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  1. Hello all, I'm just writing a quick note to let you know that my father Frank, an infrequent poster but regular visiting forum member under the name 'Hue Jarse', passed away at home unexpectedly on Sunday, while taking an afternoon nap. It's possible that you may have come across his photography website https://the-siding.co.uk at some point, which I will endeavor to keep online. He was a regular visitor to model exhibitions across the UK, particularly those in southern England, and had amassed a varied collection of stock in 00 gauge, but in recent times had also begun exploring the world of O gauge. A lifelong enthusiast, this no doubt played a part in my choice of career as a train driver today. Growing up in the late 90s/early 00s, we'd always manage to escape for a while on Saturday shopping expeditions with Mum to the nearest model shop or railway station, a regular duo being Beatties then the station in Reading back in the late 90s/early 00s. Same on family holidays across the UK! An electronics engineer by trade, in more recent times he advised me on the technical side of things in what ended up to be the winning layout in the then-SNCF Society's box file modelling competition a couple of years ago. Below is a photo taken at the Great Central Railway, where I had the chance to swap my usual cabs of Desiros and Junipers for the secondman's side of a 25, while he "showed me how it's really done" on a "proper" train. To sum him up, I couldn't have asked for a better Dad. Damon
  2. Basingstoke is another. I don't know if it's always been that way and the down side (also original entrance) has always been 1, or if it came about in the '30s when the GWR 'moved into' the main station complex and the Southern perhaps didn't want them to have the number 1 over on the up side of the station?
  3. They are indeed 'open plan', like the 700s (and 707s SWR currently have). Zooming in on a photo tweeted by Modern Railways shows it a bit clearer.
  4. Following a staff competition, the fleet now has a name. Replacing the manufacturer’s ‘Aventura’, SWR today revealed to the press the new name ‘Arterio’. Presumably a reference to them running various arteries in and out of Waterloo.
  5. Damo

    Bachmann Desiro's

    My Dad took delivery of his non-weathered version a couple of days ago, so having been both a guard and driver of these units I was particularly interested to pop over and give it the once over! In addition to the aforementioned minor issues mentioned by other contributors to this thread, I did also notice the lack of guards office (or "goldfish bowl" as we refer to them!) next to the first class section which I thought was a bit of a disappointment. Overall though I thought it an impressive looking model.
  6. The SNCF Society had a modelling challenge for their January rendezvous exhibition involving up to three boxfiles that must be able to fold back into their original state (bar stock and controllers). I decided it sounded like a fun idea, but having never made a layout before I had no real idea where to start. Time went on and come December I thought "######, I've only got about 6 weeks to go!". Therefore work hastily began and whilst I'm familiar with the UK network (the day job sees me driving units in and out of Waterloo), the French system is something I enjoy following as I'm a bit of a Francophile but don't know that much about it. The result is therefore something rivet counters could probably write long lists about, but overall I was happy with the end result (bar forgetting to edit the text on the Fruits et Légumes stall!), particularly given it was created over the course of odd evenings over a few week period - certainly learnt what does (and doesn't!) work in the skills department if nothing else. The layout obviously needed an excuse for why the train (an N-gauge, sound-fitted Arnold X73500 in Languedoc-Roussillon livery) wasn't disappearing anywhere, hence the unfortunate mess on the level crossing. It is a fictional place based in the Pyrénées-Orientales department of the Languedoc-Roussillon (now Occitanie) region of south western France, down near on the Spanish border. I thought I'd share a video and some photos for anyone that may be interested. I hope you like it. http://youtu.be/4F6-4eVUE6s
  7. Hi Stephen, Thank you for the kind comments. I have not actually used for the Kato track for my project in the end. I have seen (and enjoyed!) your videos on YouTube, so I'm guessing your passion for SNCF might mean you are a member of the SNCF Society? I have decided to enter the Winter Rendezvous boxfile challenge. It is my first ever model railway layout so it will by no means be a winner, but I am using the opportunity to build a small layout to practice ideas and methods with a view to constructing a larger layout at some point in the future. As a result I am working with basic Peco setrack for this particular project now.
