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  1. Hi HighPeak45, Hopefully I pulled the numbers from the wagons and not from the boxes.. 320013 and 320036 appeared in my tripple pack. https://www.ngauge.org/rev_fr_bg_hoa.php Regards Tony
  2. Shame that a new batch of coach numbers were not feasible, in the modern technology this is a small change and the delay on something that was not expected or announced I am sure would have been resonable - The manufacturers do this all the time. I am sure a few more sets would have been sold. Tony
  3. I got 20 or so orders ahead of mine! I will keep an eye out for the postie next week. Although weirdly mine says completed in 14 Jan 2019 so not really sure what that means. Tony
  4. They are Stunning. Just for my records and so I can update Ngauge.Org - did you produce 3 running numbers (I have 6 and have 2 of each number)? Thanks Tony
  5. Phew - I thought shifting 504 in a week was some going!
  6. Now they have arrived - its going to get expensive..... so much due out.
  7. Not convinced they were good sellers in 00 gauge so may scupper an N Gauge version.
  8. Wow.. they kept that one quiet.....Shame they don't do the RTC Peak Ixion... to go with it.
  9. As I model some very odd H0 gauge the shop I haven't yet got to is Modelljärnvägsspecialisten Tåg & Hobby in luleå Northern Sweden. I have found realy good shops in Stockholm and Gothernburg. Tony
  10. I am not sure what you saw but they have not been released yet.... and I didn't pack any Farish coaches..... Regards Tony
  11. Arran, Any update - we are soon heading into Autumn..... Thanks Tony
  12. I cannot agree any more - I ordered a NCE Powercab and arrived the next day - caught me out as expected a few days wait so had to wait until Sunday to pick up from the sorting office! Great service - hope to use again. Tony
  13. If you go to the Products Menu then Availability you can search for items (obvious warning about it being a guide!).. https://www.Bachmann.co.uk/availability/ Regards Tony
  14. Hopefully Dave will clarify if this is "holding out" for the current selection of units or the proposed revised units which can be built into a full 14-car set? The latter seemed to gain some interest in the group here and could be a more viable option. Tony
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