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  1. I've just had the system recount your content and it's come out the same as before; have you had any posts go missing?
  2. That's correct Charles, the Model Railways Live website ceased to exist some time ago. I'm not sure if the original content even exists still - I will have to ask our video department.
  3. Well you live and learn; I found that a) Admin can change the default settings within each activity stream so I've set that to 7 days for several and longer for ones where you're searching stuff you started or followed etc and b) that I could set up new Activity Streams for all users (there's now one called View New Content for which I used my settings as a template) and also select the default which will appear at the top right of the screen. That would have saved a lot of earache from those demanding instant solutions when the update was done (rather than looking at settings for themselves). It takes me a time to work through getting the best out of the system but a few don't seem to have the patience to await such tweaking. There's still a lot to fix and build so I'm best just left to it and we'll get there.
  4. I have looked at the settings for this now. Can moderate own blog entries? On The user will be able to: edit comments and entries, delete comments and entries, and lock entries from further comments. I am not sure whether it means any comments will require approval or whether you will just be able to retrospectively manage comments.
  5. I think you're right Mikkel. I can't even think what my figure was before the changes anyway.
  6. Please use the search and see https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/142108-david-heys-website/&tab=comments#comment-3462276
  7. Not yet, still being worked on. I've been a bit busy.
  8. PM me with some better estimates than 'a few thousand' or 'quite a bit'.
  9. A few people have had issues, will resolve for you.
  10. You reported it as being in the wrong area with a request " Can you delete it or move it?" As I had plenty of other things to do it was deleted. Please repost in the correct area. You should only use one question (or exclamation) mark in a topic title.
  11. It needed a weedkiller train through anyway.
  12. I think it is fair to say that Charwelton was one of the hits of the weekend, a full line of viewers at the barrier right until the end of Sunday! Thanks to the team for letting me stick the camera in various spots you won't normally be able to see for a feature in May BRM to tie in with next outing to Derby show.
  13. I'd had reason to check their on-sale and likely subscribers' dates a few weeks back so I know the mag was in line with schedules. Accurascale had planned a run-up to the show and announcement which would have been to the benefit of both. I'll shut up before I get into a proper rant!
  14. I have made some further adjustments to the settings; hopefully that frees it up.
  15. If you click on the envelope in the top bar it will show a consecutive list of PMs sent and received. If you got to the 'Inbox' you can filter by conversation you started or received.
  16. Now sorted. It was a bit sweaty in there but I made it.
  17. It may be possible if I go deep into the back end in the database tables, I hate going there and I'm always fearful it has some unintended consequence if any alterations are made but I will don my protective gear and have a look sometime when I get chance.
  18. I can't say I've observed I've observed any general slow-downs but I have disabled the 'who viewed topic' function as that was the only thing introduce on Friday morning which could have made a difference.
  19. Irrelevant to this discussion maybe but I had a chat with one of the venue's security/stewards and she said she felt that the visitors to the show were the most pleasant and courteous crowd that she had seen at any event at the venue.
  20. There was excellent finescale craftsmanship in the cheese and tomato sandwich I had on Saturday, the thinnest sliced cheese I have ever come across. Sunday did not disappoint with the ham alternative shaved so finely parts were transparent enough to flushglaze a few locos representing excellent value.
  21. You can change your own notification settings so that you don't get a notification of a message if you prefer it that way.
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