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  1. I model them as I remember them....... at £200+ I remember them in pristine condition
  2. I would like to change the headlights in my new 33 to a cool white bulb rather than the warm yellow it has.... cool bulb I have does not work, is there a certain voltage or something I need, obviously a small bulb!! Thank in advance, I'm not to good on electric stuff
  3. Let's hope the blood vessel is not in an important place...... I do like it when reviewers have no idea
  4. Look on the bright side....... the blue one shouldn't have rivits around the window
  5. Yeh I've pre ordered some 435s to and some transfers to renumber some of them
  6. Will 47435 be a new tooled one now that was originally going to be an old tool one ?
  7. After all this time it will be the perfect loco, run superbly, colours correct and lights wont light up while running the other way........... we can only hope
  8. The very first run had issues. Mine were fine. Newer ones are fine
  9. It mite be new mold... mite be old, roof just looks flat in the pic.
  10. Looks like the old molding to me too
  11. Because included in the price was the postage cost.... which I had not received yet so cant post it without money to pay post office. Like others have said I'll just change my posting times to 5 days from 3...
  12. I've not sold anything for months, until today, item sold and told by Ebay .... Paid and to post now but moneys not in any account nor PayPal....... like hell am I posting it yet.
  13. Nice model the a pity main headlight is a yellow bulb or a very warm white........ will replace it with a cool white buld some day
  14. 37183, 19 June 76 leaves Dicot on the up line
  15. Looks better on hattons..... rails are pics supplied by Heljan, which isn't great that they would supply pics like that
  16. It does look a mess, looks as the cantrail line only went as far as grill and then a blind a finished it off
  17. Good ..... I want to renumber it so that helps
  18. Will 56046 in construction have its front grill on upside down?
  19. I would rather someone else did a 50..... but an unnamed with arrows in middle, Laira blue 50019 or a refurb with headlights in blue would be nice.
  20. The first bridge going from Didcot towards Reading has had many a pic taken from it.
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