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  1. The land around the pond was built up and given a base coat of brown paint and the first of some thin layers of varnish were poured into the pool to build up some depth. Coarse turf was added at the same time which soaked into the varnish to give the appearance of weeds in the water. And then more vegetation was added for contrast and a first layer of water ripple effect was applied, more will be added later to try and give the effect of a pond on a breezy day.
  2. I wanted to fit a section of river in this corner of the layout but couldn't think of a convincing way of fitting it in (they don't usually appear from under retaining walls). In one of this months magazines there was an article on creating a pond so i decided to give that a try and see if it would work. After marking out a suitable size this was cut out and a base made which was sealed with PVA glue. Then the pond was contoured with a mix of fine gravel and glue plus some rocks and at the moment a rather unfortunately shaped island.
  3. And finally The Northumbrian runs through Oxenholme Station.
  4. Now we follow Persimmon as she heads out into the country.
  5. Here Persimmon is being turned in the depot ready to be sent down to take over The Northumbrian. Where she duly arrives and couples up.
  6. To conclude our tour of Byford by night here are a couple of photos of the Station area, do those spotters ever go home?
  7. Here is the Engine Shed in the early evening. Then the Diesel Shed with its shiny new floodlights.
  8. Byford at Night All the various lights on the layout are working ones as there are a lot of excellent types to choose from nowadays so I thought we might as well do the job properly and have illuminated street lights. Byford Old Town
  9. Now we have a couple more photos of the Ballast train as it makes its way through Town. And out over the Viaduct.
  10. Here we have the Holden B12 heading out to assist with ballasting, it's hauling a train of Dogfish ballast wagons. With a Shark Ballast Plough Van plus standard Brake Van making up the rear.
  11. A new addition to the roster is A3 Persimmon (originally Minoru renamed, weathered and detailed plus some coats of Klear to give it a sheen). Here we see it on shed and being prepared for duty. And later it pulls into the station to begin work.
  12. The inspiration for the warehouse scene came from The Tetley's Mills layout which I greatly admired and still refer back to today for modelling tips. For me the iconic photo on that layout was of the canal with its warehouses and bridges and while I don't pretend that my model is in the same league it certainly provided me with the motivation to attempt this. I don't normally put lighting inside buildings but with something this size I wanted to portray the atmosphere you got with the dull yellowish lighting and blackened windows they all seem to have.
  13. A couple of areas not seen on the layout before are the local Morris Garage (made from an anglicized american kit). Plus the large warehouse down on the canal bank.
  14. Later on we see it further down the line as it continues its tour. Quite a lot of work was done internally to the saloon, painting detailing and adding figures which I thought would show better with the amount of windows but much of it is lost at a normal viewing distance.
  15. This afternoon the ex L&Y 2-4-2 simmers in the bay platform with the inspection saloon while waiting for the heads of department to board. And then makes a leisurely departure.
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