible.
  2. Once swapmeets start up again, I will give one of the Hornbys a closer look. But I have heard that while they are over-long for HO, they don't scale to 4mm/ft when it comes to width & height.
  3. Hi , to see if an OO scale Victorian Railways (Australian) B or S unit could be kitbashed.
  4. I can only find a Fleischmann FA2 and Baldwin switcher, no F unit. The Triang 'Transcontinental' is a bit too primitive, after something kitbash-able. If it is even there, that is. Fred Schorr (?) did OO cast metal F3s but they've got to be rare, unless anyone is selling moldings of them.
  5. 2.7mm/ft on 14.2mm for Victorian (Australian) 5'3" gauge. 1:112.89 or TT-113? As many things work on it as with any weird gauge/scale combo. And the three wagon bodies I made looked okay. They all orbit around one gauge working out to be 90% of another, or is it 11.11% bigger? And Victorian trains being either 10% larger than British, or 10% smaller than American. It gets complicated. Trust me. Ben
  6. Am wondering if any manufacturer ever made an 'HO' scaled American F or E unit that was over-scale in height and width. As in, inching up closer to 4mm scale. I'd be thinking of something ancient & toylike, eg, Tyco, Lima or Bachmann, I imagine. Told Fleischmann were notorious for this, but unsure they did an F or E unit. Cheers, Ben
  7. Thank you , yes I have seen the Spookshow site. I think tho that the overall wheelbase (of the real thing) would be 45' 6" , 36' 2" between truck centres and 9' 4" to the outer axles. How do you get to 47' 2" ? Ben
  8. Interested in the chassis for scratchbuilding. I am wondering if anyone who has one can say what the measurement is - from outer axle of front truck to outer axle rear truck. (not interested in the Atlas China one, just the Japan made KATO one, the China ones have a different chassis I think.) Regards, Ben
  9. I am wondering if anyone have a drawing of the New York Central Despatch shop boxcar roof they might share? It is also called a DSI roof. It has two crosswise pressings between the 'blades' that run across the car. Quite different to the Stanray (diagonal panel) or P-S roofs common at the time. It was used I think from the late 1950s on boxcars built for NYC and subsidiaries, PC, LV and probably Conrail. I need to build it (not available in my scale.) Branchline make an HO Despatch roof, a shot of that might be handy, provided it's reasonably accura
  10. It indicates to me that there's not much checking going on and therefore the chances of wrong information getting repeated are high. I found the other day for example that SD40-2s are really 43'3" rather than 43'6" between mid axles. Surprised me as I'd seen the 43'6" figure for nigh on thirty years; it's in a lot of publications, so I assumed it was right. Not a huge difference, but the 43'6" figure is between bolsters. The figure that's more important for modelling is the mid axle measurement, I 'd think . Ben
  11. Hi, the Utahrails I had not seen, thanks for that. The Dieselshop I'm wary of as it actually indicates some of the problems. Note that for an SD35 it tells us : Distance between Truck Centers 48'-07 I think I understand how he got that error, but it kind of illustrates the problem. Regards, Ben
  12. I have seen a few diagrams for SD35s. All give 35' between what looks to be the two truck centres, which on an SD35 is the centre axle position, as from what I understand on an SD35, the axles are evenly spaced. That is : 6'9 1/2" + 6'9 1/2". However, diagrams drawn by RRs and model magazines are not always right. A couple of the diagrams say the 35' measurement is 'between bolsters'. Since on many locos the bolster position is NOT the same as the truck centre, I wanted to check if anyone knows whether an SD35 is really 35' between truck centres?
  13. Know that site well. The likelihood of a model conforming to that site's data is better than it used to be. But still the only way to know is to have a caliper measurement of an actual model.
  14. That's something else I'd considerered. What is the wheelbase of the Farish 40 or 45 - between the powered axles ?
  15. Hi Ancient Poole Farish 0-6-0 GP tank (?) chassis, which in theory might make a good power bogie for a C-C 3mm scale loco (10.5mm gauge.) Wheelbase (31.75mm), and wheel diameter (8.9mm) just right. Sturdy looking, with metal worm and gear on centre axle. Problem - need to remove the drive rods, which power the inboard and outboard axles. Once you do that, chassis is only powered on the centre axle, which would be pulling one axle and pushing the other. Doesn't sound ideal. Looks hard to modify, without a lot of surgery plus a new motor with new shafts, and I'd have to harvest
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