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  1. Doing a nice job there Dave! Interesting alternative usage of coal staithes. Add in the Sprat and winkles and we can tell you're no newbie to the game.
  2. A long way to pedal from home! I can give you a few pointers to where there's some remnants of the networks around the area when you do go.
  3. This will get you to the gate Jim https://maps.app.goo.gl/DqMYBT12mce4iKUh9
  4. Thanks Carl, that's reassuring to know when we haven't actually been able to replicate the problem to know whether it is fixed!
  5. More to the point, why haven't you read and remembered what I have already said in this topic we are working on? When I need actual data on usage I look at analytics.
  6. AY Mod

    Hornby APT 2020

    The trolls have more time and motivation than the maligned. There is no proper control when it's lies and libellous.
  7. AY Mod

    Hornby APT 2020

    Another consideration: the IRM capacitors only function on DCC. No one's got an APT driving vehicle yet to see if they perform better on DCC.
  8. Quantcast, the providers of the privacy tool (which creates the pop-up) have come back to us. It turns out that the latest version (35) of the Quantcast CMP (released at the end of Sept) does not work on older browsers. IT have switched all our sites to version 34 of the CMP and users on older browsers can, hopefully, now close the CMP modal window and browse the site. I'll be interested to see if this improves matters for those affected.
  9. 13 years ago I think now, it was an industrial and train ferry compact layout called Keyhaven. I may do some updates on here when anything meaningful happens!
  10. I think Walthers were the building contractor. It's one of the inspirations why I was after the kit. Just need to change the vent angles.
  11. S'pose it would have had a roof on it then and no polar bears or killer whales in the garden? Coincidentally I've been to see one of the best steelworks scenes on a layout today, again a Black Country flavour to it all. Bostin.
  12. Lived here for four years and never had to go to sorting office for a parcel; they've got the hang of not carrying stuff around all day and taking it back. Not like Stafford where I'd be at the office 1/2 times a week. Mind you, most of the time they only carried 'Sorry we missed you' cards.
  13. Thanks to @jonhall for pointing me in the direction of 1 in stock.
  14. Neither returned any results on their sites when I looked. A shame as Mech are a short, pleasant drive away.
  15. Nope; sorry. I have discussed this in a meeting this afternoon and we are awaiting a response from Quantcast, who provide the software, as there appears to be a known problem.
  16. I've discussed the issue and they've been able to replicate it at that end so they'll look to try and resolve it.
  17. I'll be discussing this with the techies in a meeting this afternoon.
  18. It looks that way. It's not the end of the world; the structure's not a problem and I'll just have to do a Blue Peter job on the mill stand.
  19. It'll be the postage and duty from the US that's the killer; they'll make more than Walthers will! 'To order' from Walthers is often measured in glacial epochs. I'll probably want it inside 6 months.
  20. If anyone has one of these kits available, or even just the reversing mill stand please give me a shout. Thank you!
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