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  1. Fantastic stuff. Only just caught up with this thread.... Funnily enough, I've toyed with the idea of modelling the very same location in the past. I had a magazine with a lot of info (published back in the late 80's / early 90's I think) with a few photos. Neil Parkhouse's books rekindled those thoughts too. But you beat me to it Keep up the good work. Some great contributions from other RMweb folk here too EDIT: In the past, I always thought a DoF based layout would mean making a lot of trees.... so I shied away....
  2. Looking good @Pixie / Steve Long time no see no hear Hope you're keeping well old pal?
  3. great @6990WitherslackHall - looking forward to seeing some pics & a plan
  4. Hi @Max Legroom It has been a while since I looked at this thread. I'm really glad I did though - you've made some great progress, and it's looking great Keep up the good work, and please post some more images when you can Marc
  5. Here is the far end of the layout. The line now extends to a quarry and a dairy (It's just a cassette though really, of course) The platform-level grounded van body and trees help disguise the exit to the cassette. Some greenery and a road vehicle help hide the fact that the baseboard ends here, I hope I've been adding Sprat & Winkle couplings to some stock, and re-gauging some wagons to EM standards plus I EM'ed a Brake Van and added a guard and a working tail light. I bought the lamp kit on eBay ages ago It needed a bit of hacking about with the brake van floor - but it's a simple enough fit. Quite pleased with the van anyway
  6. Wow - it has been over a month since I last updated this thread.... Anyhow, I've been doing a little more scenic restoration and additional work. I added a low relief (well, flat actually!) building at the far end of the layout - this I think is the dairy which lies beyond Ruyton Road I've also nearly finished the fascia / surround / frame. As it happened, I had a small spare cabinet light, and it wasn't quite enough to cover the layout adequately So I've borrowed one from my night-time "Wales, Rails, Rain & Steel" layout (as I don't operate it in daytime mode much at all. With both small cabinet lights on, the light covers the whole area much better and evenly I've also added a hut, some greenery, and a high back wall, at the back of the fiddle yard Generally, I prefer to do this sort of thing, to disguise the join between "layout proper" and non-scenic fiddle area... The hut & greenery act as partial view-blockers, and the overgrown rear wall helps convince the eye that there is more layout beyond the bridge Some pics to help explain EDIT: Please forgive jeweller's screwdriver in the fiddle yard.... but with some stock on the track, you wouldn't see such things unless of course I leave coffee cups there
  7. Hi @kevo Hope you fit the decoder without hitch. Just thinking - might be worth contacting the seller of the loco anyway. Just explain that you've only just recently opened it up & discovered it wasn't DCC ready.... worth a try at least? Send them a photo - perhaps they didn't know? Explain you're not expecting a full refund, but perhaps they can give a partial refund.... Anyhow - funny you should mention John Spencer's "Ruyton Road" - don't know if you're aware? But I'm the current owner It was on seeing it for the first time (twenty odd years back!) that was the turning point for me, and I have modelled small & micro layouts ever since..... It remains a design icon, and a "classic layout" in the eyes of many. I've been restoring & modifying it
  8. Looking great @Mike - really really like the cameo of the draughtsman in his office - nice As ever, great work on the buildings - can't see much "bodging" at all. Hmm, "Much Bodging" - a potential layout name?
  9. Thanks @Crisis Rail / Ian, No, I still haven't moved it on. TBH, I still quite like it - so I'm torn But I should also really create some space and sell it on. I was going to advertise it on here (with permission from Andy) - but then lockdown happened (I did post some pics on a Facebook Micro layouts group- it got quite a lot of "likes" on there, so I may advertise it on there in the future EDIT: And of course, we are still in a more strict lockdown here in Wales too.... Trouble with me is, I really need to thin my collection. But as soon as I create any space - I'd fill it with another new project! ha ha Some of your photos are really convincing here Ian - I've had to look twice at most of them There's a "feeling" of reality and a sense of "place" as well as a very railway-like atmosphere. Top job sir
  10. Only just spotted this thread. Looking superb @Crisis Rail Nice work good sir, very nice work Lots of superb additional detail, great atmosphere, and I like the addition of the traffic cones - it's a detail often overlooked by modellers - nice touch
  11. Hi @kevo Really liking the look of this micro project Yes, definitely better since lowering that roof - it looks more prototypical, and more "in proportion" IMHO I understand your frustration at the loco not being as described.... But don't despair totally - there are online videos on YouTube which can help explain how to fit decoders into non DCC ready locos such as this one, for example Funnily enough, I have been reading (yet again) through my old copy of Paul Karau's book on GWR Branchline terminus stations And I briefly toyed with the idea of a micro layout based on one of the locations such as Mortonhampstead, which has a similar type of roof I was particularly taken with the concept of the cattle dock being opposite the station building in this case To me, it screamed "view-blocker" and operating potential - especially, I thought, if I could place the goods shed part of the way along the platform, as a view-blocker on the other side of the small scene..... Unfortunately, I'll never get this idea built.... I've already got too many layouts, and way too many ideas I'd like to build Best of luck with this one - I'm interested to see this one progress
  12. Looking great @MAP66 Glad I popped down to Tyteford Halte this morning
  13. Some great looking components there. Really like those laser cut low relief factory / warehouse walls & detailing items. Really like that water tower too @Jack Benson - it looks so suited to an industrial location. I like a bit of "neglect" and an air of "run-down".... make of that what you will So I'm looking forward to what you do next with this project
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