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  1. With permission from the admin. I will mention that if anyone has had any dealings with a Paige Cunliffe through either twitter instagram or other social media sites, to let me know. I could not in all conscience recommend any detailing/painting/dcc services offered, however much you may be tempted by price and quality.
  2. Yes I apologise for any misleading information. I would like to point out that the loco was painted by lees locos and was safely delivered to me by Lee. The point I was trying to get across is that this is a unique piece of work that would be instantly recocgnizable as a high quality respray and would stand out like a sore thumb on ebay or other selling outlets and I would be grateful if people could keep their eyes open should it surface at some point
  3. Hi, I have had to post this as missing possibly stolen along with some other locos but this one in particular stands out. This was done by Lees Locos as a 50th Birthday present for me and it was part of a batch of locos that were supposed to be having sound fitted to them by another party which have not been returned to me. Without getting into any details as I cannot name names yet. If anyone is offered this loco a Heljan conversion please let me know as it will have been sold Without my permission and I am keen to see it returned to me.
  4. It would be handy. I am looking at adapting a Dapol/mainline one as a temporary measure at the moment
  5. Thanks guys as always there is a good couple of suggestions. Lets try dipping the old buffer beam units first. I actually rather like the etched brass kit
  6. Thanks. Funnily enough I have been offered some stripey buffers but not the bufferbeams !!
  7. I have been given a class 66 that someone else has messed up and doesn't want. I have tried to get the bufferbeams I need from Hattons and they refuse to sell them to me because I personally didnt buy it from them. Is there any other avenue I can explore or is it basically just a parts loco now?
  8. I do have a BR blue body but it's the plain blue D6524 body
  9. Hi, Thanks but the Dapol is different. The Hornby super detail one is literally the seats and desk with contacts for the lights
  10. I am in need of a cab interior for a super detailed Hornby 56. I lent this loco to someone and eventually got it back and have noticed its missing the seats and console at one end. Can anyone help
  11. Hi Russ , thanks all the best to you. Thanks for the reply, I have studied some pictures that suggest that for the colours but I wasn't sure if the white was a white or yellow. The multiple working sockets looked white in one picture and were missing in another picture so I assume they were removed Thanks Paul
  12. Does anyone know the colours of the pipes on the d600 warships? I would like to fit my detail pack but it would easier to paint the ends first. I can't seem to find a decent picture
  13. I will keep my Hornby ones, but if I buy new will go for the cavalex ones. The omission of the lifting point covers on the Hornby one annoy me. It is fixable but saves me having to do it
  14. Fortunately we are In a good position with some models. You can have for.. £200 a nice new retooled 47 £150 a nice older Bachmann model £100ish an older Heljan model or Vitrains model £70 a Hornby/Lima railroad model £40 or less the older Lima or Hornby model. Something 47 shaped for all people's budget. I will resist the temptation to comment on YouTube videos however I do think that putting locos in the deep freeze then seeing if they run after to be bizzare
  15. The boiler port will allow you to do several eastfield and haymarket locos. 47001/02 were HA in 1981 and 47012/013 were HA in 1981 47015 was ED in1978 all are close to 47012 in build details
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