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  1. That's it in a nutshell. The models have been produced (I can see the date in the box when they were packaged) and have been shipped. I know they're on the way but there's a combination of longer journeys, ships leapfrogging each other in journeys (as they may be stopping off at additional interim points due to changed schedules) and then end up in a different final port than intended with further onward shipment. Importers are constantly getting revised dates on shipments. Then they probably all arrive around the same time and need processing and checking before onward fulfilment of orders. The whole process is a minefield at the moment and all anyone wants to do is get the models into the hands of customers just as much as the customers want to see them. Hopefully everyone can just take a breath and accept they'll be with everyone as soon as they can be.
  2. He held the name back so as to minimise people running round with torches and pitchforks whilst suggesting caution. The whole thing could have been avoided if the trader had replied within a reasonable time.
  3. Or purchased on the open market to add sound and sell as a completed item with their margin derived from the additional product/work.
  4. Have you read what's been said and what's coming?
  5. I think you're a thousand miles from knowing what you want. Spend some time looking what others have achieved and pick some elements you like; they've all learned what works and what doesn't. Look at Harlequin's plans on here and/or buy a digital book of plans e.g. https://pocketmags.com/british-railway-modelling-magazine/the-brm-guide-to-trackplans-and-layout-design
  6. Love the title Giles! I'm sure this will be the 'must have' work for anyone at least curious about RC potential and very useful for anyone wanting to have a go.
  7. It's an ongoing problem I'm trying to get to the bottom of. It only affects some users and I've not been able to reproduce it at this end.
  8. Keep your eyes open for an interview in our Virtual Show next weekend which may give further clues for consideration.
  9. Noted. Tread carefully then.
  10. Were you asked to login here https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/account/login?ref=%2Fmy-account%2Fmy-membership%2F Ian? That should then tie everything together so you get the additional items here.
  11. It's the same 'grey' as seen on their Mk2f, not seen any grumbles about that. I discussed this with David Haarhaus yesterday. He explains more in the video which will be in our virtual show on 4/5 December.
  12. And they only get more expensive thereafter!
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