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  1. It's being pushed down by the decorative coupling the loco, but it may be too low anyway. I think the first thing is perhaps to get that fake one off first and then see where I am with the Kadee - thanks
  2. Before Christmas delivery? Might go ahead and order one before I change my mind Great news Hattons!
  3. Seems they're banking on the 180s taking over the HSTs, the 360s releasing a few Meridians to bolster the fleet further, meaning all HSTs will be out by 2020. Put that together with the small fleet of 156s from Scotrail replacing the 153s, which will eventually be replaced by 170s... lots of temporary trains indeed! Will make for a lot of interesting photos as none of them will have EMT or EMR liveries!
  4. This is a Kadee #20. I think it's going to have to be a careful pliers job. It's possibly been made worse by the coupling hook being glued a little more so a bit hanging down is permanently in that position. If it was loose, it may have been okay.
  5. Not the coupler, but the little hook above it.
  6. I meant long coach I suppose. I felt if I didn't put it, someone may have thought about a short 6 wheel coach.
  7. Me again :/ Can anyone confirm if the rear pretend coupling hook on the tender is removable? I think someone has glued mine in so now even a #20 Kadee won't fit. Might have to so some careful pulling / snapping
  8. Can someone tell me more about the coaches that have 6-wheel bogies? Sort of like a MK3 coach but 6-wheel bogies on each end. What were they used for? Why were they not adopted for normal use? I don't know the official name
  9. I didn't realise there was any other makers of Live Steam, apart from Hornby. I thought in the beginning, people said Sound wouldn't catch on, but lo and behold it's now more popular than ever. In this same vein, I wondered about live steam options, and a potential for diesel I suppose too. I guess it's been answered with a combination of it needing specialised track / controllers (didn't know that either!), and Hornby suggesting the financial crash helped erode it away. I suppose this leads on to whether it'll be revisited again as it seems to be a next step for model railways. Some good thoughts and insights to this topic in this thread, some not so good.
  10. Yep, still is able to go round the corners. The washer was on the other side of it, which then made it hang lower than the gauging tool suggested it should. I guess if it works...
  11. Here's my CMX cleaner. Is the box actually required?
  12. Why didn't live steam really take off? I thought this would have been more popular than sound.
  13. Need to sell some other models to fund this. And as ebay has a £1 max selling this weekend, now's the perfect time!
  14. Never before have I appreciated how difficult decisions must be made. Months ago, just after release, I was dead keen to get this loco. I even sold another to put the funds towards it! But during the wait for the black liveries, I got more and more disinterested and now it's become a missed sale. I guess the other problem would be releasing them all together means someone may buy their favourite one first, then not bother with the rest. Hard choice. Still admire it when I see it in videos though.
  15. I am using the wrong type of coupler I think. I have something that looks like this: But no box or anything. It's just what came with the cleaner - didn't think that it should have a mounting box... Hmm. I'll take a photo after work and edit it into this post.
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