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  1. I guess it also depends on what's meant by "made in the same factory" - define "made". Where does the factory get their screws and boards from? Different suppliers? Are they simply the "assemblers" or do they have their own stock of screws, boards and switches?
  2. There's also this thread but I think the Magnem couplings didn't really take off / not marketed as much as Hunt counplings:
  3. I know this is a bit old but wanted to record that I too recommend Scograil - always had great service from them.
  4. Maybe this high priced pacer person is doing the whole: price it stupidly high give what looks like a huge discount snapped up by a buyer seller gets a price more towards what they wanted buyer thinks they got a fantastic deal If the seller prices it at what they want, they'll get offers much lower. But then why not just price it £20 higher than what you want?
  5. Shame really as it could have closely followed a really old TV series narrated by John Peel called Classic Trains. That was a really great series, each episode dedicated to a specific train / industry. I thought this would be similar but it's a bit humble jumbled.
  6. What coaches / control cars are these? They look pretty nice.
  7. I've asked where they plucked that price from...
  8. Although if anyone wants some official BM1 modules, I think I have two in the draw doing nothing. Happy to pass them on.
  9. Tempted to ask if he has any boxes for 5 rail use...
  10. The difference is how YouTube allows people to generate income through the ads. I thought it used to be subscriber numbers but then they changed it to views per video (I may have that wrong)? Because I suspect a third of the subscribers will never watch a video of his again (like many subscribers) and people subscribe to anything. I have a channel with about 6 videos on it, three of which were showing the Hattons 66 wobble. I have about 10 subscribers. My channel is trash, why on earth anyone would subscribe is beyond me. But then I am still un-easy at things like patrons and such where people are effectively paying someone (and companies "donating" items) to review or use (or in the case of companies, advertise) something. Build a channel of thousands of subscribers (example above how easy it is to get them) and get sent free stuff - effectively having a model railway and someone else paying for it - yes please! It's quite a new business model really - I can see why there's a current demise in billboard advertising on buses. Old hat. As for the 47, I'm still bored by it as it holds absolutely no interest for me. But if it helps Bachmann get up to date, maybe they'll employ the same features in something I would be interested in.
  11. Time to strike while the iron is hot, eh Accurascale?
  12. And yet in 50+ items with Hermes, I have only had one where the courier couldn't find the address, which was a weird flat in central London. But I'm fairly sure the last mile courier has a lot of influence over whether the parcel gets delivered or not.
  13. There's also another aspect to this, which is whether you want to spend as much money on something. I'd like to complete my Bachmann S-Stock but no way am I paying £60+ for a coach. I could afford it but don't want to. I'd like to buy a replica Thomas the Tank Engine prop but at £1200, it's not worth that much to me. Even though I could afford it. Perhaps I'm still in the mind of value for money overriding having the product.
  14. Can anyone show any examples of people using static grass in combination with flock? I may have got the term flock wrong - I'm meaning the green sawdust stuff basically. Close up, I'm guessing the green sawdust doesn't look amazing but from a bit further back, is it okay? Cheers!
  15. It's easier when you don't have multiple of the same unit But then for my HST, I have "125" as one and "1252" as the other - don't ask which one is which! Others are usually named as the first number. My 4MT is "8002". I plan to get the new 170 in Cross Country when it comes out. My current 170 is named as that, so the new one will probably just add the following number on, if the unit is 170101, then it'll be 1701. 170398? 1703 will be it's address. But as I say, I don't have any dupes apart from an HST set.
  16. Not all warehouses work the same though. I've worked in two that had completely different picking techniques. But what we're saying is that if Hatton's isn't actually picking Item 1 from the box of Item 1's and putting it in a "trunk" elsewhere, then their system is rubbish because it could be picked and sold to someone else? Even though you've already paid for it? I wouldn't think that's a good idea. If they move Item 1 to another area of the warehouse in a "trunk", then surely it's sold stock simply being stored in the warehouse. Does this need to be audited? Surely the system will know what's been trunked and what hasn't? Although all this is just guess work unless @Hattons Dave decides to tell us how it works a bit more. I'm not sure I understand the point in the whole system if you can buy something (meaning Hattons get your money in their bank NOW) but when you ask for it to be shipped a little later (which isn't unusual with things like sofas - being able to delay delivery by a year or more), then they say it's no longer available? If the trunk system isn't reliable, is there much point?
  17. Also, for future use there's this website to check if the website is "down for everyone or just me": isup.me
  18. This came up recently. I think I fitted mine down the side when putting the body back on but can't be entirely sure. They changed the location of the blanking plug but didn't update the instructions on my version.
  19. Sorry to bump this but I posted something similar a while ago. Surprisingly, there isn't anything currently available so building your own seems the way to go.
  20. I thought the "trunk" was a completely separate area of shelves so surely this wouldn't be counted as any stock take as everything there is sold? https://www.hattons.co.uk/newsdetail.aspx?id=777 That's what I gathered from the picture. Although perhaps the picture is just of their warehouse and that's how they store items, which I'd say is a little mis-leading.
  21. From: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/166210-Bachmann-announce-new-class-47/&do=findComment&comment=4553467 Interesting thought here. With the advent of technology, especially with the plug in and play of DCC, has the modelling aspect of model railways gone? Yes, there's still trees to plant or stations to build but there's a lot more choice of ready made buildings now. Space in homes is also a consideration and with model railways becoming an ever decreasing hobby, has is now just become a collectible market instead of a "build and create" market? Or are there different levels of the hobby (like any other?). You get those who ride push bikes around their county yet others who rarely ride but restore bikes from by gone years. Are both hobbyists? Is model railways a hobby or a luxury? The obvious answer is a bit of both, and while it doesn't have to be, for many it is an expensive one (although is there a cheap one these days?). For the purposes of the thread, modelling would be customising or creating something physical in some way... examples include creating a tree from scratch or weathering a loco, but may also include creating a scene with a pre-modelled tree. Essentially, plonking down a pre-fab building and a few platforms isn't really modelling per se but adding details or enhancing that prefab in some way could be classed as modelling. Difficult to quantify.
  22. Sorry, just bumping this again - without a regular boring editor, how can I quote a post from one thread in a new thread?
  23. Maybe it was just a lot of rumour but: Reports say that it's "officially paused". However struggling to find an official source. As for the 47's, I'm not that surprised. Looking at the standard of models, time to re-tool a definitive version I guess. Just a shame that it's re-tooling of an already released version instead of producing something new.
  24. Understandable but save money each month anyway? I am completely against announcing stuff and then waiting for years. Yes, the 158 probably had other delays but they've still only released two liveries. The 170 - announced but then cancelled. Bachmann's model of announcing when they're practically ready means the wait is considerably less. Plus, you'll still have a few months to save - even up to a year before they all start disappearing.
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