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  1. That's an archive page. All you've done is precipitate further armchair headhunting.
  2. There is no autocorrect (aside from a few technical terms which are often mistyped) so it's down to users and their browsers.
  3. Looks like the Chairman's having a stern word with some slackers. The bearded bloke looks a bit shifty.
  4. If any individual owners are affected they should contact Rails.
  5. I've never had anything but they send plenty of emails, that's their favoured method of bombardment. I think you'll be quite safe.
  6. **L&B 'LYN' Decorated Samples** Our lovely little OO9 model of Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Baldwin 2-4-2T 'LYN' is progressing quickly, with the first factory decorated samples received this week for approval. Thanks to our expert friends at the 'new' L&BR, these feature highly detailed artwork appropriate to each period of the loco's career (9981-9885 only. 9980 is an undecorated black loco aimed at freelance modellers). Standard features include a working LED headlamp, 6-pin DCC decoder interface, detachable couplers, etched metal cowcatchers, and numerous parts specific to period and livery, including coal rails, chimneys, smokebox doors, water tank filler hatches, whistles and safety valves. Please note: The pre-production models shown are not the final approved versions and are subject to correction/modification before production starts. These superb models should be released in late-2020 in the following guises. Heljan L&BR Baldwin 2-4-2T models #9980 Undecorated Black #9981 L&BR dark green Lyn (pre-1906) #9982 L&BR dark green Lyn (1906-22) #9983 SR dark green E782 Lyn (1923-29) #9984 SR Maunsell green E782 Lyn (1929-32) #9985 SR Maunsell green E782 Lyn (1932-35)
  7. I know you've moved on but if you have access to eBay's concierge service they can be useful.
  8. Guaranteed complete immunity, never get caught, no risk of loss of employment etc...
  9. Me. I am concerned that the business is a quarter of a development project, too soon to be soliciting interest or potential customers. It's your business and you need to go through growing pains in product development or marketing approaches rather than asking who's got the magic wands.
  10. The first thing to do is read the forum rules with regard to commercial posting that would have been acknowledged at registration.
  11. Really? To me that lumped every participant together in a derogatory fashion which is what made me very, very angry.
  12. Therefore it's opinion rather than fact. I am aware of what the instigator has asked but it's note her sole franchise to award. I know that some make a big show of it and yes, I know that some will breach the guidelines but previous posts intimated that everyone was doing it for the wrong reasons which is why I, personally, felt insulted.
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