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  1. I have had a chat with Carly today whilst setting up for Peterborough show and she says she needs to investigate further on Monday but we will resolve this.
  2. We'll get back to you as soon as possible on this @brmmarketing but it may be necessary to hold fire as we're all at Peterborough tomorrow and over the weekend.
  3. A cheap MP3 player and speakers will give more storage and volume.
  4. No specific date, there's a ship on the route used each week so it depends when a container is ready to be sent rather than infrequent sailings.
  5. Just a different way of doing it; do post photos.
  6. AY Mod

    Bachmann Items

    You have, plenty has been said/posted etc.
  7. There's now a scheduled restart of the Apache httpd service in the early morning each day to reduce the risk of hanging.
  8. I've just looked and the link is still live at the moment.
  9. Browser-based page 'images' which be downloaded and saved as pdf pages or spreads.
  10. In each of these cases can you drop Carly an email at [email protected] tomorrow please?
  11. They could have just missed that bit out, they did with virtually everything else. However, if the South Devon got a few quid it could be considered a high point.
  12. Dear Johnny Foreigner, Are you still using a UK-Eng keyboard? Is it worth trying a different device?
  13. There are a lot of 1/10 reviews on IMDb including this pearl.
  14. I'd say yes just in case it's today's date rather than 24 hours from this morning. Give subs a call on 01778 392002 and they can sort that.
  15. I'd allow 24-48 hours, if you haven't got it by the end of Wednesday let me know and I'll chase.
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