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  1. Hi from a long time lurker, I spent much of my formative years at Salisbury from 1987 watching the comings and goings and the thought that popped into my head when I saw this fine photo and read the captions regarding the identity of the train is that I'm pretty sure there was (is?) no direct access to the reception line from the east (following the resignalling) and that any trains recessing there were generally from the west or would reverse at the west end (such as the Dinton / Quidhampton traffic). If this is the case reversing the whole train back into Salisbury just to change crew would seem overkill. My (admittedly fuzzy) memory is that trains from Fawley heading to points west would recess in 3 or 4 before continuing their journey. Whilst I have no doubt about the identity of the train - I wonder if something else had occurred with the train - indeed the lack of headlight would suggest to me the loco has run around - although this is not a certainty by any means. Tim
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