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  1. I like it, alot! Tone down the rivets around the windscreen frames (they nearly invisible under coats of paint) and it'll be even better!
  2. Purely out of interest, did they correct the problem with the roofs on these 33's??
  3. To my eye, it looks to be an improvement!
  4. Thanks Brian, Ive now sent him a message! I did notice he had some for 009 a few weeks ago, should have bought them then but kept putting it off. Probably more chance there than anywhere else at the moment, so fingers crossed.
  5. Some years ago now, alot actually, I was also abit of an audiophile and Ive spent thousands of pounds over the years on hi fidelity / quality gear like amps and speakers. Al though Ive dabbled in DCC sound for the last 12 years, I am sometimes left underwhelmed when it comes to sound in 00 or H0 models- however! A few months ago, I discovered the sounds of Legoman Biffo and the EM2 speaker, coupled with Lok sounds 'drive lock' feature, all that underwhelming-ness was about to change. Equipped with a pair of DCC ready Bachmann 37's and my small milling machine, I set to work and this
  6. Where can I get Class 50 0 gauge nameplates from guys? Brian/Shawplan seem impossible to get hold of (email or phone) - plus, don't fancy a trip halfway across the country to an exibition for a tenners worth of nameplates if I'm honest and that'll be in 2021 anyway! Fox seem to be out of stock on 90% of them.
  7. Can I ask please, what is the projected delivery date for the 24/1? I know its already been quoted here but I don't fancy trawling through dozens of pages to find it! Thank you chaps.
  8. Hmm, I'm after a pair of 7 mm name plates. Looks like it maybe a challenge!
  9. Right then, I am now at the stage that I need to number my LLB example. I know in the Railtec instructions it says that a shine is good but since the bodyside is fairly satin in finish can I get away without polishing a patch of bodyside or will I be left with an outline where the decal sits? Does everyone spray the whole side with a varnish after applying decals? This obviously depends alot on handling but it wont be picked up and handled by the numbered area anyway. Ive done lots of decalling on 00 and H0 models over the years with great results but any mistakes
  10. Thank you for this, very useful info!!
  11. That looks really nice. Any chance you could write up a small tutorial ref cut lines etc? I would like a 40 but would have to do the same as you., the incorrect angle just looks odd.
  12. What is the general go-to supplier of 0 Gauge nameplates these days?
  13. A very nice weathering job there, loving the filth around the exhaust ports! Are those drop steps by the buffers plastic? Is it possible to straighten a little without breakage? They should hang vertical
  14. It would. Take some building though I'd imagine. There's alot of differences.
  15. Crikey! You want to kit bash a £600 model to make a CP1800??
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