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  1. It did it for me on the mobile for a few hours the other night, it righted itself (the best sort of problem).
  2. So sorry I missed seeing this Phil. I spotted in the J27 topic that you'd joined and thought "what's he doing here?" and looked up your posts. Anyway I've made the change and hope you're keeping ok?
  3. AY Mod

    Mick Bonwick

    Lovely words Nick.
  4. No, I won't excuse it. You intend it to be provocative which results in the inevitable. You are earning a bit of a poor reputation with a number of people. Next step is the moderation queue if this carries on.
  5. Please see https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/166160-mick-bonwick/
  6. AY Mod

    Mick Bonwick

    Oh my, that's awful to hear and a shock. I had a lot of time for Mick, as do many others, a wonderful modeller and generous in sharing his skills and talents.
  7. I've just tested the basic search box with a variety of terms and all seemed OK. Maybe it's just worth a site cookie clearance from your browser to see if that makes any difference.
  8. In case anyone misses it in the Eastwood Town topic:
  9. They are definitely dark grey, not blue; it's a reflected lighting tone.
  10. I was just talking to Mrs Y about Gordon and told her he'd been along to Members' Days so she asked what he looked like, After showing her pics on the tribute page she said "That's him! He kept coming back for Staffordshire oatcakes and he wouldn't take any change". Yep, that'll be Gordon!
  11. I'm sure there's something wrong with their washing machine next door!
  12. If it's the same as the decoder for the A Class you should be able to hold the loco and just play with the loud handle - which I'm sure will be something everyone will do with a Deltic.
  13. Seems to be working OK on my phone now, anyone else still seeing the issue?
  14. You must have fallen asleep on the train, we arrived at the destination last Thursday. The bad news is there's another update which needs planning.
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