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  1. Phil and I should be there for the first half of the day looking at what it takes to set up a miniature railway for the day. Members will be able to take a ride too on the There and Back Light Railway It'll be a chance to get a good close up look at what makes a little steamer work. You may get to recognise the owner/operator from some of our recent Bachmann videos.
  2. It felt like the headmaster walking into the dormitory to the sound of inappropriate magazines being hastily stowed out of sight. One knows these things go on but it's best not to look too closely.
  3. I see no ships. Should have left him suspended up that zip wire for immortality years ago.
  4. It's when someone has edited a blog or gallery entry. If it happens to be at the bottom of a page on VNC it can cause problems with subsequent entries. The problem clears when it's no longer at the bottom of the page.
  5. Please stop using RMweb as a vehicle for stupid behaviour. You can go back on the moderation queue.
  6. Ok, I'll need to get on the office, again, tomorrow.
  7. I thought that had been fixed, can you try a refreshed version of the page please?
  8. Saves me having to get the mop and Jeyes fluid out.
  9. The rational explanation for this is that the bits pinged off at 88 mph. You need to set your on board computer to know when you'll find them.
  10. Definitely not, that fact was freely offered to me to minimise the risk of over-excitement. And no OO either.
  11. Phil and I are out and about a lot in normal times (we'll be at the Bachmann event on Sunday doing some filming) and happy to chat if you see us.* * Except if you've got yourself on the naughty step here, then we just ignore you.
  12. Location: Quorn & Woodhouse Station, Woodhouse Road, Quorn, Leicestershire, LE12 8AG Date: Sunday 26th September 2021 Time: 1030 – 1600 With our inaugural Bachmann Collectors Club exclusive event – the Practically Perfect Sale 2021 – just days away, the team here at Bachmann are all looking forward to seeing members old and new for the first time in many months! Whether you’re a Club member finalising plans for your visit on Sunday, or you’re not yet a member but want to know a little more about the event, we’ve put together the following summary to help you make the most of your day out. Entrance to the Event: Entrance to the Sale is limited to Bachmann Collectors Club members only. In order to gain entry to the Sale, a valid Bachmann Collectors Club membership card must be shown. If you are unable to show your membership card, please visit the Club stand (accessible via the venue entrance adjacent to Quorn Station) where your details will be verified, and a wristband issued to allow access via the Sale entrance. The Club stand will also be open for non-members wishing to join the Club in order to access the Sale, or for those members needing to renew their membership. The Club will be bringing along supplies of the new DRS Mk2F Coaches and Pride of Britain Train Packs for you to purchase on the day too. How much is it to attend? The event is free and no booking is required, simply turn up on the day and present your membership card to gain entry. Non-members and those whose membership has expired can also join/renew on the day and enjoy instant access to the Sale, plus the other attractions available on the day. In order to provide a safe and pleasant environment for all Club members, numbers inside the venue may be limited at busy times and so please be prepared to queue before entering the Sale. Free parking is available in Quorn yard
  13. I've been to take a look at your posts in there and can't see any reason for any automated or manual intervention. I've not encountered an issue like that unless we have actually barred someone from a topic.
  14. Can you try a RMweb cookie and history clearout please? It's not a system issue as, using your login, I was able to access https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/forum/178-dcc-help-questions/ from this end.
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