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  1. After a decade of not wearing a tie it took me longer to tie it than it did to film. Response from my son... 1. I'm glad you don't have hair. 2. Is that your funeral suit?
  2. I understand our Prime Minister will be making an important announcement in just under an hour.
  3. Don't forget, due to your golden halo, you can offer it for sale on here.
  4. Given that they have many more stockists than Heljan do who in turn have many more stockists than SLW, then yes. People extend their own thoughts to a wider marketplace and are frequently wrong.
  5. I've corrected that but can only apologise for the email text which came from the office.
  6. Highley (SVR) Standing on the footbridge or the Engine House balcony. An empty station on a still autumn day of golden and rusty leaves !eaves with not a train in sight, there's no need to prepare the camera yet so a few minutes of mindfulness pleases the soul. After leaving Arley the whistle of a down train echoes around the valley for seconds, not even a songbird to disturb the peace. I could spend hours there and I wouldn't care if there wasn't a train for a couple of hours yet.
  7. All the mainstream model railway mags have continued publishing on time every month with editorial teams working remotely changing the established ways of working. MRJ had a bit of a delay when their printers were in lockdown but got back on the horse as soon as they could. Distribution had some delays and of course some retail outlets were closed for some of the time.
  8. You did make it sound as though someone else was the villain in the OP Mike. Hopefully subsequent posts, perspectives and practicalities show that it isn't the case. I know you've been in retail Mike, didn't you ever discount a product someone else had bought at a higher price or give a deal to someone buying several items?
  9. The retailer (and publisher) don't know that you, specifally, have already bought it Mike. The publisher or retailer are trying to incentivise a purchase. The high street has had it hard so you can't blame them for trying. The sting though is the scenario Phil describes when Big Shop leans on you to do something so that they get more sales whilst the publisher gets more cost. The consumer isn't the one disadvantaged.
  10. AY Mod

    Geoff Endacott

    Very sorry to hear that news, our condolences to family and friends.
  11. We're not allowed new toys until we've worn old ones out.
  12. A ten year old second hand compact camera with about a third of a million exposures on the clock, a cheapy shutter release, cobbled memory card scripts and a misbehaving tripod.
  13. Or repeating it without a further point?
  14. Not for any negative reasons, it's just that if it moved into a more general area it impacts (positively) on the ads that are served.
  15. Vote for your favourite models of 2020 A BRMA title is something which many of the manufacturers and retailers hope to pick up each year as recognition from the wider modelling community for their efforts. They don’t necessarily design or produce to win an award but it’s funny how many people are interested to see how they’ve performed when the results are due out and we even saw the logo and gold medal on a further issue of a manufacturer’s product during this year. All manufacturers who have released any ready-to-run products between the 1st January and the 31st Dece
  16. Use the link I've set up then and save it as your default.
  17. I have created a new feed in your Activities - "Unread content - AY" - all seems to work as it should now.
  18. Not sure why it's the case but it was very slow. You should find a new stream in your list "Content I have posted in - AY" - https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/discover/2082/ - give that a test please.
  19. The error isn't actually with the server as such but with a fault in the feed.
  20. It's that. It's not ideal but I needed to move it from there for commercial reasons.
  21. Is it this link that's slow now? https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/discover/1323/ Or did you make any changes to it and save it?
  22. Please bear in mind the museums are closed and may have reduced staff levels.
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