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  1. I've said similar to people before. When someone is mouthing off to me about how much they've paid, I've told them exactly how much per journey it is. Much cheaper than many other tickets. You pay up front and get it cheaper - that's the deal, like many other deals (line rental is a good example). But to shout at someone because a train is delayed / cancelled isn't on. The time of "customer is right" and customer shouldn't be spoken to like crap is well over - it should have never begun. At the end of the day, rail travel is a choice. Many people don't see it as one, but nobody is forcing them to use the railway - so it's a choice. You could choose to get another (closer) job. Choose to get a taxi, travel by car, motor bike... but most people see the railway as their only choice. Some choices are more drastic than others, but it is still a choice - most decide taking the train is simply less hassle, even when it's very hassle full.
  2. Perhaps they should learn not to demand and most certainly don't deserve trains to run... Rail travel isn't a right, it's a privilege. Branson wasn't involved with the running of the TOC. He was there when any marketing needed him but he's more interested in space travel now. But he's realised what he needs to do to make money. Take a failing company, show the Virgin brand on it and sell it on at a later date. I think perhaps the Airline and Records are the only two "originals" he actively works with now - all others are just the Virgin brand. And no - Virgin Trains staff can't "call him up" and ask him to sort problems I'm not sorry to see Virgin go to be honest. Underneath, still just a TOC. But I would commend them on their friendliness (for example, all Peno trains had meals in FC, EMT - only selected trains, GWR yes to meals but pay extra). But then perhaps a lot of that was inherited from British Rail (West Coast)? It'll be interesting to see how many people still call Cross Country, Virgin Trains.
  3. Depends what you ordered. If you ordered a product with the code H4-66-001 - H4-66-031, then it'll be here January. If you ordered a product with the code H4-66-032 - H4-66-037, then it'll be here February/March.
  4. Anything modern. Class 175, 180, 185, 195, 222 - I'm a diesel person but would certainly buy a 332/333 if it was around. I also am interested as you said until you'd got a lot of CAD work ready, you didn't announce anything. I appreciate that as I'm not a fan of companies that come out with a drawing only. Need something more juicy in this day and age.
  5. I do wish people wouldn't draw comparisons between the Hatton's 66 and Hornby 66. That's like comparing Bentley and Ford. All in all, sad that Cavalex have decided to withdraw. I'd like to think it was all a rouse to get Hornby to update theirs...
  6. Maybe worth a new topic for this. However, I think Bachmann are changing all of theirs to Plux22 as the low level drive design seen on the S-Stock and now the 158 seems to be their new standard. Just a shame other companies don't get in on the same action - Pride is the word that springs to mind here. Much the same why Apple are so obsessed with using their own lightning charge solution, instead of just fitting in with the USB-C standard. So much so, they included an adaptor with new phones so the phone still had lightning charge ports but the cable was USB-C. All because of their pride to be unique.
  7. I understand ya, don't worry! While mega bass, earth movers, this and that are all great - they're still not particularly like the real thing. Tiny speakers by their very nature will produce tinny sound. Some are much better than others. I wonder if long multiple units are also a problem. Take the Voyager - I guess without wiring through, you'd need at least 3 sound decoders with speakers to get engines spread throughout the train? That means cost will be tripled.
  8. I wonder if part of this is the recent "I will not have a job but live off YouTube money" thing people seem to have. For me, I wouldn't give up my full time job unless I was doing something that started as a hobby, that could pay more for a very long, sustainable amount of time. But then perhaps it is what you make it. Another question - people who are programming chips... is it work, or just a hobby? I am pretty on it with databases and sorting out / tagging mp3 files properly (ensuring all have their proper album art). It's not work, but rather a slightly less enjoyable hobby. I see a lot of that same thing in YouTube "creators" - you can hardly call making and uploading YouTube videos "work" in the same sense as a normal 9-5 call centre job. But I do value sound creators and if they're making a living out of it - good on them! Wish I'd have got into it before, and then maybe I could have a more enjoyable job, that's really just a hobby!
  9. But in my situation, it does. My earlier post stated [pushing a series of buttons on a handset] is one way to do it, not the only way. But perhaps the most obvious, without looking at larger other systems like PC control, mimic panels or using extra decoders. Especially because the other posts around that time were talking about the numbers of key presses on certain systems to throw a set of points. I simply gave my view as a PA2 user why I went for analogue switches rather than DCC. Admittedly, I haven't looked at anything else because on my layout, what I have works fine, and is the simplest, lowest cost, just works. And considering the title of the thread, something simple is worth exploring when a non-tech person is starting out with DCC.
