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  1. There has always been a corner of the layout devoted to Mr Dibnah's Traction Engine Workshop and business has been good lately so he has gone and bought a new Land Rover. It's a bit modern for the time period but weathered down a bit it doesn't look too out of place.
  2. Thanks for that an excellent video with plenty of helpful information, I will be to working my way through it to see exactly how you achieved your effects.
  3. To compliment the video here are some photos of the J11 shunting. I have recently had a lot of my original lighting starting to fail so rather than just replace them I thought I would investigate using LED lighting strips instead. The brightness is fully adjustable so the you can simulate different times of day and create shadows. You can also gradually change from cold white to warm colour light or any mix in between which gives a large range of effects not just for photography but to create a different atmosphere for the layout and these two photos show the extremes of the range.
  4. Kadee Shuffle with Wonky Uprights I filmed this video with my new camera which can record in High Definition and Dolby Sound, (that's progress!) unfortunately I didn't realise until afterwards that in this mode it uses a compression system which results in fine vertical edges becoming blurred when not in central focus, see the signal bracket and lamp posts. So I'm afraid it will be back to shooting in its MP-4 mode for indoor model railway videos in future.
  5. Kadee Shuffle I really like the Kadee coupling system and the advantages it brings to a layout but I wanted the uncoupling magnets to be invisible where possible so as not to spoil the track appearance. To achieve this I experimented with different types an strengths of magnets. The first type, rod magnets worked OK on Locos and Coaches but the power was too concentrated for light weight wagons which the magnets tended to tip over so I used these in the Station for mainline trains, the advantage being that they could be fitted after tracklaying and are invisible with a light covering of ballast. The second type, square plate magnets proved the answer for shunting trucks as they had a larger but less concentrated magnetic field so they can be set lower into the track ballast but they have to be fitted before the track is laid. There is a demo video to follow this once I get it loaded in.
  6. Thanks very much for the info guys it's much appreciated and will be looked into. It's amazing how things change so quickly with this virus, I was just thinking it has been 20+ years since I was in that part of the country and now with the quarantine news it is going to another year, the holiday is cancelled until 2021.
  7. I know that this is way off topic but I,m struggling a bit at the moment. We have a pre-booked (before the virus) holiday coming up touring around Lancashire which at the moment now looks as though it will be going ahead if we don't have to go in quarantine. After searching online I find that the East Lancs Railway and over in Skipton the Embsay Railway are re-opening in August with a limited service, does anyone know of other railway related places of interest in the region that will be open and worth a visit.
  8. A great set of photos of your first class layout, I was very impressed by the items made withe 3d printer, I had previously thought that this type of printer was a luxury but seeing your work and others it is starting to look like another essential tool for quality railway modelling. Richard
  9. Just to finish off the Triplet Story here are a few photos of the set in use hauled by A3 Persimmon. I haven't got a correct rake of coaches sorted out yet these a just a random selection from my available stock but that will be done next.
  10. Hi Paul This is a link to the site where I purchased the magnets which has all the details. https://www.guysmagnets.com/neodymium-magnets-c11/guys-magnets-20-5-mm-x-7-7-mm-x-2-mm-neodymium-block-p440 I found these to be the most efficient magnets for uncoupling Kaydees but they really need to be fitted before tracklaying. I did try the other type where you drill a series of holes and fit rows of 3mm dia rod magnets inside the track between the sleepers but these didn't work as well and they also had a tendency to tip over light rolling stock such as trucks because the magnets tended to pull the coupling down instead of uncoupling it. Richard
  11. Hi Thank you very much for taking the time to provide that information it is exactly what I was looking for and will give me a good starting point to building up correct rakes of coaching stock. As mentioned before I would also like to build some coaching stock not available as RTR and by coincidence yesterday I saw a video by Tony Wright in which he mentions fitting Comet sides to the old Airfix 57ft coaches. I have quite a few of these under the bench which are not used now so it seems like the perfect opportunity to build something different.
  12. Thanks for your comments, it really is encouraging to get feedback like that and it helps keep me motivated, you do feel isolated out here at times and I would just love to spend time browsing through a Model Shop again (if there are any open at the moment.) Also welcome to RMWeb there's lots of info on here whatever your level of expertise. Richard
  13. The Triplet set has now been completed. Clearance is very tight on the sharpest curves but the coaches don't quite touch, helped I think by the corridor connections What I need to do now is find a typical coach formation that can be condensed down into an eight coach train (my maximum). But they perform well and I've really enjoyed making them, what's next, well I have a lot of older LMS era coaches which I think can be fitted with 'Comet' sides so that needs looking into.
  14. Here is the Triplet Set on running trials around the layout. The roofs are not glued on yet as more passengers are due to arrive soon. Clearances between the coaches are quite tight on the sharpest curves but they don't touch partly helped I think by the use of corridor connections
  15. I'm waiting for parts to detail the roof and also some sprung buffers, the buffers supplied with the kit are just whitemetal castings which by today's standards look coarse. You mention gun blue I think I have seen this also recommended for painting the brass wiring when constructing signals, is there a proprietary brand available that I could buy when next visiting the UK.
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