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  1. I’d consider exhibiting myself.....but only if there was a return ticket..
  2. I didn’t think even the 123s had B4 power bogies but could be wrong. That’s a power car so wouldn’t have had B4s in service if that were the case. I
  3. I worked for a business that held an annual trade show at the NEC up until a few years ago, but I still get emails from agencies offering me the visitor database which we’d never actually sold!
  4. The 16” and 15” were perhaps more common in the ore fields but there were plenty of 0-4-0 tanks as well so no reason why the 14” wouldn’t have been around as well, particularly in earlier years. Personally I’d opt for the 16”, the pair at Nassington Quarry were always favourites with me and the JE Kit makes up into a lovely model though I can’t say how easy they are to build, mine came partly completed and only needed minor finishing work.
  5. Must have been a few concerned looks when they reached the tippler...
  6. We’ve a std meat van with the vents on one end plated over in a field just up the road, it serves as a stable (I think) and still looks in reasonable nick. A builder near to where we lived as kids in the early 70s had three or four wooden bodied containers, they may well still be there, and two wagons still on their underframes which were the right height for unloading from flat bed delivery wagons and into their own wagons as required.
  7. Ironically a discussion with an exhibitor at the last show I attended before lockdown concerned what might be the next show to take place, he was suggesting it would be Cotgrave but I don’t think he had 2021 in mind! i wish you every success with this and look forward to it.
  8. The rule of six doesn’t change a great deal for commercial events or most circumstances outside of domestic settings, it only gives legislative powers to enforcement of it. Businesses are still able to accommodate up to their Covid-safe limit which will be underpinned with a risk assessment taking all factors into account. The only issue is customers should not present or gather in groups greater than six and from no more than two households/ bubbles, which with the new powers of enforcement, will be expected to be more rigidly observed. On the cancellation liabilities, the commercial
  9. Guy Williams book, ‘Model Locomotive Construction’ is an excellent starting point for anyone starting out in scratch building. It defines the tools, materials and techniques paid down by the master himself. It can be picked up cheaply from a certain auction site and is well worth the couple of pounds it fetches nowadays.
  10. White Rose also do excellent boards but not sure if they do custom work, worth an email though - https://www.whiterosemodelworks.co.uk/department/online-product-range/
  11. Both these incidents were related to journeys introduced to relieve the local bus services and allow social distancing to be maintained on the service journeys. Bus operators have been frantically gathering together as many spare vehicles and drivers as they could muster to provide these. Aside from issues with getting enough drivers with completed DBS checks to drive them, they’ve also been moving staff around depots to balance supply and demand. The Stagecoach driver was a new recruit on his first day and as was evident, the vehicle in Bristol (Operated by a small independent) was
  12. You may know the folks in the pub, but you’ve absolutely no idea of what they’ve been up to since last you saw them, they could have been engaged in higher infection risk activity than anyone in the coffee shop so the perception of lower risk in the pub is exactly that, a perception.
  13. I've some interest in the coach tour industry and whilst there is still a significant reticence among the traditional, over 55 clientele (only 25% don't have significant concerns - see any parallels here?), many tour operators who have resumed are seeing the demographic has shifted and a new breed of customer, many of whom have never set foot on a coach since they left school, are making up the numbers. Granted, social distancing measures mean the "numbers" are still less than they need to be to support £300,000+ coaches but there has to be a starting point and they've been a godsend to an ind
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