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  1. After seeing your superb layout "L'heur Blue" and realising what the moving car added to that wonderful scene..... I thought maybe you were also considering a similar mod to that bus @Barry Ten
  2. That 37 is making me want to give my BR Blue one an airing - I haven't started detailing & weathering it yet. Great to hear you're still inspired. That 37 will add more impetus to your modelling mojo Looking great matey!
  3. Hi @Sussex Yard Small layouts can be huge fun. Also, they really can help hone your modelling skills, and keep your techniques up to date, as well as teach you valuable new methods. Most importantly though - they can help keep your interest going, plus give you somewhere to run some stock (if you have some). You've made a good start - Inglenook railways are fun, and always keep you occupied for longer than you might first think
  4. Yes Al, I think that having the wheels at an angle (even a slight one) does look a bit more interesting, giving a less out-of-the-box appearance.... Even if it could be seen as a subtle touch. Nice work sir Will you occasionally reposition the bus, from time to time?
  5. This layout is coming together very nicely indeed @Gedward
  6. Really enjoying my recent purchase - my 2nd title by our very own @Rivercider
    Another cracking book Kevin, some nice photos and very informative notes.
    Congratulations on another book - I'm sure to be buying your book on Freight Trains now too


    I have asked Kevin to sign my copies, next time we meet at a show...... but I think he'll end up with writers cramp at this rate! ;) 


  7. Hi @TechnicArrow As others have said - those buildings really help give the mock-up a sense of place, and immediately demonstrate the atmosphere of an industrial or wharfside location. It's always good to re-use your materials wherever possible too. If you need to reduce them down a tad, or add "extensions" - then so be it. They are certainly ready to be planted on another project. I really like the plan and overall design too. Very nice indeed. I'll be watching with interest. Best of luck with the move, and with your new course. Congratulations on graduating too
  8. I used to belong to a club who built several layouts. The chairman was a keen golfer - so each layout had to have a golf course. So some would say (not me BTW) the "ideal" layout had to have a golf course too..... Hmm @Nearholmer "Train spotter Yoga" - tell me more!
  9. PS (apologies for my lengthy reply above) But I just had another thought.... I've seen several excellent models set in winter, and can recall seeing Gordon Gravett's superb "Ditchling Green" which was set in autumn. (Now there's a challenge - getting that Autumnal colour pallette to look right, without being overdone). I myself have set several layouts at night, including one in the rain - so it's not all a recreation of halcyon summer days..... hmm more to discuss?
  10. As @lezz01 says above, some of us model what we never witnessed. For example, I used to model 1930's GWR... something I could never have seen first hand, without the help of H.G. Wells . I now tend to model 70's & 80's BR diesel era - which is something I did see and experience. So the hobby may partly be about nostalgia.... but also be partly fuelled by an "imaginary nostalia" - a desire to recreate something we could never have witnessed first hand, but would like to have seen? I'm really not sure. I've always thought of railway modelling (and many other forms of modelling) as an "
  11. Hi again @ManofKent Fair enough re the clearances for your proposed locos. However, at some point in the future, you may fancy trying a different loco, perhaps an 08 or 03 shunter, or a Jinty? Of course, you may have already dismissed such options. I do think though, that some sidings & headshunts can just "look" too short to the onlooker.... Again, that also depends on the surroundings, the buildings, scenery and the overall setting. When I first saw your plan, I was picturing an occasional wagon of coal arriving, as supply for the loco shed - just for an added manouvre and some
  12. Hi @ManofKent, as Keith says above - it's always well worth getting some point templates, a loco and a couple of wagons - always best to check clearances and siding / headshunt length before you start laying any track. I always draw the plan on the back of some leftover wallpaper (or a piece of lining paper) I'm sure Mrs S thinks I'm mad - as I shift wagons back & forth, and generally make sure everything works and all the movements I might want are possible Playing trains..... and I haven't even got any track! lol You really don't want to get half way through your build, on
  13. Looking great @SouthernBlue80s The pics of those nicely weathered & rusted mineral wagons, and the slightly grubby 37, sat in front of that photo backscene.... .. well, it sent a shiver down my spine - in a good way, of course
  14. Just thought I'd give a heads-up to our fellow rmweb member Rivercider, and his superb book "South Wales Railways in the 1980s" Firstly though, I must apoligise most humbly to him - the book completely slipped under my radar! Ooops. Anyhow, I ordered my copy last week, and have picked it up daily since.
    Kevin has captured some superb images, and his captions and accompanying notes are really informative. I'll shortly be ordering a copy of his book on West Country Railways too. Well done good sir. I'll get my copy signed, when we're allowed to go to exhibitions again. :)

    SW Rail BOOK.jpg

    1. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      Excellent, many congratulations, Kevin!


    2. marc smith

      marc smith

      Folks, I was so impressed with Kevin's book....I ordered another one of his titles :)
      "Railways of the Western Region in the 70's & 80's"
      I'm hoping it will be as good as the previous title I bought - I'm sure it will
      Cheers again to Rivercider, and well done on getting these books into print :) 


      PS. I didn't get my copy from Amazon BTW

  15. Layout looking great Mike. Just wanted to add all my best for your health check-up too
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