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  1. Good Evening David, Please excuse my apparent bad manners in not responding sooner but I have been distracted somewhat over recent times because of family related issues and modelling projects have had to be shelved. I have just downloaded the two drawings for the Night Ferry sleepers and they look to be of great assistance for which I offer my belated thanks. I am still pinning my hopes on Hornby announcing these vehicles in their 2019 range on the 7th January. If not, then I shall get cracking. Once again, Thank you. Ivor
  2. Gentlemen, Thank you for the responses. I had missed the fact regarding the taper to the bodysides but it becomes apparent upon closer examination. Fred, thanks for the tip on the French publications, I'll endeavour to track one down. Regards, Ivor
  3. Roy,Jason, Thank you for the replies. I have a copy of the Night Ferry but some of the dimensions are indistinct hence the query. Being recently semi-retired, I have had the idea that I want to scratch build a rake of these sleepers and could do with some better drawings. I'm still pinning my hopes on Hornby providing the sleepers next year ! Ivor
  4. Having convinced myself that Hornby were going to announce the introduction of the above vehicles in their recent newsletter, can anybody advise if and where drawings are available for the sleeping cars ?
  5. My money is on Night Ferry sleepers !
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