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  1. There are still plenty of non-stoppers through Woking, usually preceded by a lonnngggg horn blast as the driver tries to attract the attention of waiting passengers who haven't heard the "Stand Well Clear" announcements because they've got their headphones in, who then jump as several hundred tons of train passes them at 70mph and three feet away.
  2. I commute on this route every day Clive; you'd be surprised how unchanged some of the stations are even now. Woking in particular looks almost the same from the angles used by the photographer, although the new high rises North of the railway are nearly complete. The image as it appears in your post, on the Down Slow platform opposite the signal box is 95% identical now, 55 years later.
  3. Welcome back Clive. Didn't Half Man Half Biscuit also do a song, "F****** h***, it's Fred Titmus"? One of my mates at Uni had worked at Rushworths Music Shop in Liverpool and knew the singer from when he sold burgers from a trailer across the road.
  4. The modeller of goods traffic isn't helped here by relatively few published photographs of such trains being taken from a higher vantage point (quite apart from almost all photographers concentrating on the locomotive). While this doesn't excuse dodgy loads on a flat wagon, I often see mineral wagons - especially hoppers - so overloaded they would be dangerously unstable. I have seen a wonderful shot somewhere of Middlesbrough Docks where the caption notes that while the hoppers only appear about 1/3rd full, they are actually loaded to capacity.
  5. I'm old-fashioned and don't understand anything that isn't a 3-link, screw link or a buckeye. What do you use to tow Pacers off to the scrapyard (I'm thinking coupler compatibility)? 37/6, 57, or anything with an adaptor wagon...?
  6. To be honest Tony I'm not sure things are getting worse. Looking back to the RMs of my youth, there were plenty of layouts published that I loved the look of then, but with more informed eyes now, can see REALLY glaring errors (as discussed on Clive Mortimore's thread this week). Many of these same errors are being still repeated now and you've commented on yourself; long straights linking sharp 90deg curves, illegal track layouts, nonsense geographical features, overly-busy countryside......... Frequently it's caused by a really popular layout being much copied by others, without doing the research undertaken by the original designer. Rob
  7. I wonder how many of the p***-taking boys went home that day, dug out their forgotten train sets out of a cupboard and played with them for an hour, but never told their mates?
  8. Yep, I've seen those layouts and they are nonsense. The best(!) I ever saw had a quarry in the kick-back sidings, with a narrow gauge line going into a mine, just above the standard gauge tunnel........... The Mutley tunnel photo's slightly deceptive because I think the track is curving to the right as it enters the tunnel and may actually go under the gap to the right of the row of houses. Those houses look like standard two floor properties; a common layout error is to put a pub in the street above. Pubs almost ALWAYS have a cellar, so on the model a passing driver would be able to say hello to the publican changing a barrel. On the other example in Southampton, I agree this is quite common but these are small single storey buildings (in some cases actually pre-fabs), so the load on the bridge is less than the obligatory bus.
  9. To try to understand you might have to understand their mental health. I knew of a chap some years ago who was carer for his wife, who had long term health issues. He had filled a room - just like one of those hoarding TV programmes - with model car kits. Eventually friends had to come and help him sort out his house including the kit collection (none of which had been started). His reasoning was that the day his wife was no longer around, he wouldn't know what to do with his time.
  10. A very hard day's work - it's worn away a buffer head.....
  11. S'funny what errors we each spot Clive. I've learned a lot about depots from you to spot errors which I'd otherwise have missed. But those geographical and structural nonsenses jump out at me. How many of small stations and depots are accessed through a tunnel or bridge with buildings on top, whose foundations would be 6 feet below the roof of the tunnel?
  12. She closed a lot of lines which Beeching had not proposed for closure. If you look at lines re-opened in the modern era, very few were listed in the 1963 report, they were almost all closed after 1968.
  13. I suspect freight was dropping very steeply even if passenger traffic wasn't. When was the six-week rail strike - over the equivalent of a packet of fags a week - in the late 1950s? Passengers probably grumbled and worked around it; I read that a lot of rail freight customers made alternative arrangements and never returned to rail (can hardly blame them, you can't simply stop production for six weeks). So here the railways sowed the seeds of their own destruction. It could also be the case that staff under-reported numbers. One of the rail unions real successes was improving redundancy terms over time, so plenty of older railwaymen might have preferred to take the money instead of staying in an ever more depressing workplace. Making the economics of their station/line worse could have been in their interest. I have worked with such people who will do nothing to help others deliver work more efficiently, are happy to cost their employer money, hoping that they can speed the closure and to hell with those who are still trying to build their careers and have families to support and mortgages to pay.
  14. Presumably there was a similar promotion with Nabisco Foods for Kitmaster kits? I have a "Deltic" which mentions them on the instruction leaflet? If you could get Dapol/Parkside kits this way now, I'd eat breakfast cereal three times a day....
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