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  1. Screwdriver set. Good for getting into locos. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08CV15T5B/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_IGbMFb0TK9KAW £4
  2. But it has been said already: converting EOI into sales is another matter. They could find that 50% of the EOI disappear, or could find that sales outstrip what's available by hundreds of units. Someone could fill in the EOI today then lose their job by the end of the month. Or someone could get a big promotion and want all the liveries. At the end of the day it's a risk for any seller. But they've chosen their manufacturer well, which I have no doubt (it's already been said) will be of such a high quality that it's likely to please everyone who would seriously want to buy it.
  3. And this is what it really boils down to. I've ruined a fair few (although less than 5) locos by trying to "improve" them so it's a big risk for me personally. Some people may say "it's just modelling" but it's also worth remembering that some people are not confident and others don't particularly want to model in the same way as they do. But overall, some really good thoughts here. Turns out the problem with the coaches derailing round the curves was actually because the pickups were slightly too long to caught underneath, stopping the bogie
  4. It's a bit of a shame some are asking for "expressions of interest" instead of just getting on and making it. I guess from Rails' point of view though, demand for their Terrier may be lower due to Hornby releasing theirs first and not particularly being a large manufacturer, plus the Dave Jones debacle - not that great of a mix. But I'd say it's fairly obvious it will be popular. I wonder of the expression of interest was more to see what livery people wanted more (although with just four - all available at launch?), rather than a go/no go. Shows intention, while "fi
  5. If you're using Windows, search for the Snipping Tool (if Win 10, just type it into the search box on the START bar). You can take a quick partial screenshot that way. Save to desktop, then upload here FYI: Microsoft said they'd be retiring the snipping tool in favour of something bigger and "better" - still works at the moment though.
  6. Yeah - another downside is not knowing whether it's off or on. Haven't had too many instances where I need to know but I can see as sound functions get greater and greater, I could do with knowing.
  7. Not in Leicester They all use the same building. Just because you don't personally use bus stations, doesn't mean they don't exist. Each stand just has an ID - A1, B2, C3... granted, called Stands, but they are areas within the "Bus Station". Where would you instruct a taxi driver if you wanted to get to that building though?
  8. What do you call the starting terminals of buses, usually found in City Centres or where you can catch National Express buses from? Something like this: Although if you catch a bus from a "bus stop" then surely "train station" should be acceptable too as you go there to catch a train. You don't go to a railway station to catch a railway :P
  9. And anyone that truly cares deserves a thousand years in pedant prison Not sure if it's an Americanism as you go to the "bus station" to catch a bus for example. One photo of the inside makes it a bit boring to look at. However, the first comment makes it worth scrolling to the bottom for!
  10. If you have problems, get one. No problems? Don't get one.
  11. Check out the Prodigy Advance 2 by Gaugemaster too. The reason I chose this above the NCE Powercab is that the NCE isn't as powerful (although I understand you can buy a booster?). I was thinking "for the future". The only thing that is a little clunky is the F numbers. But I have seen most are similar - having to click multiple buttons to select the later F numbers. The only one I have seen that does this with any sort of grace is the ECoS but even that isn't ideal. I haven't done much research into it though. Search online for threads - put something like "what c
  12. Yep, of course. But I'd be surprised if they haven't made enough money to think about another run. Maybe it was even planned anyway? We'll never know that. Selling the product cheaper may be a stroke of genius as it's opened the door for many others. The question I really should be answering is whether, considering I am a DMU / passenger person really, should I actually consider the Hornby 66 instead. I can pimp it with the Legomanbiffo sounds I should think, so it'll just be the body that looks a little more basic.
  13. I went through three of them before giving up. Less than some but I wasn't that desperate for one. Problems consisted of: motor pulsing on two struggling round a 4th radius curve with one and wobbling with all, severely on one.
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