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  1. Arthur Thankyou for your kind words. I have to say I would really recommend the N10 as a great starter kit for a beginner like me so if anyone out there fancies one - message Arthur. If not I'll have another one! I'm assuming COVID has caused all sorts of issues, but dare I ask is there any further news on the J25?? Joe
  2. A total contrast to the lovely Tennant above, I have recently finished one of Arthur's N10 kits. It's my first loco kit and went together really well, and I learnt a lot in the process. It is a depiction of 69101, based latterly at Bowes Bridge and withdrawn in April 62. It is in EM gauge and I've used Arthur's compensation as provided for in the kit. It has a High Level gear box and one of Chris' lovely coreless motors. It will spend its life shunting rakes of mineral wagons into the yard at Stella Gill. (Sorry about all the junk in the background - I don't know how to edit it out!).
  3. I think it was 1908, but I wouldn't like to swear by it. When I was a signalman at Goathland in the 1990s an old guy called George (Grayson?) who lived in the old mill at the north end of the station used to come in for a chat and he could remember the bridge being replaced when he was a child. Originally bridge 27 only had the Up and Down Main on it, the depot siding was accessed via a very tight radius turnout off the Up line which came off the north (Grosmont) side of the bridge and went through a diamond crossing in the down (not a single slip as later) and onto its current formation. W
  4. Martin has updated our blog with some more of Tony Lambert's stunning photos. And there's a little reminder that we'll be exhibiting the layout at Expo EM North this weekend (7th & 8th September)!
  5. Looks like we've made the cover of the ExpoEM Autumn publicity leaflet! https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/140952-expoem-autumn-2019/&tab=comments#comment-3516004 Joe
  6. Looking good Richard. I've managed to get away with the Loadhauler+ on the N10 after some advice from Chris G. If you're putting the motor in the firebox you'll be better off with your choice of gearbox given the tight space. I had to file the axleboxes / hornblocks to fit the gearbox in but the axle now has enough room to rock from side to side etc. The only issue I have is that at certain angles the gearbox catches on the hornguides, but that is not a problem for my eventual gearbox / motor position. Good luck with the inside motion! Joe
  7. Our blog http://southpelawem.blogspot.com/ has been updated with some recent pictures, again by Martin. Joe
  8. Some great pictures on here Trevor, I'm looking forward to seeing more! The Q6 picture going up the bank in the last set is definitely at Esk Valley - the last 2 coaches are on Esk Valley Viaduct and you can see Oak Tree House and Esk Valley Bank in the background. Joe
  9. I couldn't resist the Cartman t-shirt with 'respect my authority' on it! We had a great weekend, although we are still learning and improving so I hope it was worth watching. Johndon has now passed out as a signalman which is great for me because it means I can be let loose driving trains! A gent came to see the layout who had been a booking lad in South Pelaw signalbox and he said that at the end of his shift he often went home with his sandwiches untouched because it had been so busy. We probably only capture a fraction of that but even so it was good to be relieved by John and sent f
  10. It was great to finally see Low Baring in the flesh at Goathland show today, congratulations to Paul on such a lovely layout. The Goathland show is a cracking exhibition - thanks to all at Whitby MRC (including Boris and various others of this parish!). I think everybody was wilting in the heat a bit today - we certainly had to repair to the hostelry at Beck Hole afterwards to cool down! Joe
  11. South Pelaw is now dismantled, stacked and ready to go! Do come and see us next weekend at Railex North East, John Spence Community High School, Preston Rd, North Shields, Tyne & Wear NE29 9PU. http://www.railexne.com/ Joe
  12. Don't worry John, you won't be the only exhibition first-timer. I'll be having hours of fun in chaos central i.e. South Pelaw signalbox! Joe
  13. One of our group (Richard Clayton) has started his own RMweb blog, focussing on his work on locos and rolling stock ready for our first exhibition. See http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/blog/2318-gadgies-blog/
  14. Martin has updated our blog with a post on signals and signalling, working signals being a major feature of the layout as South Pelaw and Stella Gill had a veritable forest of the things. See our blog here. Here's a picture of one of the last signals under construction (South Pelaw no. 15, Up Main starter towards Consett, with Pelton's Up Distant slotted with it on the same (slotted!) post. Joe
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