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  1. I can't establish why it's misrepresented the quoting, your quote here https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/156906-oh-hornby-what-are-you-doing-mates-short-rant/&do=findComment&comment=4071798 seems to be a contraction (via editing) of the original https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/156906-oh-hornby-what-are-you-doing-mates-short-rant/&do=findComment&comment=4071559 with incorrect attribution.
  2. Yes, I get fed up with infantile whining as do many others. Baiting me means you'll find some delays in posting so I can bin future whinges before they get published.
  3. Reading further in your response it's been linked, appropriately, from the person you gave consent to publish it so you'll need to sort it out with them. I will support people's copyright claims but I will also tell them when they've left themselves exposed, often through lack of understanding how systems work.
  4. It shows in that format because of the share settings you have chosen on your Flickr account so please don't go barking at other people who are utilising the tools enabled.
  5. Get some perspective please, it's hardly life-threatening.
  6. This page confirms the cancellation - https://www.keymodelworld.com/article/hornby-magazine-prepares-two-great-electric-train-shows-2021?fbclid=IwAR0Mi76xzZC9KW5ixW33YtOgHBqS5k8KcgDnk3SWwfUcX-k-kR9prcJEEKM
  7. The topic IS about exhibitions and the posts were veering towards wider Covid discussions. This topic is proving to be of wider use to exhibition organisers and we don't want it going too far off track. As said there are other topics.
  8. Initial results comparing the data show consistencies in the sample cross-section and responses. The responses to the final question indicate that the point at which attendees are likely to feel comfortable in returning seems to be remaining at a static duration into the future or even extending. Increasing confidence would have manifest itself in that point being closer in time from the point of survey. I understand this is a self-selecting sample and cannot represent more casual attendees but there doesn't seem to be any other data out there.
  9. Yeah; I'll be disqualifying myself! Plus any shots where the contributor's not done the modelling. It's still nice to look back at the standard of modelling and scene setting of the layout owners.
  10. My word; we're really going to have our work to cut out to select the best from this lot! I fully appreciate the craft and time that's gone into some of these shots.
  11. It's 6+ weeks since the first survey ran and several things have changed since with relaxation of rules on travel and access to locations but little has changed with regard to incidence levels and risks but I felt it would be useful to detect if any changes have happened in how people feel about when they would be comfortable attending an indoor model railway event. Take the August 2020 Survey Results link to Aug 2020 survey No personal data is recorded in the surveys.
  12. I've now closed the vote as I'd got enough entries to determine a clear winner. It surprised me as I though the BP would come out top. 1st Class 40 1-Co-Co-1 2nd SECR C Class 0-6-0 3rd BR Midland Pullman 6-car
  13. Did you do this via RMweb Gold or directly through Exact?
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