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  1. I spoke with Danny in 2018 about some GER corridor kits in 4mm and they were on his list to do and he hoped to have them in 2019. In a later exchange by post he admitted these were still on the list but due to various factors, weren't expected any time in the immediate future. The estimated price at that stage was circa £55. On the strength of that, and having seen several go for up to £112 on ebay, I felt that WM's £72 was a fair price to pay. Just have to build them now!
  2. Testing was due to begin this month but I'm not sure how the crisis has affected the timescales for this plan.
  3. News we’ve been waiting on for some years now but no less sad for that. Expo EM was the usual place for stocking up and a chat on what may appear or perhaps when from those products listed as NYA or those in his ‘in progress’ file. It would be good if the ranges were to pass on to others and reappear in due course, the wagons and some of the bus kits would be particularly welcome. RIP old chap.
  4. The numbers aren’t quite big enough for the absolute elimination of all doubt...
  5. Tragic that the tooling was lost, it was a real work of art and must have cost a fortune to make.
  6. I guess the answer to this depends on where the plant was and which period you're interested in. Corby in the 70s received limestone from Wirksworth, Derbys in HTO/ HTV hoppers, coal mostly from Derbys/ Notts in BR 16t MCOs or non-pool BSC owned slope sided tipplers. Fuel oil came in B class vac braked tanks or air-braked TTAs. As the internal quarry system was connected directly to the works, only a small proportion or ore came by BR, this mostly on short trips from Glendon East or Twywell in BR 27t tipplers, similar BSC owned wagons or 30t BSC PO tipplers. Occasional batches of imported ore came from Ridham Dock or Birkenhead. These were pretty rare and usually in 21t hoppers. Outbound traffic was steel tubes in 22t tube wagons or a variety of bogie bolsters. A very small amount of steel went out as plates and an even smaller amount as coiled strip. One curious working was occasional BOC 100t tanks, these served the BOC plant on the site but it was never clear if they were loaded inbound or outbound. Fisons also had a plant on site processing slag into fertiliser, this was shipped out in 12t VVVs until the contract switched to road a year or two prior to closure. Occasional traffic was plant and machinery, all manner of wagons could be used for that - lowmacs, low fits, weltrol's etc. This wasn't common.
  7. True to form,York this year has been a tad expensive, now creeping into three figures from another great array of traders and with a good few hours to go before closing, there may yet be a few more bits to add. Hats off to the crew for staging virtually the perfect show.
  8. A pal of mine was disposing if his 4mm collection and a quantity of Lilliput Lane figures a year or so back, so in anticipation ordered 50m of bubble wrap and some loco sized cardboard boxes from the same store. In a remarkably short time, both items duly arrived, consigned in separate packages, the boxes were flat packed in a couple of metres of bubble wrap inside a larger cardboard box. The bubble wrap was inside a cardboard box as well, and to avoid damage in transit it was packed in....you guessed it, another five metres of bubble wrap. As the postage was free, next time he’s going to forgo the order and just ask for the free postage x10 to get his 50m of bubble wrap.
  9. York has been an annual high point amongst shows for me for over four decades now, the first time in 1977 and have since missed six, only one of those since 1990. It seems very odd that I’m not ill at Easter (thankfully) yet not going to York. Its usually an expensive trip, the only thing I thought it would cost me this time was the cheapest part any way (Admission), and even then, that’ll keep til next year, but I started on my ‘virtual’ shopping list to keep me amused for an hour or so. And then I read the post about buying anyway.... The orders aren’t placed yet, after all the show doesn’t open til tomorrow, but this shopping bill looks very real. Now, what was that about buying only essential items....
  10. I think it would be Luton for Victors, Ellesmere Port is GMs Wirral plant and was producing Vivas in the 60s and 70s. I believe it was also a distribution point for the North though, other GM cars and vans were shopped there for consignment to dealers.
  11. Well there's a couple of options, they can be furloughed and get 80% of their pay or as most will be self employed, they can claim the support that's measured against their profits declared in their tax returns over the past three years....
  12. An exquisite piece of modelling there and right up the Barlow and Rice street. Thats quite a rate of progress in the 23mins since the first pictures were posted. From bare baseboards to finished layout in 23 mins, unbelievable...
  13. Thorpe Culvert, on the Skegness branch, is below the river level and I’d guess also sea level being just a couple of miles from the point where the Steeping River meets the North Sea.
  14. Mention of Chris Crawley reminded me of the two locations he had after moving to Lincolnshire, firstly in a filling station at Irby in the Marsh and subsequently in an outbuilding of the former Railway Hotel at Firsby Junction. Both were pretty unconventional locations, the Firsby one more of a warehouse workshop for producing kits than a shop. I think he’d taken on a number of whitemetal kit ranges by that stage, Nu-Cast among them, and had also been in North Lincs at one point after leaving London. He also acquired some of the stock when Kings Cross closed, on one visit I remember seeing a number of the kit built buses and coaches that had previously adorned the cabinets at York Way. He was big into road vehicle kits and somewhere I still have one of the A4 catalogues he produced in the pre-Oxford/ EFE days. I think Dave must have passed away in the early 2000s, my final contact with them was with his daughter in 2008 after I’d acquired a number of Westward kits that had appeared on eBay. I went across to collect them and she said they were disposing of the remaining stock, this must have been more than a decade after the shop had ceased trading.
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