  8. Hello all, I'm currently in the process of constructing an N-Gauge layout loosely based on a ficticious branch line terminus in the Languedoc. It is still in very early stages so nothing much to show at the moment, but thought I'd share a few phone videos of my recently acquired stock should they be of any interest to anyone. Arnold N-Gauge SNCF Class X73500 (Languedoc) (with sound decoder supplied and fitted by Trains-160) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdXa78hXgQc Arnold N-Gauge SNCF Class CC72000 (Tricoloure) (with sound decoder supplied and fitted by DM-Toys) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzwsyeJqjWA Jouef HO-scale SNCF Class X73500 (Languedoc) (unsure on sound decoder as train picked up secondhand from show) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGc-tjnJU50 Kind regards,
  9. Thank you all for your help and advice! Asked a few questions in the last week or two and each time received knowledgable and friendly answers.
  10. Thank you so much for the quick and knowlegable replies! I'm guessing these couplers might be too old to work with the likes of Kato uncoupler track? They would be used with a much more modern Arnold CC 72000 (perhaps not prototypical but I fell in love with the DM Toys special Tricolore version, and the sounds are fab!). Sorry to be a pain with all the amateur questions!
  11. Hello all, I'm modelling a small N layout based in the Languedoc Roussillon. I have Arnold's attractive X73500 in the current red livery and been looking for some coaches to go with the layout. LS Models do some Corail coaches in the red/yellow livery currently in use but sadly these are HO (along with an X27500 electric unit). I'm not aware of any equivilent Languedoc liveried Corail coaches in N gauge, and I'm not quite confident enough to repaint some, but have come across some older TER livery blue/silver in a box set of three on eBay. The Arnold product code is 0383. A mix of era stock doesn't bother me too much but I was wondering if anyone more knowlegable could tell me how old this product itself is, and if fairly old if there'd likely be any compatibility issues with modern locos (I'm new to modelling so still learning!). Many thanks in advance,
  12. Many thanks for that, Jon. Do you happen to know what the SX part of "DCC + SX" may denote then? Also appreciate the recommendation of the 72000 - I shall have a mooch around the net. Got a 73500 unit and looking for a suitable sound-fitted loco to haul a short rake of coaches and shunt a few wagons on a small layout I am creating. I'm still very new to the modelling scene so not quite confident enough just yet to start taking stock apart and fitting sound systems.
  13. Has anybody got any experience - good or bad - of https://www.en.dm-toys.de I'm new to the scene and finding this thread has been a good find for me, particularly Trains160 for N-gauge. DM-Toys and Jura Modelisme both sell Startrain's CC 65500s for a similar price, but DM-Toys offer them with sound for an extra 35euros which seems cheap, but like I say I am new to the scene so just wondered if this is right? The drop down list on their shop shows Analogue or DCC+SX, the latter I presume being DDC fitted and sound chipped?
  14. Just like to say thanks to Unklian for seeking the additional info. I had been meaning to contact Roger but kept forgetting! I'm new to the SNCF Society and reading about the challenge in the journal I thought it sounded a laugh, especially after purchasing a Jouef Languedoc-Rousillon liveried X73500 with sound from a model show recently. I've decided to try and source the Arnold N-gauge equivalent as that will make building a box file layout a bit more interesting - even two or three boxfiles in 00 wouldn't leave a lot of room. Don't feel threatened though fellas - I have never made a layout before (this is actually my first post on the forum!!) and my entry is more to get involved in the social side of the society and get a bit of practice before one day hopefully convincing the missus to let me build something a bit more substantial in the spare room. We are both Francophiles so my plan is to let her get creative in scenery planning and help design her own little bit of France, to make the idea a bit more appealing to her...
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