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  1. Don’t worry, there's not much that can fall off it. Mine arrived today and will never see a working life - Mrs Y has pinched it for a display shelf. Bought to support the cause and to recognise Hornby doing something charitable.
  2. Certainly some people haven't covered themselves in glory but I think there's also an element of a rolling 6-8 month view into the future as we can maybe make our own judgements on how things may look in terms of progress vs incidence. Beyond that we have less of a best guess; maybe we can form better judgements when we see what a winter hump looks like - spikes are one thing, humps are another.
  3. OK, which ones of those match? The bright blue one, the pale blue or the blue with a hint of green?
  4. I've failed to graph this out clearly but these tables will put some data against how Visitors, Exhibitors and Traders feel comparatively. The last survey indicated you'd get around 75% of a show in Jan/Feb, this survey indicates you'd get 50% of an event at best. If you need to hit the 80% mark to make a show viable that now looks like May/Jun rather than March.
  5. Just to reinforce why I've taken a supportive stance of Gee Dee this is the description from their ebay page with the important bits highlighted . The interim position is better than the complete loss of a well-regarded shop.
  6. Give them time, right now it's a sensible interim.
  7. Does one of those mean you've got all your own teeth?
  8. AY Mod

    Bachmann "EFE" J94

    Check the EFE Rail sub-forum.
  9. I have now closed the Aug 2020 survey as a similar-sized sample has now been completed compared to the June survey. The link to the results can be found in the OP and I'll do some more data filtering over the next few days. There's a definite trend of decreasing rather than increasing confidence.
  10. Well there's certainly not widespread quantities across bigger stockists, there's a limited selection of liveries there.
  11. I don't see much unsold new stock out there.
  12. Now it's starting to sound like you are criticising RMweb for a GOG observation. Back up please.
  13. On the basis that no one has got one in their hands yet, no.
  14. I speak to a lot of people across the wider hobby in the course of a working month; I don't think there is one.
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