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  1. Hi, I finished watching the last episode wishing the Beeb had taken the Jamaica Inn approach and made the dialogue inaudible. Regards Nick
  2. Hi, Isn't that due to Murphy's law?. Regards Nick Murphy
  3. Hi, That reminds me of an episode of Lewis, the spin-off from Inspector Morse where a reveal that involved a character doing biological research in a hidden room included having a bank of cabinets at the back of the room with flashing lights al la 1960's computers. I guess I still respect set dressers as they have a budget to work to and the visual aesthetic is a high priority - I guess the organic look of many scenes in Alien cost more than using bits from the scrap bins. I've noticed some films now have a publicity budget many times the cost of the film. Apart from being a way of minimising the tax paid on a film it may distort the look of a film since the adverts may have to have more immediate impact than in times gone by. Regards Nick
  4. Hi, The chances of an accurate train appearing on TV or film is a million to one they say. Regards Nick
  5. Ah, Time to have a word in your own shell like?. Regards Nick Murphy
  6. Hi, At least one Class 119 in Blue Grey had a headlight in 1989 so preservation societies probably inherited them. Thanks to Darius43 for pointing out Silver Fox are now doing conversion kits. If I buy any I may use Bachmann DMMU chassis as the donor at least for the power car. Regards Nick
  7. Hi, If the operator stands the opposite side to visitors in an exhibition then very small amount of bright coloured paint on rail chairs on non visitor side. Regards Nick
  8. Hi, The original poster mentioned trying baby oil in a smoke generator so that was what triggered me to sound a note of caution. Water vapour ought to be the ideal if it wasn't for the effects of scale (please excuse the pun) and the possibility of damaging scenery (real moss on artificial moss anyone?). Regards Nick
  9. Hi, Its possible alternative liquids used in a smoke generator may produce carcinogenic chemicals. At the very least it could get you banned from exhibitions, at the worst...…. Regards Nick
  10. Hi, How are you consisting them together?. Regards Nick
  11. Hi, If the CD-ROM motor is less than 12V and your DCC system applies ~12V pulses to the motor you can hardly ask for a refund. Regards Nick
  12. Hi, I understand the financial crash in 2008 and the rise in wages in Chinese model railway factories forced Hornby to withdraw their OO live steam range. RE DCC: Hornby's live steamers require about 40 volts (at 5 amps) so is a degree of incompatibility on the voltage side. The temperature inside the loco may make using a DCC decoder difficult. Regards Nick
  13. Hi, In which case it may be a mechanical problem - my first thought is that the drive from one end of the motor to the worm is occasionally slipping. When the slip occurs one bogie locks up and the motor tries to drag the loco along so the current will rise a lot. I don't have any current consumption data for working Liliput loco and I've never measured the current consumption when a bogie locks up but I could hear the motor humming. Regards Nick
  14. Hi, If its drawing too much current as soon as the DCC system is switched on but the loco is not being given speed steps above zero then it is not likely to be the mechanism that is causing the problem. One way to check that the loco has been given speed step zero is to warm it up on DC, give it the minimum speed step it will move at, then set the speed step to zero, check it has stopped moving then turn off the DCC system and repower it. If the EB1 trips it is unlikely to be the mechanism since the decoder should not be switching on the motor at all. Can you measure the current draw when you start to apply DC (ideally test this by applying 12V DC immediately rather than turning up the control knob). Can you measure the DCC current (you have an NCE EB1 - do you have an NCE Power Cab as your command station?). Regards Nick
  15. Hi, Now the truncated industrial branch has gained a siding Beggarwood is due to have an extra working point (possibly its 56th -we've never counted). Its important that this point is reliable as its going covered over as part of a tramway section. At the moment the point blades don't move at all possibly due to paint. Another MERG 3D printed servo mount has been assembled (not the latest design). The piano wire has not been added as its down the club as is the servo tester. The SG90 clone servo motor bought off E-bay doesn't have any end stops so it hasn't been possible to roughly set up the servo spindle position prior to test. The micro switch is for the switching the polarity of the point frog. Connection to the frog and DCC bus is via the 3 pin terminal block shown at the top of the picture. On the baseboard where the point is there should be a spare DCC accessory decoder output spare as well as a spare Servo4 driver output (both MERG modules). The point will probably have its own DCC accessory number but might also be operated by the existing goods yard macro used to access the industrial branch from the goods. Originally the industrial branch was going to be wired to the clockwise mainline DCC power district as it shared a diamond crossing with that district but now its gained a point the possibility of short circuits has increased due to wrongly set points and higher risk of derailments. The branch and siding is now wired to the goods yard DCC power district so if there is a short the mainlines will be unaffected. Regards Nick (on behalf of Basingstoke and North Hants Model Railway Society - still looking for new members).
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