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  1. The cab door handle should not have a raised edge on the recess. Agree about the cowling
  2. Thank you all, I think I will invest in some tools, I quite enjoy doing detailing and the frustration of not getting it right would appear to be down to what I haven’t got
  3. Thanks all for your help. Lots of ideas, I think some miniature pliers will be order.
  4. Lovely thanks, I will be going and finding out what wire I have !
  5. Hi, can anyone share the secrets of doing this. I have handrail wire and have attempted to do handrails before but.. they never seem to look convincing. I cant get the gentle curve I want. I seem to get too much of a right angle bend. Any advice??? thanks
  6. Could be an interesting variation for you?
  7. 90046 ran without the big body side decals for a while after repaint, Then it was involved in a depot collision with a 66 and lost them again
  8. 86637 has the older cab doors with no lower handle. 86622 has the newer style with lower handle on. Apart from that there isn't really any difference.
  9. It's above my self imposed limit of £150.00. Hopefully Bachmann will be able to keep below that. Or it's the second hand market for me. It does however give me a rough idea of the class 48 price that model rail will pitch their Ltd edition price at.
  10. Aldeburgh festival for Heljan again. Maybe a tie in with the owners group?
  11. There will be a lathe. The covered accommodation for the locos has externally been completed, the wagon and lathe building is a skeleton at the moment. At the rate we get through fuel, that tanker is going to be busy.
  12. 47053 style rebuilt cab with opaque marker lights with black grommets 47825 with twin headlights DRS extra multi socket
  13. Thanks Ben that's great to hear. The 86s of the era have a lot of differences with tdm cables headlights fitted/not fitted, blanking plates etc you are to be congratulated for taking on the challenge!!!
  14. Doesn’t need the works plate on the cab side either. The sandbox cover isn’t quite right. But this is only an ep so I imagine some tweaks will be done as it moves forward
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