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  1. A way to choose orientation of print and a new paint friendly finish forthcoming to FUD, along with cheaper pricing on 70% of items. Great news.
  2. Hi Dave, I've only just caught up with this thread, and it looks like I've missed your show. Those wagons look great, thanks for the plug, I did wonder why I suddenly had a little flurry of sales! Not much going on in development at the moment, plenty of non railway stuff happening, and a house move this year or next, but will get back to designing at some point. Cheers, Eddie.
  3. I got my items today, some 2mm scale wagon bodies. I'm quite pleased with the results, the general surface finish is very good. There are however a few issues; a couple of incomplete corners, a kind of "quilting" effect of raised material around where the support sprues joined the underneath of the wagons, (meaning that W iron units or subframes, or other underframe parts will not fit properly), a single layering glitch on one wagon, and a relatively large extra unwanted rectangle of material on the other. I have been unable as yet to take any decent photos. I'm going to highlight these issues to Shapeways and ask for a reprint. Cheers, Eddie.
  4. I ordered some bits on the 3rd, estimated ship date was today, but they shipped yesterday and are due tomorrow. Shapeways didn't show them as being in production until about an hour before they were showing as shipped! Cheers, Eddie.
  5. If I remember rightly, they don't show items as being in production until a day or two before the shipping date. Cheers, Eddie.
  6. I've ordered a couple of test items in the new HDA material from Shapeways. Might be suitable, especially (hopefully) for vans, might not. Only one way to find out! I will report in 10 days or so. Cheers, Eddie.
  7. Hi Kelly. Sorry, I was thinking in 2mm scale. Cheers Eddie.
  8. Looking at all the examples shown so far, and relating to what I do, I'm thinking that this might be suitable for one piece van bodies, or similar shapes such as Diesel/electric loco bodies etc. I'm wondering which way van bodies would print better, with either floor, or roof (or false roof) included. Watching with interest, and depending on results people report from the first batches to come back, might get a couple of vans done. Cheers, Eddie.
  9. I had a look at this one on Saturday. Very nice indeed. Eddie.
  10. Free shipping on orders over $25 from Shapeways this coming week 7-13 March! Cheers, Eddie.
  11. Andrew of Matthieson models has got some of my prints, we've exchanged messages in the past. He's not doing those RTR PO wagons anymore. I've never had a look at one up close so I don't know any dimensions or how they go together. Cheers, Eddie.
  12. http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/b/brasted/brasted_old44.jpg That horrible moment when you think you might have mistakenly given a van horizontal end boards instead of vertical. The relief when you check your books again and see a van in service with horizontal end boards. Cheers, Eddie.
  13. Hi Jim. Thanks for your kind comments! I don't think it would be any good to simply resize any of these models to 4mm scale, I would probably pretty much start from scratch with each wagon if I were to do this. As for N, I could probably resize to 1/148 scale, but I suspect that any existing RTR underframe would still be far too wide, especially considering how small many of the prototypes were, so 2mm SA components would still be the ideal way to go, but with N wheels, as Gareth Collier has done. Cheers, Eddie.
  14. http://www.tctmagazine.com/3d-printing-at-ces/polaroid-launches-first-3d-printer-at-ces-2016/ I'm not sure how suitable this would be for scale modelling, the blurb here states a layer thickness of "up to" 350 microns, but I thought it a development worth mentioning in here. I'm still looking around for more information on this. Cheers, Eddie. Edit. 50-350 microns. http://www.polaroid.com/news/polaroid-and-ebp-group-in-three-year-3d-printer-partnership
  15. ^Do you mean pre-nationalisation rather than pre-grouping?
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