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  1. That is a GWR 0-4-2T so I'd be surprised to see it hauling a 'Gate' set. Chris KT
  2. I would agree with Brian that the best choice of a 'Sunshine' Compo would be the 59' 10" E158 which had the more usual 4 x first and 3 x third compartments. The shorter 58' 7" Compos had 3 x first and 4 x third and were fewer in number. In addition I'd suggest a D127 Van Third plus, naturally, improved replacements for the existing Bachmann C77 Third and E159 Brake Compo. Chris KT
  3. The 'typical' Gresley corridor was 61ft 6in over body on a 60ft underframe, including the Composite, so there was no reason for Hornby not to make a Compo (or a Brake Third for that matter) instead of the poor selection of TK, FK, BCK and RB (and sleeper). It was the Thompson Composite which was 59ft 6in as against the 63ft of most Thompsons. But happily Bachmann was prepared to make both lengths in this case. Chris KT
  4. My vote goes to 9. and 11. but it should be borne in mind that not all 'Sunshines' were 60' 11.25" long - composites were 59' 10" or 58' 7" while the sole first diagram was 60' 1.25". This might deter some manufacturers. For 12. I suggest, with hesitation, the flat ended 57' stock of 1933-35. Hesitation because only Thirds, Van Thirds and Brake Compos were produced in this style, ie no Compo. But, by my reckoning, the C67 third was the fourth most numerous diagram of Grouping period Third after the bow ended E127 (Hornby); the Hawksworth C82/84 (Hornby; and the 'Sunshine' C77 (Bachmann. Chris KT
  5. My transfers arrived today - many thanks, John. Chris KT
  6. A 4-set (S) was BR Mk1 BSK/CK/SK/BSK, set Nos. between 866 and 891, all built as 4-sets but several had been augmented to longer sets from 6 to 11 coaches by 1961. Chris KT
  7. Yes, apart from being 1" narrower, basically E157 had deeper windows and hence a lower waist line compared to E147. Also E147 had one first compartment and five thirds - 333313van, whereas E157 had two firsts and four thirds - 333113van. Chris KT
  8. My vote are: 4, 5 & 6. Chris KT
  9. To be pedantic the centre coach of these sets was always a 58' lavatory compo to diagram 285. Chris KT
  10. My vote is 1, 2, 4 & 5. Chris KT
  11. The most numerous 'B' set was the flat ended E147, over 50 pairs. The second most common was the bow ended E140 with 7ft bogies (I make it 41 pairs). This is the diagram made by Airfix/Hornby. It is also the type that appears most often in photos on the Bodmin-Wadebridge-Padstow branch. E145 was the third most common (25 pairs, I think) and as said elsewhere was the same as E140 apart from having 9ft bogies. The were only minimal numbers of other 'B' set diagrams, E116 (7 sets), E129 (5 sets) and E135 (2 sets). Chris KT
  12. Becasse took the words out of my mouth! 734 certainly got about; for instance it did at least one stint on the Callington branch, not working in P&P mode. I have a very nice model of this set in lined crimson by 'Northstar Design'. Chris KT
  13. My votes go to: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 & 11 Chris KT
  14. Oldddudders: I was speaking from memory without checking Gould or the video which I haven't viewed for ages as it's on VHS - I should have said 1946. Basically all the 10.25" window ventilator stock was built in Malachite. Of the 15" vent stock only the 4-sets 80-94 built for the Eastern Section were built malachite; all the rest was delivered in CL&C. Chris KT
  15. Of course you could have a 59ft set AND a 64ft 6in set! I know it's a tad early but I've seen a video of the ACE leaving Waterloo in 1945 behind a MN. The train included a 59ft Bulleid set as well as, incidentally, two Ironclad 2-sets, ie before they were converted to P&P sets. It is considered that about 10% of SR coaches were still Maunsell green in June 1948 (probably with a bias towards older stock). And an official survey in Dec 1954 of Southern Region steam stock showed that 1,409 vehicles were Crimson & Cream, 441 Crimson and 1,561 still Southern Railway Green. As to the 59ft sets I don't believe any were painted crimson & cream before the mid 1950s - some, at least, were not repainted until 1956 and I think some probably went straight from Southern Railway Green to Southern Region Green. Chris KT
  16. My 31574 (and 31731) arrived today. 31731 seemed to be in one piece other than a detached coupling hook but, yes, the same tender buffer of 31574 was loose in the packing. And the tender brake gear fell off when I lifted the tender out of the packing. I re-attached the buffer and when I repacked the loco it promptly came off again! It seems the packing exerts too much pressure on this (only?) buffer. And, of course, the right hand side has the elementary error of the crest facing back when it should face forward. I'm reluctant to touch the finish on a £200 model but I suppose I'll have to change it in due course. In the meantime I'll make sure I keep the left hand side facing me. Chris KT
  17. Bogie wagons: My vote goes to 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10. Chris KT
  18. My choices in the container poll are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10. As regards 12, and speaking generally, we need more variety. As I see it there are only three currently available - Bachmann's BR AF and BD and Dapol's B. This, as far as I can see, is BR Diagram 3/049 despite Dapol offering all sorts of liveries except BR! Hornby's vertical planked B (originated by Airfix) seems to be GWR Diag. BK2 and has not been offered for some time. Replica's diagonal planked B would seem to be GWR Diag. BP1 and is also not currently available either. So , in particular, I'd like too see BR A, BM and FM plus a few Company diagrams of both 'A' and 'B' length to add variety. Chris KT
  19. Hi Graham, There seems to be an error in the Digest! I get 63ft 10in from a) "Pullman Profile No 2 The Standard 'K-Type' Cars" by Antony Ford, which is quoted as a source in the Digest and b) Mike King's drawing of 'Barbara' is 63ft 10in. Interestingly the distance over the corner pillars of the body (excluding the end vestibules) is 57ft 1.5in! Best regards Chris KT
  20. Cars 180 to 185, later S7872S to S7877S (not in the same order), were NOT 57ft; they were 63ft 10in like all other 'K' class Pullmans. But they were 8ft 1in wide instead of the usual 8ft 7in so that they could comply with SR Restriction 0 to go down the Hastings line. Chris KT
  21. The six 'Hastings' cars were 63ft 10in over vestibule the same as other 'K' type cars but were 8ft 1in wide instead of the usual 8ft 7in so complying with Restriction 0. 'K' type car 59, 'The Hadrian Bar' in the Tees-Tyne Pullman' from 1948 was replaced by a BR Mark 1 Pullman (car 354) with the same name in 1961. It was then sold to the S. region 23/4/61 and became Buffet Car S7879S in green. Chris KT
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