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  1. I wouldn't worry too much about it being "another stabling point". I thought that when I built mine (Hendre Lane) some 10 years or so back. But of course - it was MY version of a stabling point, and I wasn't really looking to please anyone else - I just wanted somewhere to run my then new locos, and to experiment with DCC sound and LED yard lighting etc. As if justification was needed when I built it, my thoughts were - "if people said the same 10 years ago, about country branch line termini - then two thirds of layouts would never have been built!" ..... or something like that. The fact is, you have chosen a less-modelled time period, and have built something that's a slightly different design & concept - so it's a winner IMO. Also, you have built quite a lot into a small space - it's cramped - but it's cramped "by design", and looks quite prototypical of several urban yards. Nice
  2. Hi again Jerry, Ah ballasting is so often one of my least favourite bits of railway modelling. I always start off full of energy and enthusiasm.... and then it wanes! lol I would say, use as fine a ballast as you can. To my eye, ballast can look overscale. I tend to use 4mm ballast on 7mm layouts, and N gauge ballast on OO / 4mm. In fact, I'd use something finer still, if you can. For Hendre lane, I can recall mixing some fine dust particles, mixed with N gauge ballast. Perhaps even with some dried tea leaves (that wasn't particularly a good move at home - "er, why have we got tealeaves on pots on window sills & radiators......... darling? - lol) Much of my ground surface in yards (and even areas around & under the track) has been textured paint. Don't worry if it's not quite the right colour of grey - I use emulsion match-pots to tone it all down. Oh, and there'll be lots of oily, grimy, dirty ballast in a depot too. Oh how I enjoy muckying things up. What on earth a Psychologist would make of half an hour with me, well I hope we'll never know PS. You can also use emulsion paint, with some very fine sand sieved into it. Some folk use Chinchilla dust as ballast too - might be worth seeing how fine that is. Best of luck with it mate - maybe do a little at a time, if it gets a bit monotonous?
  3. Looking better all the time @Jerry1975 The Warehouses concealing the fiddle area work well, and they give you the opportunity to add a few more little details, and perhaps even a little cameo scene. In the background, those different roof profiles and building colours work well too - it's got a natural look and composition to it. There's plenty for the observer to look at, and further scope for more fine details, all of which will add interest. But there's plenty of space within the whole scene too. I think this is your best yet Jerry. And what's more - I think it will improve as you add details and figures etc. Nice one good sir, and I hope the modelling is helping take your mind off your Dad's health issues Railway modelling can really help - even if only for a short time.... it can really help to do something creative & satisfying
  4. Hi @Andrew P - only just caught up with this thread, and looked back to spot this pic. Nice bass collection there mate. I particularly like the Jazz with the block & bound neck Just bagged myself a Trace Elliot 1x10 bass cab - ultra compact & lightweight (a 300W cab that weighs only 7.5kg - wow) I could talk basses, amps, guitars and trains all day! - But perhaps much of that is for another forum? lol The layout is looking good sir - your workshop is very neat & tidy compared to mine. Don't get any sawdust on those instruments now.....
  5. Hi Jerry, I'm glad you took those industrial buildings off the bridge - that didn't look quite right, as others have said. As I mentioned before, I like to move buildings around before glueing them permanently into position. I tend to shuffle some trains about with background (and foreground) buildings in position. I would advocate taking some photos of 1 or 2 wagons and a loco on the layout - to see what background combination works best. This can help, as it's sometimes when looking at photos of our layouts, we decide that we could have done something differently..... More importantly though, really sorry to hear bad news re your Dad. Hope everything is OK mate.
  6. Sorry to have only just caught up with this thread. Last I had heard, was that Gordon was unwell. So sorry to have heard of his sad passing. It's always such a shame to lose someone who many may never have even met - yet their modelling and words of wisdom will leave a mark on so many. RIP Gordon, and condolences to his friends & family
  7. Hi again Jerry, This layout is coming together very nicely. I think those industrial buildings look "at home". The only thing I think I might consider changing is the bridge. It looks fine there, and provides a good scenic break But to my eye, it's maybe just a tad too large, and perhaps just "dominates" a little? - Of course, these are just my own thoughts, and it could be that once everything is weathered and "bedded in" to the scenery, that changes anyway.... When I'm at the scenery stage of a layout build, I like to ensure that I continue a bit of ballasting and ground surfaces into the fiddle yard area. This is mainly so that onlookers don't see bare wood when watching a train enter or leave the scenic area. To my way of thinking it helps the transition between scenic and non-scenic areas of the layout. I'm interested to see what you intend to do with this "transition" between fiddle + scenic areas. Personally, I tend to think a smaller archway would restrict onlookers from seeing directly into the fiddle yard. There are other ways of tackling this, of course; You could include a road access under the bridge, in front of the line and park a big lorry there. Perhaps even a tallish fence between road and railway, to "protect" road traffic? If this were my project, I might even think about a dummy end of headshunt, overgrown & rusty or with a wagon / van parked permanently on it, again to reduce the area where onlookers can see into the fiddle yard.... As I say Jerry - these are just some of my thoughts. This is definitely going to be a great layout though, whatever you decide on Keep up the good work - I can't wait to see it finished
  8. Really nice @Ian Holmes - thanks for sharing the link, and thanks to everyone involved in publishing, creating and submitting articles. An enjoyable read. I particularly liked that view of "Herrin" you are quite right.... who wouldn't want to take a closer look through the fence? (well, Mrs Smith for one, I suppose lol).
