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  1. Very sorry to hear that news David. Ant was always a pleasure to deal with. Thoughts are with you, friends and family.
  2. Although you have not faced any allegations of doping or failed a random drugs test you have now been stripped of your gold medal.
  3. The price is what it is (less any retailer offers) so can we just leave that old chestnut alone?
  4. OK, enough - leave the speculative thoughts out of the topic, along with content relating to the Hornby 91, documentaries and Terriers etc and let this get back to Cavalex's N gauge project at least.
  5. Many of those weren't represented in last year's catalogue. They can't do everything every year.
  6. Does Cav have to keep restating the position? Please read and understand what he has said, twice.
  7. It looks like Phil's dipping his toe in the water at the Toy Fair with Laurie Calvert and Tim Mulhall. Stick a top hat and some goggles on him and call him Steampunk.
  8. AY Mod

    Bachmann 2020 Range

    For clarity I've extracted the relevant elements of Dave Haarhaus's covering letter which has been sent to Collectors' Club members along with the new 'Combined Volume' catalogue.
  9. Oxford Rail have announced at the London Toy Fair that they are to produce a Worsdell J26, a GE-origin van, a PO tank wagon, Pilchard ballast and sleeper wagon and a rather interesting 15T crane. OR76J26001 LNER 0-6-0 Class J26 No. 5738 OR76J26001XS LNER 0-6-0 Class J26 No. 5738 Sound Fitted OR76J26002 BR (Early) 0-6-0 Class J26 No.65767 OR76J26002XS BR (Early) 0-6-0 Class J26 No.65767 Sound Fitted OR76J26003 BR (Late) 0-6-0 Class J26 No.65736 OR76J26003XS BR (Late) 0-6-0 Class J26 No.65736 Sound Fitted OR76TK2007 PO Tank Wagon, BP No.1061 OR76GEGV001 Great Eastern GER 10t Covered Van No.23109 OR76GEGV002 NE GER 10t Covered Van No.630616 OR76GEGV003 BR GER 10t Covered Van No.E612630 OR76SCS1001 Standard Cowans Sheldon 15T Crane BR Stoke M.P.D No.RS1023/15 OR76SCS1002 Standard Cowans Sheldon 15T Crane LMS Wellingborough No.243 OR76SCS2001 Standard Cowans Sheldon 15T Crane BR Stewarts Lane DS.316 OR76SCS2002 Standard Cowans Sheldon 15T Crane LNER Sunderland No.901628 OR76PIL001 Pilchard Wagon BR Black DB990099 OR76PIL002 Pilchard Wagon BR Black DB990092
  10. So how do I get the system to differentiate between a smiley and a large image? It can't, they're just images.
  11. The point I'm making is that posts such as this https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/64295-wright-writes/&do=findComment&comment=3807782 would take up a lot of space if the images weren't replaced with links. Now, if all users could prune the content they are quoting down appropriately then I wouldn't have to institute such measures.
  12. I seems to depend on device and browser. I don't get it on PC/Chrome but I do on Android devices.
  13. It's a by-product of me configuring the software settings to only display images within quoted content as links rather than repeating images and unnecessarily lengthening posts and pages. In that context the system replaces the smiley with an image link.
  14. AY Mod

    Bachmann 2020 Range

    It isn't, but I won't tell you why.
  15. After you have saved a custom activity stream try clicking on that link in the Custom streams at the bottom of the My Activity Streams drop-down. When you have clicked on that custom stream click on the very small green tick after the activity stream name to save it as your default.
  16. Knowing you David it'll be a lot more interesting than a 3' circle would normally be, looking forward to seeing your clever take on a big pizza.
  17. Layouts - https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/information/the-london-festival-of-railway-modelling-layout Traders - https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/information/the-london-festival-of-railway-modelling-exhibitors
  18. It happens when an earlier blog/gallery/calendar entry is edited and re-posted so it's nothing to worry about. If it appears at the bottom of an Activity page such as View New Content it can cause subsequent posts to be from the earlier date (a software bug) and normally ceases to be a problem when you re-run whichever activity feed and it's not at the bottom of the page.
  19. It's only products released in 2019 that qualify. Nominations for other categories such as Innovations or Customer Service were open in December and closed before the actual poll.
  20. That statement is very naive and any response would take a lot of work to be informative. In lieu of that I would suggest you head off and research it for yourself.
  21. The identified issue only relates to Boxhill. The other items are awaiting final inspection/approval before shipping so dates will depend upon the outcome of those checks. I'm sure Oliver will keep us updated.
  22. If it's the Pocketmags digital subscription unfortunately we do not have the subscriber details to be able to issue a subscriber number so that discounts can be applied.
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