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  1. Haven't checked in on this thread in quite some time... Glad I looked in today though. Great progress - the low relief background buildings, and the perspective reduced buildings on the backscene really work. Must check in to Elbow Lane again soon
  2. Another superb layout @Gilbert - cracking work good sir
  3. @SteamingWales- 3 way points can be a bit of a faff to wire up, I know that. But I have been considering doing something similar, in a really really small space (smaller even than my usual efforts) Alas, with "other things" in life getting in the way.... the idea is consigned to some notional point in the future, along with my other ideas and hair-brained schemes It was nice to see this micro though.... and get the old grey matter ticking over once again lol Re the Scalescenes kits - I did have a bash at a couple, but found I somehow got glue onto surfaces where it didn't belong, and
  4. Sorry to be so late to "the party" @SteamingWales- I can't believe I've only just found this thread. When reading the first few posts, and looking at the plan - my first thought was to suggest perhaps using a 3 way point, instead of the two in the deisgn But lo and behold.... I was too late. As it happens, with your ballasting & grime, soot and general filth - it looks fine anyway. Nice job on the scalescenes buildings - I never get them looking so neat.... so I always revert to using plastic-card. Watching this one with interest PS. I'm not in Deepest Darkest Wales - but
  5. @NHY 581 - I had to pour myself a glass of whisky too..... But for the life of me, I can't recall the reason Looking great @LocksleyI really like this cracking micro project.
  6. @MAP66 my apologies for not popping down to Tyteford Halte in absolutely ages.... I'm the one who has missed out because of this Very nice progress sir - although not great progress from Fred and Arthur - I'm sure they're sawing the same bits of wood as the last time I swung by! Looking great as ever, and it's looking more & more atmospheric for each detail you add. Excellent work
  7. Nice. I've got a growing fondness of remote, sparse little halts. That's a great photo to use as your starting point. I've not seen many (if any) pics of halts with a grounded coach body - I really like that. Looking forward to seeing this one develop
  8. Hi @Kevin Johnson - I only just saw this nice little diorama. I especially like the second photo. Although it's not a layout (of course) - it still captures a "moment" and a sense of atmosphere. This is because of the added details here; the wall, the path, weeds and especially the figures - they add a sense of "human touch" We can all identify with Timmy - we must all surely have been in his shoes at some point,watching our first shunting manoeuvre or writing down the number of our fist loco... There's something very positive to be said for building a really small micro layout or
  9. Just wanted to add:- I enjoyed seeing that micro / plank / diorama too @SouthernBlue80ssome nice rusty, overgrown track there. Looks great with those weathered wagons on too - scenes once so common in my neck of the woods..... 2020 has been pretty awful for so many of us mate. I had some "mojo" back a short while ago - but that has waned, as I really should have a good clear-out, with regard to my modelling "stuff" - layouts and locos included, before I can start any new projects..... But the bottom line is, I know my modelling mojo will return again one day - and I'm sure you'll s
  10. What? Another one! Wow - you're keeping busy mate.... Where are you getting all this time for modelling? Don't tell me - It'll only make me jealous! lol Somehow, I found time to build 4 layouts, and start a fifth - all within a two year period... somehow ha ha Alas, that was some years back now - perhaps I felt younger then? Looking forward to seeing this one progress too @Gilbert Although it'll probably be finished by the time I've typed this reply
  11. The new owner has a cracking little new layout there, and I hope he is very pleased with it... I'm sure that'll be the case PS @Gilbert - if you fancy moving your other layout on....
  12. Yes, it's so easy to lose focus, either at the planning stage, or indeed once you've started building. For me though, it's one of the positives of building micro layouts - you don't end up spending too long building something that you aren't happy with Of course, the other side of that argument, is that it makes it easier for you change your mind - so you can keep swapping & changing..... With the last layout I nearly completed, I started off with re-using a baseboard (something I don't normally do) so I had to tweak my original design to fit the board Then I started adding othe
  13. Hello again @Pixie Great to hear from you old chum My my, you have been rather busy! Such a lot of different projects on the go, and you've finished so many of them too. I liked the work on the Clayton's cab - the prism effect never particularly bothered me before... but it's a definite improvement. I like the 7mm Vauxhall Cavaliers too - my first ever car was a Vauxhall Chevette (Or "Shove-it" as they were affectionately known lol) But I particularly liked the re-upholstery work on your dining room chairs - super stuff. Wish I could convince Mrs S that we "need" the same thing
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