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  1. There will be a lathe. The covered accommodation for the locos has externally been completed, the wagon and lathe building is a skeleton at the moment. At the rate we get through fuel, that tanker is going to be busy.
  2. 47053 style rebuilt cab with opaque marker lights with black grommets 47825 with twin headlights DRS extra multi socket
  3. Thanks Ben that's great to hear. The 86s of the era have a lot of differences with tdm cables headlights fitted/not fitted, blanking plates etc you are to be congratulated for taking on the challenge!!!
  4. Doesn’t need the works plate on the cab side either. The sandbox cover isn’t quite right. But this is only an ep so I imagine some tweaks will be done as it moves forward
  5. From class 47 datafile part 6 D1702 Green full yellow ends 8/68 blue 12/69 D1703 green full yellow ends 3/68 blue 11/70 D1704 green full yellow ends 11/67 Blue 6/71 D1705 green full yellow ends 7/68 Blue 4/71 D1706 green full yellow ends 7/68 Blue 11/70 None of them carried blue when in class 48 configuration so the blue dates are when they were released following conversion to a standard 47. Hope this helps
  6. I thought I would “just remove” the sector decals on my Heljan 47361 went through the dark grey at the top and took off too much the bottom as well. Sector labels are the bit I always mess up
  7. 90001 is now carrying royal Scot nameplates
  8. Possibly it may be point to point timings on the train? Or it could be it will allow for a higher trailing load if nessercary? .I don’t know the weight of that train but a single 90 on an intermodal from Ipswich was allowed about 1400tonnes if I remember. Or maybe like you say it’s a positioning move for something that they work later
  9. It is a convoluted tale. Yes 90016 was exchanged for 90050 as the maintenance was done on 90050 by EWS then. after that 90042 caught fire followed by 90044 catching fire and 90046 having derailment damage at Bletchley. 90044 was repaired using parts from 90042, and the bogies off 90042 went on 90046. Then as I understand it. 90050 was purchased and 90042 was repaired using parts from 90050. I imagine the feasibility of doing the repairs on 90042 using 90050 was looked into before purchase. It would appear the bogies off 90046 must have been damaged in some way as when the bogie overhaul pro
  10. Whoops,! That’s a shame because they sounded like a good engine and were actually lighter in weight.
  11. Maybe similar to kestrel which had a v sulzer engine? Of note is that the engines rotated clockwise as opposed to anti clockwise for a standard 47. Also D1702 was converted to class 47 spec using the remains of D1908 which also helped 47114 to survive so long as it was converted to series parallel specification. It appeared the sulzer 12LVA24 was prone to crankshaft damage.
  12. I have emailed with an expression of interest. It will fit in nicely with some of my other locos. of note the locos were fitted with the engines from new 1965/66 until 1702 12/69 1703 11/70 1704 06/71 1705. 05/71 1706 11/70 after which the unique roof arrangement dissapeared.
  13. That’s what it was like when I bunked westbury . It had a westbury horse painted above the number
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