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  1. Not sure that East Midlands Railway picked the best day to be launching the construction of their revolutionary new fleet of trains....
  2. Add to this: Leyland Octopus Supertoy tipper Ford D800 tipper Foden S103 tipper AEC Mercury tractor unit and assorted trailers - flat, tank, dropside and tilt.
  3. The Ring Haw link was very useful, I’d no knowledge of Hardy’s previously but from the link I discovered a whole host of interesting items I’d no idea existed...or that I needed. The RSH “Ugly” was a real find, I came across a GA plan a few years ago and had started to scratch build one which didn’t progress very far. This has rendered it redundant.
  4. Looking forward to it, losing York last year was a blow and compounded this year. York for me has been an annual highlight for most of my lifetime and it's once again very odd having an Easter Saturday at home, not being in York it doesn't even seem like Easter! Thanks to all those who contribute to making it such an iconic show and all the very best for 2022.
  5. Rockingham Station crossing in Leics was resurfaced in 1971 with the rails still in situ, I'd imagine they're still under there. I've some pics somewhere of the Yarmouth Union line around the quayside, near the brewery and just beyond Haven bridge taken between 1979 and 2005, I believe resurfacing removed those around Haven bridge in the 1990s but not sure if any of the others survive.
  6. A shot here taken on the day of re-opening - https://www.railcar.co.uk/images/12353
  7. From memory there were four signs on lamposts, a timetable board on the platform, another on the carpark side at the top of the steps and the main station sign on Cottingham Rd. The latter was intact until the site was developed nearly 20 years after services had ceased. The platform is still intact opposite the new platform on the up side. The NSE designation came from the fact that the service was operated by NSE from Bletchley though it was rare to see an NSE liveried unit on the service, the usual was a 121 or a 108 in blue and grey. One of the bubble cars had a Corby Borough c
  8. 'Don't think any made it into blue, by the time it came into play their numbers would have been pretty well decimated by the impact of a shrinking railway, even BR std suburbans were being culled before blue started to be applied. There were some Thompson corridor coaches that made it to blue and grey, mostly buffets, and the 6w BY full brakes lasted well into the 70s, a good number of which were painted blue.
  9. Best of luck with it, hopefully it won't be the first show to go ahead but at least it should be fairly certain it'll happen.
  10. Scammell Trunker, the Handyman was the 4x2 version with single steer axle.
  11. Crew training on the 360s from Corby started last week, from what’s been posted on various forums, there’s paths allocated for two return trips each day from London with further paths as far as Kettering. It doesn’t appear that many of the allocated paths are being used at the moment. Not heard anything different so assume that they’ll be in service as planned from the May timetable change.
  12. They weren’t the most spacious of cabs, my first encounter with one was a Cummins engined demonstrator, Optare were UK agents for Bova for a short while in the early 1990s and offered a Cummins option. I don’t remember too much of it but it was our first dabble with an auto gearbox, the cab was claustrophobic and it lacked any real power. Needless to say it found no fans in an almost all Volvo fleet and its only plus point was 57 seats, which we made good use of during the fortnight we had it as it offered an extra paying passengers. It was an excellent advert for Volvo
  13. Good to see this is still a possibility and fingers crossed enough progress is made in the wider world to allow it to go ahead. There’s clearly a desire to go ahead and it deserves to succeed, It could well be the first show of the pandemic/ post pandemic era and I’m looking forward to it.
  14. It wasn't directed at you Clive, you are of course the only visible difference between a still and video of the boss' layouts. When left to the man himself, any one of them could be the standout winner of any game of statues!
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