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  1. In reality you will not see that with your eyes, especially in normal usage. Edwardian is correct in that it has to give a representation and for normal viewing it does just that. I have discussed the lining and crest at some length with the commissioning parties with my thoughts. It could have been better but I only know of one manufacturer that can demonstrate that level of accuracy of multiple tampo print passes. I view it as quite acceptable rather than excellent. There's a mixture of tampo and transfers on the model, arguably some of the more complex lining features may have b
  2. Oh, there are so many visions running through my mind. "It is I, LeDudders'
  3. Methinks Mr Angry has gone back under his Norwegian bridge.
  4. Fake news; too much space for a speaker to be a Kent variant.
  5. Cavalex Models are pleased to announce a newly-tooled Class 56 in 4mm. The model is already significantly advanced and currently at the tooling stage, having been in the works for the past few years. All variants of the 56 are being tooled, to accurately cover all 135 locomotives produced between 1976 and 1984. The Cavalex 56 has been designed completely from scratch, based on original works drawings from both Electroputere and BREL. We have incorporated numerous innovations into the model which we’re looking forward to showcasing. Whilst the 5
  6. Seriously? It's still very likely that some exhibitors may wish to still keep a distance from others or not stay away from home , the same for some traders and even organisers assistants. Factor in the potential for reduced attendance and they could be looking at a loss - but none of that matters to you does it? Please respect their decision and support them, not insult them.
  7. Especially if they didn't have time to go before they left.
  8. Hmm, seems to have found a minute down the back of the seat.
  9. It doesn't look like it will get broken today at the moment.
  10. The image remains intact and remains hosted on Flickr - the forum software just displays it and doesn't convert anything. Whether it displays or not is down to the share settings selected by the Flickr user. Therefore no copyright issues are involved.
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