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  1. Sun Castle Hornby A2/3 After being suitably weathered Sun Castle was ready for work and here is a video of it preparing for duty.
  2. Here is Sparrow Hawk waiting to depart, this was a picture that I couldn't take before as all the controls for the engine shed would have been visible, by adding a dummy wharehouse wall I have disguised them and it also stops my shirt sleeves catching and breaking the platform lamps, quite a few lights have ended up in the bin that way, progress! I think an A4 looks good from almost any angle so here are a couple of photos to prove it.
  3. A recently completed short video showing some Locos at work on the East Coast Mainline.
  4. A lot depends on the glue you have used if it is a PVA water based glue you can soften it with warm water so after you have cut through and isolated the track with a cutting disc you can easily remove the offending section, other adhesives will require different solvents. The new section will need the fishplate joiners to be recessed so that they can be slid out afterwards to ensure alignment and good electrical contact.
  5. Here's Kingfisher resplendent in its new blue livery. So no sign of weathering as we see it make its way out of Town. And into the Country.
  6. I have been experimenting recently with using banking engines on the layout so here is a short video showing my progress.
  7. I would think that it is either electrical, i.e.are the frogs being switched to the correct polarity as the point is changed, what are you using as a switching device. Or, mechanical, what track are you using Code100 or finescale, what rolling stock are you running, are the wheels gauged correctly and not shorting on the point frogs.
  8. I have been experimenting with couplings recently and one of the types I wanted to try are the magnetic type "Hunts Elite" so I bought a selection to play with. The main reason for trying them is that at the moment most of my coaches are Bachmann and I use their vacuum pipe connectors to get realistic close coupling, the drawback with this is they are difficult to separate if I want to re-arrange the coaches into different rakes. After some trials I found that the intermediate size coupling was an almost perfect match for the Bachmann and worked well.
  9. A lovely set of photos of The Coronation Scot and a reminder of times past but for me the Duchess in its normal unstreamlined form was the best looking loco I ever saw, a beautiful combination of power and style.
  10. I bought a selection of Hunt Elite couplings last week and have been very impressed with them. The main reason for buying them is that most of my coaching stock is Bachmann and I use their Vacuum Pipe close connectors to get a realistic close distance between the coaches. The problem then is that the coaches are not easy to disconnect to form up into different sets which with the average price of coaches at around the £50.00 mark makes it expensive to build 8 coach sets so I wanted a more flexible system. After a few trial runs I found that the intermediate size couplings
  11. Kadees are working out expensive the moment. Have you looked at Hunts magnetic couplings? I have been fitting them to my coaching stock and find that with the different sizes available I can get the close coupling I prefer plus the ability to easily split rakes of coaches and re-assemble as required.
  12. I usually set CV201 to 0, this is the Loco start delay so it helps to cut down the problem where the Loco temporarily stops and then cycles through the sequence for a few seconds before restarting.
  13. I recently posted this photo of my new loco and remarked on the difference in colour compared to the normal BR Loco Green. I have now had a go at weathering it and started by giving the bodywork a light spray of weathered black with a touch of Brunswick Green added to tone down the colour, keeping fingers crossed that I didn't over-paint the lining. I then continued with a general weathering, including Smoke Black along the boiler top, Frame Dirt to the loco and tender wheels. Rust paint and powders to the cylinders and coal bunker and tender
  14. No, this package was by Royal Mail + Correos tracked and this is the first problem I have had with them. I switched to Royal Mail after a previous problem with a package from DPD/Seur in January which was:- Tracking showed that the parcel had arrived at their Spanish Depot but they couldn't find it when asked. After about a month they asked me to pay 27euros for the parcel to clear customs. I paid the money then they informed that the parcel had been returned to UK because it had been delayed too long in transit at their Depot. They at least had the de
  15. Here is the little J15. Struggling with its train of loaded Dogfish Wagons. Heading out to help with track repairs.
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