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  1. That story sounds like it's been affected by "Chinese Whispers". All bridges over railways for many years (possibly since about the 1960s), have been built with clearance for overhead electrification. The A27 bridge over the Hayling Island branch meets the requirement, but certainly wouldn't fit a double-deck tram plus wires: Unfortunately the overbridge under East Street near Havant station certainly doesn't meet the requirement:
  2. Then it's all the more likely to be unexpected, when it does.
  3. Similar story - when I worked in the part of an MoD Agency that specified "oily stuff", we were made aware of the person in the MoD procurement department who was congratulated for saving about N% on compressor wash fluid. Unfortunately what they'd purchased wasn't salt-free and the mistake wasn't spotted until the first Pegasus engine had gone through overhaul. Very approximately, their £10k saving became a £1M unplanned overhaul of a Harrier engine. We didn't put those extra lines in the specifications for our health, you know.
  4. I have said before on this forum, if not this thread, these skills never disappeared from the UK, they became less common but more than that, they just became obscured by the growth of everything else. You no longer notice the industrial estate full of small engineering companies, because the half of it next to the by-pass was demolished in the 1980s and is now a retail park. The specialists are still there. The (non)importance of manufacturing is often attributed to the small proportion of the workforce employed in it. Actually this is very misleading; in 1970, a car plant may have em
  5. 7 or 8 miles - Pah! One day many years ago I was driving into Dunfermline. On a not especially large roundabout, it was dry on the way in, on the exit the whole road was wet with standing water deep enough to give the steering a slight "kick". It had actually rained heavily in one location and not at all probably less than 100 feet away.
  6. I tend to agree, but don't actually want these characters to be sued or prosecuted. I would like a few of them to be firmly invited to stay away from some preservation sites though. What tends to happen with these dreamers is they are already involved as a regular volunteer at a preserved line. They have a particular interest in specific types of (usually unfashionable) locos and rolling stock, manage to buy an example when the price of scrap is particularly low and are allowed to keep it at "their" railway, with no written agreement and even less plan for restoration. Five yea
  7. Some years ago I acquired a couple of Royal Mk3s which used Hurst sides, I'd post a photo if I had the feintest idea which box in the loft they were in! If you're modelling the 1970s-80s era, if will be worth seeking out an excellent article in the Railway Modeller in 1981, just after Charles & Diana's wedding. It was by a modeller who had made the entire 10 coach rake of that time, using RTR coaches as a basis.
  8. Actually this seller is one of the ones I referred to in an earlier message. At least they only charge about twice the price of the kits, which is probably quite reasonable for their time to build and weather it (Build = 30 minutes, Weathering = 30 seconds). This is obviously a non-running Hornby Schools so again, not much profit for their time. But I'm afraid that is terrible weathering; there is absolutely no prototypical observation gone into it and they apply it to everything they sell. In fact they have been doing it to the same poor standard for at least five years, so they obv
  9. From the, "It doesn't matter that some of the bits are broken I'm not accepting a penny less than I paid for it" school of disappointed sellers.
  10. ISTR that's what the Tri-ang Transcontinental Bo-Bo Diesel and Electric locos were based on.
  11. Been there. The dealers, normally operating out of old Luton vans who always tell you your stuff's not worth anything but, "We'll take it off your hands, if it helps". Well yes, that would help..... you make more money.
  12. 'Twas ever thus. When I used to buy big job lots to break up/sort out and sell on (and keep at least 25% for my own collection), there were always people who despite the listing clearly being an auction only, would ask "Do you have a Buy it Now price in mind?". One guy had asked the same question on all my listings one week and appeared to have asked multiple other sellers the same question. I did wonder what part of "No, this is an auction, do you see the Buy-it-Now box?" he was struggling to understand. He clearly just wanted to make people offers of £40 for lots worth £200 and
  13. Should clean up OK or could be improved on. There's considerably worse "Professional Weathering" being sold on eBay where the seller seems to bill their time at about £900/hr.
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