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  1. Thanks, I've decided not to risk a spat and just gave them a stiff ignoring. I've done similar to you myself, where they were wrongly advertising something that was actually much more valuable than what they were calling it, so I suggested a better description. That got a thank you as well, but I only did that because they clearly had some idea about model railways. However I have lost count of the poor descriptions where once you check what else they have for sale (almost always using poor quality camera phone pics as well), the words "proceeds of a burglary", spring to mind.......
  2. This is the current map and as others have said, route numbers don't tend to change: https://merseytravel.s3.amazonaws.com/Content/Bus/Route Maps/Liverpool-Area-Network-Bus-Map.pdf
  3. I've a listing on eBay at the moment, a small job lot of mostly common items but at least one item, I have never noticed anywhere (although they were probably sold in reasonable numbers). My listing included the words Some Rare within the title. Someone obviously took exception to this as within an hour of the listing starting, they'd messaged me to say none were rare. I'm not sure what they expect me to say in reply, or do they want me to say I'm terribly sorry and reduce the price.....?
  4. Oh I think everyone (me, SVR Life member) completely understands the costs. I think we've only used the term premium pricing to demonstrate that it isn't price competitive with other public or private transport. Return trips on heritage lines are often not much cheaper than a taxi fare, without the flexibility, but that's not what you're paying for. The premium is for the special overall experience, which as you say, it still only starts to pay for.
  5. I agree, I would like to see some preserved lines be able to offer public services, but for the reasons I outlined previously, it's a level of commitment very few would want (or be able) to make. The expectations are very different; if one hundred of the general public turn up for the first steam train ride at 1000 and it's cancelled, most probably just hang around uncomplainingly for the next one. If they were trying to get to work, they would be rather less happy and would tell plenty of other people about it. So the railway has to put in much more effort, for far fewer people, who are pa
  6. Everything about that loco looks lovely apart from the smoke deflectors; there is something wrong somewhere with the dimensions. I think they extend back to the right point but about a foot too far forward. They should extend only just forward of the downward slope to the buffer beam. I'd still be proud of it though.
  7. I completely agree. It helps that we sort of expect historic images to be in B&W, so it seems appropriate. Dave has also performed an often forgotten trick of having the backscene images correct for the intended viewing angle, in this case from ground level. A lot of exhibition layouts get this wrong; the images of real buildings are photographed from ground level but when we view the layout from perhaps 2' above, the perspective doesn't work.
  8. Thank you, writing as a non-LNER modeller, that's one of the most informative recent posts on this thread.
  9. I think Cannon Street 1991 was an extreme example, in terms of the specific conditions causing so many injuries. A huge proportion of the passengers were standing up ready to get off. Plenty would have been picking their briefcases etc off the luggage racks, when knocked off their feet they may have hit someone with them. Being hit by a briefcase at 10mph could break bones (these day far more people are carrying soft luggage like rucksacks). A lot of the slam doors were already opened by passengers so that they could leap off before the train stopped (and be quickly through the
  10. While I appreciate the sentiment of not wanting to "dob someone in", I don't believe safety has ever been improved by not talking about near misses. There have been so many accidents across every industry, where no-one wanted to tell "Old Fred" that he shouldn't cover up that sensor/prop the fire door open/disconnect the alarm, because although it was an inconvenience it was there to protect him, but he'd been doing the job for 30 years and got away with it. Except for the day when, distracted at the precise wrong moment, he didn't. The best thing the aviation industry did via th
  11. Funny how the plastic used by Triang in that era always distorts. Every 47606 I've ever seen is "bent" and as for their shorty carriages......
  12. An excellent principle to live (model) by. I think though that the point made by the original poster, remains; in the annual wish-lists, people plead for a RTR model of a "LNER J101". Then: Hornby/Bachmann/Heljan/Oxford Rail/whoever produce one. Some people complain it's over £100 and it'll kill the hobby, others buy one. Some complain the cab roof is the wrong shape, two years later the manufacturer releases a modified version (when all they'd done was make it according to a (what everyone assumed was accurate) drawing. Then people complain that after three years, the
  13. So its service is now comparable to the Heart of Wales line or as I mentioned earlier, the Fishguard Harbour branch (but three times longer).
  14. In this case you're absolutely right, but the principle applies across the UK. I suspect that Scotland doesn't actually have too many really big loss-makers; the West Highland and Far North lines are run quite efficiently and seem to attract plenty of traffic throughout the year. In England and Wales, while the percentage growth on some rural lines has been high, they are starting from a very low level. If the DfT wanted to push hard for savings, services like Leeds-Goole would come under scrutiny. Having seen the published passenger figures, the decline in traffic across most of Wales in
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