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  1. He's been too busy going out buying bog rolls, taking trips to the seaside, having family parties and riding the Underground to keep up with the news.
  2. Wot about N gauge????? Left out again! Feck! Or do I just have to put it further away?
  3. The ads you see are served by Google Ads (they pay for the costs of running the site). They are either based upon browsing history of the user and therefore not seen by others or based on profiling by Google of any data they may hold on you (age, sex, location etc) or by the generic profile of the users of such a site (age, sex, locations). We do not serve the ads and I know they were observed by some prior to the current circumstances.
  4. Sssh; they can't see the Challenges in there yet.
  5. We may not be able to print a magazine in the staff's home offices but we can produce a magazine (for digital consumption) so even if there was no printing or distribution we will continue unless you are mandating that no-one should be able to do any work that did not fit the remit of 'essential work' and support their business and themselves? If you feel that everyone should be laid off or furloughed that isn't 'essential' (and I don't classify what we do as truly essential to society) then, technically, I (or others in the business) can't manage RMweb on a day-to-day basis so we'll have to turn that off too if you're trying to shut the world down.
  6. The search facility is one of the best aspects of the Exact Editions platform, I use it all the time to dig through back issues. On the last question this post I've just made in another topic should address that.
  7. I can only speak for what we're up to with BRM at the moment. We've got all or most of the content planned in for the rest of the year with most layouts photographed, we may do some swapping around in due course but the plan's there and the majority of the content. We have our own print works which is big machinery and staff able to work apart from each other so we are less likely to be affected on the printing side than anyone else. As editorial staff we're all working remotely but half of us are well used to that as a discipline anyway so we have the structure to give continuity. Therefore we'll be able to continue to produce a digital product without external effects anyway, print subscriptions should be the same as long as we have a functioning postal system. Where it becomes a little more problematic is the distribution and appearance of the magazine on the newsstands. Most of the distribution to retailers is handled by WH Smith's distribution network, both to their own stores, supermarkets and independents. As we know 60% of Smiths' outlets are currently closed (it seems to be the ones with Post Offices that remain open) as are all model shops to walk-in trade. Supermarkets remain open of course but I would say most customers won't be stopping to thumb through magazines as much. All of that then affects the number of copies to be printed and distributed which is a bit of an unknown at the moment. Another issue we have is the physical DVD on the print magazine as there are problems in procuring and fixing these to the magazines at the moment but we will be providing the means to access the material. Therefore it is an ideal time to look at print or digital subscriptions or single issue purchases to make sure you get the magazine and reduce your footprint in the outside world. Magazine content is likely to change too; it is likely that there will be less news content and fewer new products for the review pages and possibly fewer adverts considering model shops which do not have online/mail order operations. However advertising is vitally important to many of the businesses who are continuing to fulfil those online and phone orders so the nature of the adverts may change too. All of the businesses need our support more than ever. We are looking how we can deliver as much value with additional imagery and video content through our digital editions plus working harder on resources such as our World of Railways website and initiatives on RMweb - we are a 'multimedia' business so it's not just about the printed magazine. It's a challenge for everyone in the business but, rest assured, we will still be doing the best we can.
  8. I honestly couldn't answer that as I haven't got the necessary kit to try it but we'll try and find out from Exact for you unless anyone with similar kit and versions can help?
  9. For some stupid, stupid reason it had become filed in the Model Engineering area which is the equivalent of the gap at the back of the sofa. It should now be restored - https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/forum/341-rmweb-gold-lounge/
  10. Bit of a cock up at this end whilst doing some re-organisation Mike - I'm working on it!
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