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  1. Thanks to Keefer for sending this link through which corrects an error published in RAIL magazine. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/media-correction-passenger-train-derailment-near-carmont
  2. You're making an assumption they were both at the same stage when announced, that may not be the case.
  3. I need a 'shock' reaction button; what's come over you? It's not even an 09.
  4. For just £20 via Western Fargo I can provide the information you need.
  5. Looks a bit shifty; not sure if he can stay true to his word.
  6. Yup; stop the wishing please or it floods a specific topic. We've got to unglue Paul's foot from the railhead and ease him northwards bit by bit without frightening him.
  7. An update from KMRC.... GWR Steam Railmotor project CADs approved and tooling commenced The Kernow Model Rail Centre are pleased to announce that the much-anticipated GWR Steam Railmotor in 00 gauge has moved to the tooling stage following the approval of the Computer Aided Design drawings (CADs). The preserved Railmotor No. 93 was laser scanned at the Didcot Railway Centre, and the detailed CADs produced using further reference to original GWR archive drawings and the kind assistance of Graham Drew, Great Western Society Railmotor
  8. I did quote the element I had a problem (or the potential tone of it) with and it wasn't the firebox paintwork. If I'm not in a good mood it's not wise to keep arguing the point.
  9. I'm not in the mood for hair-splitting; people jumping into various topics to criticise a product on trivialities as some form of competitive nit-picking is what's partly putting me in a bad mood.
  10. I'm shutting it before it becomes a wishlist/soothsayer fest.
  11. Basically, yes. I will look if there are any additional plugins which could bring that function in but I cannot recall seeing any.
  12. I am quite prepared to accept that the lighting in the image I posted previously may exaggerate the dominance of the handrail so it is worth comparing that to Bachmann's own catalogue and website images for comparison. It's also pertinent to reinforce the point that the part is produced specifically for the model, bent wire handrails or the two-part EPB handrails wouldn't have been right to recreate the squarer section form of the HAP handrails. It's nothing to do with cost-cutting/Covid/Brexit/margin allocations; some days I really do wonder why people go off on one on such minor
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