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  1. They weren’t the most spacious of cabs, my first encounter with one was a Cummins engined demonstrator, Optare were UK agents for Bova for a short while in the early 1990s and offered a Cummins option. I don’t remember too much of it but it was our first dabble with an auto gearbox, the cab was claustrophobic and it lacked any real power. Needless to say it found no fans in an almost all Volvo fleet and its only plus point was 57 seats, which we made good use of during the fortnight we had it as it offered an extra paying passengers. It was an excellent advert for Volvo
  2. Good to see this is still a possibility and fingers crossed enough progress is made in the wider world to allow it to go ahead. There’s clearly a desire to go ahead and it deserves to succeed, It could well be the first show of the pandemic/ post pandemic era and I’m looking forward to it.
  3. It wasn't directed at you Clive, you are of course the only visible difference between a still and video of the boss' layouts. When left to the man himself, any one of them could be the standout winner of any game of statues!
  4. For Dave's layouts, there's very little difference between video and stills.....
  5. Coincidentally I received one of the Wadham ambulances this morning, nearly two months since it was ordered but it was only £2.40 postage. It's a lovely model, maybe follows the Oxford trait of sitting a tad high but it's an unusual model of these ambulances that were common in the 80s. Tiny have evidently produced a Mk1 V6 (diesel style front grille) as well but its been out of production for a number of years so these are hard to come by.
  6. Nottingham in mid-March, a week or so before lockdown was announced. We were discussing what the next show we’d get to might be, the optimists were with York in early or Bingham in mid-April, the pessimists were with Railex at the end of May. Little did we know that whilst the optimists view of Bingham might yet prove to be correct, nobody ever thought it would be over a year later.
  7. I doubt it'll ever be a problem they'll have to overcome, the intended extension for the NVR is to head towards Oundle from Yarwell Jct. In any case, if they did head beyond Kings Cliffe, that would be the least of their worries, some kind soul's built a brewery in the middle of the trackbed west of the former Kings Cliffe station, that might be a bigger concern!
  8. Much though I love to trace old rail remains, the fact that so much of the estate survives is down to the lack of any need to remove it, however as the structures age and the potential for structural decay, means they will need more frequent inspection which of course cost money. Intriguing that some of these structures are on little used roads in pretty remote places, two of the three in Leics are on former ironstone lines with only country lanes above. Both are pretty substantial structures and the last time I visited in 2018 were showing little sign of any real deterioration, ho
  9. A diverted St Pancras - Nottingham service caught between Seaton and Wing tunnels on the Manton route on Wednesday 30th. composition is pretty poor but it crept up and caught us by surprise!
  10. A show so small it could be held in a "Tin Hat" as I recall, now that really was a show for micro layouts...
  11. Still some way to go with this, the canopy works at Kettering are ongoing and it doesn't look like these will be finished for a few weeks yet. No idea when the Corby branch will be powered up but presumably not until the canopy works are complete.
  12. Best of luck and hope this doesn't cause too much of a hit to trade but as you say, this is a real body blow to yourselves and so many retailers at what is for a substantial proportion of them, the time of year when the bulk of their annual profit will be generated. Hopefully the website and C&C helps keep things rolling. Would be useful to have a Paypal facility for website purchases, it avoids passing the funds through the bank account where SWMBO has full sight of transactions. I'd never have made it into 0 Gauge if shops didn't accept Paypal!
  13. There are plenty of folk that commute long distances to benefit from the lower cost housing, pre-COVID I did it from Kettering/ Corby where patronage has grown massively since the 1980s, indeed the business case for Corby station and subsequent electrification was built on London commuter traffic. That’s not the northern limit by any stretch of the imagination, I travelled with regular commuters from Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Alfreton, Long Eaton and Loughborough. One of my colleagues lived in Solihull, another in Kings Lynn so distance is relative as they say! The
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