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  1. No, but it was a very clever way to highlight both the full and abbreviated titles. Interestingly, there were numerous references to the company by the incorrect version when the heritage display at East Carlton Park first opened in the early 80’s. Only when the inconsistencies were pointed out were the extent of the mistakes apparent. There followed an effort to correct them but some may have remained. The collection and displays are now much reduced in size and sadly are in need of some serious TLC, they have clearly seen better days.
  2. It was locally, it was a rarity for the company to be referred to by its correct title, it was always Stewart & Lloyd. To Corby kids in the 70s, the annual gala was referred to as Stewart & Lloyd’s fair until it moved from the company ‘Rec’ in 1986.
  3. Good to see these are running again and that the future is much brighter for the plant. Its been a few years since we last went so it’s on the must do list for this year.
  4. Very interesting pics, not ones I’d seen before. The location could be Corby, the communication address looks newly painted and is Corby, and the redevelopment of the former Lloyd’s site would have been just about to get underway after S&L acquired it in 1932. These would presumably been in their twilight years and replaced with the steel bodied 20 tonners at the start of the war.
  5. My plasticard stock still lives in one that came home with a copy of Alan Townsin’s book about AEC, it’s been there for nearly 40 years ago now.
  6. Try Australian forum sites, there used to be a range of UK prototype truck kits available in 1:87 scale from Peter Young models aimed at the Aussie market. I don’t think they’re still around but there may be other manufacturers doing cars. This might be a starting point - http://www.87thscale.info/manufacturers_list_part-1.htm
  7. Sphere Products offer some suitable items. https://www.sphereproducts.co.uk/#!/Workstations/c/16709062/offset=0&sort=normal The cube is soon to be available in an enlarged version big enough to accommodate an A4 cutting mat.
  8. Maybe a bit far from Stoke but I seem to remember the Railway Conductor at Weedon, near Northampton have opened on Boxing Day in the past.
  9. I love the lorry, very nicely crafted and the IXO TK is arguably the best model of that type produced in any scale, I’d venture to say much better than the 1:1 version which GM produced and in my experience left an awful lot to be desired. IXO also do a very nice Bedford TJ. Don’t Ignore the Dinky super toy range, the Ergo cab Leyland Octopus could be made very pretty and if you’re handy with a hacksaw, it has numerous possibilities for other Leyland/ AEC/ Albion variants. Even the short Ford D Series is very close to scale and is a very nicely proportioned model.
  10. Bought this via their website a few weeks back and its first class. The BW pics add to the atmosphere of decay that the 70s railway was infamous for.
  11. I’ve a spare set of plates for ‘Ring Haw’ you’re welcome to if you can provide the 16” Hunslet to put them on. In a historical context, I might also have a set of ‘Colwyn’ plates.
  12. Tulyar was used on Adex trains to Lowestoft and Skegness in August 78. Me memory of seeing it at Skeggy was that it wasn’t particularly clean but the photos suggest otherwise. It still had the domino headcodes at the time.
  13. Indeed, and fortunate for them that they did, these were renowned for having a stiff ride....
  14. It’s always an interesting debate about the value of models, whether individual items, collections or as here, a complete layout. An interesting comparison would be with the Model Railway Clubs “Chiltern Green” which was listed on eBay recently with a starting point of £1200 but failed to attract any bids. At the end of the day any item will attract the price that anyone who wants it is willing to pay, and in the case of Earls Court, it’s a well known model of an uncommon prototype which has a keen following, so who knows.
  15. Tail traffic was still alive and well in East Anglia in 1980 at least, there was a daily van tagged to the back of a Norwich to Yarmouth unit, usually a Cravens set, which was detached at Yarmouth by the 03 station pilot. I believe there was an equivalent service to Lowestoft. I’m not certain about it elsewhere but I think there was a working from Lincoln which might have run to Grimsby, I’ve a vague recollection of seeing a photo of one at Barnetby in the mid-70s.
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