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  1. I'll try to give a more complete response tomorrow when I'm back at a normal keyboard rather than my mobile but, yes, the behaviours your are seeing are explainable and planned.
  2. Yup, I keep on about it and it's being worked upon. It displays the notifications/messages menu too which can be a nuisance.
  3. AY Mod

    Farish Class 319

    Their radar will be tuned in anyway!
  4. Good for you; I'm still not going for your entertainment.
  5. clog and Knocker to you and all.
  6. I'd suggest looking at Canon and Nikon's bank balance by comparison. The furthest we get is one night in Margate, and that's exotic in the world of toy chuffers. I do wonder about people's perceptions some days, Guangdong is a long way to go for a few more 'likes'.
  7. Most of that issue came with deliveries onwards after they left Barwell with couriers and postage giving advanced levels of shock testing.
  8. Oh yeah, we've got pots of money and bags of time. Why didn't I think of that?
  9. Have you got another device you can try Dave? I only see anything like that when I'm on a very weak mobile signal.
  10. You try operating cranes, coupling N gauge thingies and other bits whilst talking for a full 25 minutes without rehearsing anything and you'd need a drink too.
  11. Not specifically but I think it's a loco with more permutations to come in future catalogues. Not yet but, for clarity, it's worth saying that will be the existing tooling.
  12. If the container tipped enough to dislodge well-levelled and distributed boxes that went fully from side to side you'd be looking at a far bigger news story than damaged models. We were told that shipping damage is so minimal a problem to be negligible. Compare what's likely to happen to a box on board to what can happen in postage from retailer to customers and that should put it into perspective.
  13. Maybe it's got as far as a running sample?
  14. Of course he didn't set that as his desktop deliberately. Steve Tooley is a P4 L&NWR modeller.
  15. Try PMing him - https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/profile/2213-signaller/
  16. We didn't but we were advised that the most outboard marker lights can't work due to the extreme position being inaccessible to rout an LED or fibre connection to. I did start a conversation off whether it would be possible to have a connection between the nose sockets for multiple working; we did discuss possibilities but each would have detracted from the socket appearance or had tooling issues to achieve at that angle.
  17. Phil and I recently had a day behind the scenes at Bachmann looking at stock arriving from China and the QC processes. The video was previously released to BRM digital version and RMweb Gold users.
  18. They're actually auditioning for hosting Dragons Den and Homes under the Hammer.
  19. I very much doubt it as it would be prohibitively expensive with multiple motors and decoders, but I'd love to see someone try it. Someone will!
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