  10. Hmm. I'll have a look. The ones that have tension locks seem to be at an okay height. They have a little bendy T shape on the underneath to press into the wagon. I wonder if I can make use of some Kadee #146's that I thought I didn't need, that could result in the correct height. Time for experimentation I think - shall report back.
  11. But according to some people, having to touch up is part of "modelling" and so complaints aren't valid in their eyes...
  12. No need to make the guy feel like a complete tool though. There's a couple of people in Facebook groups that are attempting a Meridian but so far, not seen anything. The only thing I have seen (may have been on here) is someone relivering a Voyager to East Mids livery to look like a Meridian.
  13. Here's a photo of the area. Realised the platforms are actually a little way from the corner so may have to rethink the initial idea!
  14. I have purchased some Bachmann HTA wagons. I'm a little confused as twice some have managed to derail. Not sure if it's the length as I have a cantered S bend, which some stock struggles with. Were these originally supplied with Kadee fittings? The ones on mine seem a little... plastic but more importantly, at the wrong height by quite a bit. So much so, none of my stock can pull them currently. I've attached a photo with the height guide. Cheers!
  15. Have decided my station needs a station building. The platforms are against a wall but there's space in the corner to build a station building, which would dou le as an overbridge to each platform. What do I start using to build? Card, I'm guessing? Will post a photo later.
  16. Not too sure what your reply was about I simply stated what I used against what I could have to do, if I didn't want to go all out and have computer controlled or a mimic panel or whatever other gizmos just to change points. Using switches means I don't need to bother using accessory decoders. A Prodigy Advance 2 I don't have a mimic panel or screen or this or that for my layout. Just a bit of wood with some switches sticking out of it
  17. They wouldn't even bother, full stop. Customer data is far more valuable. Over and out!
  18. I think it was solved way before page 10 but conversations continue. Said before in this topic, but I use good old fashioned toggle switches for my points. Having to press a button on the controller, type in the correct accessory number, then operate it, then press the loco button again all seemed too much effort. Charlie on Chadwick Model Railway has a lot of automation set up with his points that sets whole routes for trains. My layout isn't big enough for that.
  19. I do understand, but the amount of bits that have fallen off other locos, I hate doing anything to them now.
  20. One of the latest modern locos on our network and yet manufacturers don't see modern image as something to invest in? Aren't the GWR 800s hard to find now too? And the S-Stock?
  21. If I'm spending £265, I don't want to be supergluing anything. If something's wrong and I've gone and glued something, surely Warranty is a little put out?
  22. If I wanted a short-ish (half an hour?) trip on one starting in London, what's the best time / place to go? Cost is no matter - it's free for me.
  23. While true, it's also highly unlikely. Are they doing it now? No. Thieves are after cash machines or cars. The days of people robbing TVs and Playstations are quite over. It's all about conmen (the Hatton Garden Heist) or simply going after the cash (in my area there was a spate of cash machines being targeted using diggers from particular supermarkets). There's so much more to worry about these days, if you're that way inclined. If you're worried, I recommend LastPass. Used by millions, makes having long and unique passwords easy. Worried someone may get the master password? I wouldn't be. The company would be over forever if it was easy to break. More fun is to use something like http://howsecureismypassword.net to check how secure passwords are. Someone suggested typing their password in to a random website is a risk. It isn't. The website is dumb and can't read your files to know what websites you go on, and then what... some sort of brute force attack to test which website your password was for? For what? To post on RM Web as you? Ha ha. Even more scary is the amount of data companies pass (sell) on without our knowledge. For example my TV showed me an advert, which said was available at my local Tesco - naming... on the screen, the town where I live. Perhaps ITV / C4 / BBC / Virgin Media passed on the fact I was located in this area. I didn't consent to that. But I did, when I signed up. Did I read all the terms? Did I hell! Nobody does. And yet when I started a petition on the Commons website to create a law that stops companies selling or gifting customer details to any other company (even group companies), it got less than 10 signatures. Ergo - people don't care anymore.
  24. I didn't delete anything... But hey - continue to make your own assumptions. I won't be returning to this thread - you've clearly suggested as I don't post layout topics or whatever you expect, then I'm not welcome. Thanks mate!
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