  9. It's surprising how, in many situations, a dividing wall, a fence or mix of hedges and fencing can add the illusion of a little more depth to a scene. The was certainly achieves this here @bazzer42 Your thread title instantly drew my attention, cos I thought "Merthyr is nowhere near the sea" - "Ah, it must be a layout based around a fictional line to Merthyr Mawr"
  10. Looking good Jerry. Definitely don't glue / fix any buildings in place just yet. I tend to place a few wagons / tankers & locos on the track, do a bit of shuffling / shunting around, and tweak the positions of buildings several times, until I'm happy that main structures are in the "right" place. Sometimes, this may take a while until you're absolutely happy with everything. Sometimes a building looks fine where it is, and you move it, and Bingo - it just looks better in the new position. However, keep it like that for a short while, until everything else is in its' place too. Often, the position of structures may be dictated to you - for example an over-bridge or the arch you mention for delivery vehicle access... Perhaps this may even need a taller structure adjacent to it, to disguise the arch ending right against the background. And sometimes one building just looks "better" besides another than any other combination. What always seems to add interest to a scene though, is differing roof heights and profiles - to my mind, it tends to look natural.... and your choice of buildings is helping achieve this. Nice work Jerry - keep the photos coming
  11. Those industrial buildings look great Looking forward to seeing a couple more, and to see what other buildings & structures you use. Keep up the good work. I've a feeling this will be a nice little layout
  12. You're making some great progress here Jerry I really like that Scalescenes office building - nice job sir @Andrew Cockburn- thanks for posting that pic of your old N gauge layout. I enjoyed seeing that too....Any more pics?
  13. Ah, now if only I had some spare time..... ("spare time" - what the heck is that? lol)
  14. No problem @Jerry1975 - it's what RMweb is for - inspiration, help, guidance and feedback, and it's why I'm a huge fan of the forum, and all those like Andy Y, who put so much time & effort into running and maintaining it - where would I be without RMweb? Glad to hear you'll be adding some fuel tanks and other associated scenic items. It's all the paraphernalia & general "clutter" that help make a small layout more interesting IMO.
  15. So @TechnicArrow - you are blaming me for this thread taking a Twister direction. Well, I'd point out that it's up to you to Mr. Whippy it in to shape. .....And up to me to apologise for my puns not improving, of course Back on topic (not wanting to side-step onto chocolate bar puns!) I did wonder whether you might automate the running. I'm looking forward to seeing how that works.
  16. This is looking really.... tasty In fact, it's really Jubbly Flakin' hell Oh dear, please accept my apologies - my attempts at ice-cream related puns must stop there! Excellent progress good sir. I like this - it's something quite different. Can't wait to see it finished - now, is that an Ice cream van around the Cornetto..... argh - I said I'd stop lol
  17. Hi Jerry, Yes, it has been a very difficult year, and for so many of us too However, a good hobby can be a huge help, and a pleasant distraction as well as a creative outlet I always liked "Barber's Bridge" too. It's one of the layouts that helped inspire me to build Hendre Lane (all those years ago!). Although I've been having something of a clear-out (and I really, really, really need to clear some more possessions / "stuff") I've been pondering building something very small - just to have a little project and a creative distraction myself. And funnily enough, I pondered something along the same lines.... You have made a good start sir - and yes, you really do need somewhere to run those diesels. Best of luck with it. I will be watching with interest
  18. Hi @D602bulldog - apologies for the late reply. I only just saw this post... Yes, it has gone to a new owner. I'm sure the layout will live on - it's such a classic.
  19. Some great weathering and painting here @Enfys_Rainbow Really like that Provendor store too. Am enjoying looking back through this thread. I always liked the building at the far left of the layout, disguising the entry point. The different levels really look spot on.
  20. Looking good Captain K I especially like the retaining wall and backs of terraced houses - there's something so atmospheric and natural about that view. I must admit, I had completely forgotten about this project. I think I must have been distracted by just how good Bethesda is! I must also admit that it can be a distraction, when you model in several scales, and / or gauges. Keep up the fab modelling good sir
  21. @naturol- 7mm will indeed bite hard. It leaves a great impression too. Oooh, tell me what you have planned for those wagons EDIT: PS Wayne - the Grampus is a bit of a fave wagon of mine. I have one that always looked at home on Poynton. Good to see one sat there again.... Now you'll have to finish painting it
  22. Thanks for that @Jon73202, This thread is from several years back - I resurrected it, as the layout has now been sold on I'm sure Wayne (the new owner) will keep it going though. I really should get around to building a new micro O gauge layout - I've an idea niggling away for another space-saving concept... Alas, time & space are the drawbacks, as ever
  23. Thanks for your kind words guys That was a fab day at Stafford @Andrew P - big thanks to Andy Y for putting that on. Can't wait for another rmweb members day This layout is now sold - I put it on Facebook, and guy asked me to put it by for him, after only about 30 mins Once we're ready to move house, I can start thinking about my next project!
  24. Just looking back through this thread, as I've been selling a few items just recently (including another layout) I'm going to be advertising it for sale elsewhere, and just wanted to see if there was any interest in it? It's truly a Micro Layout, at only just over 3 feet in length, by around 15" deep. The fiddle yard is around 20" or so and includes a "wired-in" Peco Loco lift - so you can keep sound locos ticking away. Also included is the power supply for the LED lights - I spent nearly £100 on those alone. Anyone interested in buying this little Steelworks Micro - please PM me
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