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  1. 1331 arrived at Oswestry in May 1940 from Swindon where it had been since 1935, in 1934 it was at Weymouth. It remained at Oswestry until 1949 being condemned at Swindon on 9/1/1950. There are no monthly records of it ever being sent elsewhere in the period it was at Oswestry. Alan
  2. See http://www.michaelclemensrailways.co.uk/?atk=605 Alan
  3. The Ruabon to Barmouth line book by Martin Williams, has a very short piece on the siding on page 59, siding constructed around 1900 for Henry Robertson. In 1908 a small signal box known as Wright’s siding signal box was installed. The box was used to break up the section between Trevor and Llangollen, by the 20s services were of reduced frequency so the box was only open when shunting was required. The siding was removed around the time of WW2. The extent to which blocks would need “cutting” depends upon the jointing (tensile stresses) in the limestone. Alan
  4. There are several halts on the Dovey Junction to Pwllheli line, some short such as Tygwyn. It appears not to apply on this line.
  5. No. 16 at the NRM York. There may be an example in the Penrhyn Castle Museum.
  6. I converted mine to EM sometime ago and it ran fine but when I tried it last week it did not run and there was only whirring from the motor. On investigation the final drive gear attached to the axle was loose and had split. This has happened to both axles. My EM converted AC Cars Railbus has not suffered this fate. Replacement wheels are marked ‘Out of Stock’ at Howes. How common is this problem? Does anyone have a solution?
  7. The locomotive is now out. Any update on third party sound projects?
  8. Checked the Ultrascale website just now and it lists up to 4 months.
  9. I echo what Mike wrote. The 160 mile journey was well worth it. Thank goodness the Shrewsbury to Welshpool road was just about passable through the various amounts of flood water. Entering the show there was heavy rain and low lying cloud. Spirits were soon lifted by the layouts which were all first class. and it seems innocuous to single any particularly one out. As to the cakes... I know one person purchased 3 slices of the ginger cake to home with him! The cakes came from Sidoli a Welshpool factory bakery. Left the show in bright sun light 4 hours later and visited the cattle docks which have been completed. A sunny day was spent visiting the Severn Valley Railway before returning south.
  10. The Oswestry to Gobowen line stayed open until 7/11/66 and was operated by a class 101 2 car dmu. The Llanfyllin branch train did work through to Gobowen so a Cl 101 is a definite possibility. Other units could have been single car units of Cl 121 and Cl 122. On my Tanat Valley layout I operate all of the above as well as 4 wheel railcars even though the passenger service closed in 1951! The freight trains use Cl 24 and Cl 22 locomotives depending on the WR /LMR boundary change not happening as it is my railway.
  11. Searching through photographs today I found two with the roundel but both were in brown livery. These are not the ones in the Russell book. There is view of Llangynog by R E Tustin in 1941 with several 4 wheelers in the platform and goods yard all in “brown and cream”. The one nearest the good shed might have a roundel as no GWR is visible in the panel above; it looks circular and it does have a white roof.
  12. Not only an impressive layout but the operators provided very clear explanations to all questions posed. It made for a very enjoyable layout viewing. Impressive!
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