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  1. tanatvalley

    Gauge O guild Spring Show Kettering

    Always an excellent show for O gauge modellers and those thinking of trying O gauge.
  2. See http://www.railuk.info/steam/getshed.php?item=87G
  3. tanatvalley

    Hornby - New tooling - 57' Bow-ended suburban coaches

    Which division is this CWP? Thanks Alan
  4. tanatvalley

    GWR Livery Help/Advice

    Very likely. As a rough guide a seven year plus overlap is possible.
  5. tanatvalley

    BRM February '19

    An enjoyable issue but two of the book reviews on page 131 have ended up mixing up the details of two books in each case. So what were the reviews meant to be, ‘The King’s Cross Story’ or ‘Atlas of Railway Station Closures’ and ‘LMS Review No. 3 or ‘Southern Style - After Nationalisation 1948-1964’?
  6. tanatvalley

    Cwm Prysor - 'The Bala Branch'

    The 1.5 pm Wrexham to Bala and the return departure from Bala at 3.25 pm to Wrexham are shown in the 1st October 1945 until further notice CWP as part of the roster for No. 2 Croes Newdd Auto and 2 trailers. There is a note ‘A’ against the 3.25 pm working that Third, Van Third attached for Bala scholars - Saturday’s and school holidays excepted. Do you have photos of the auto train workings for your 1956 CWP? GWR and BR CWPs for Chester Division are extremely rare. I only know of 3 - GWR 1922, GWR 1945 and BR WR Summer 1957. The BR one was included in a display in the 1980s held at Bala Museum (?). ‘X’ is corridor stock.
  7. tanatvalley

    WTT Timing Load D1 D2 D3 etc

    The BR LMR Southern Section Sectional Appendix to Working Timetable and books of Rules and Regulations, June 1969, page 292 contains the same information as EddieK posted as does the April 1991 version, Section C General Instructions, pages C10 and 11. The BR WR Cardiff Division Sectional Appendix, April 1969, which includes the lines south of Craven Arms, does not give this detail but refers to the BR WR General Appendix, pages 39-43, "Working of Multiple Unit Mechanical Diesel Trains".
  8. The website lists 8 dealers. Who are the other 12?
  9. tanatvalley

    Hugh Longworth's book on pre-Nationalisation coaching stock

    It contains those vehicles that entered BR at Nationalisation. It starts with a numerical list of all the stock that came into British Railways ownership including building and withdrawal dates and diagram number. What follows is a “Hauled Stock Class List” by diagram number.
  10. tanatvalley

    WTT Timing Load D1 D2 D3 etc

    The earliest reference I have found is in the BR LMR Section D WTT, 18 April 1966 to 5 March 1967 where is states: D1/D2/D3/D4 Diesel Multiple Unit Trains - for formation, see Sectional Appendix.
  11. tanatvalley

    Modellers Backtrack - Who now owns this title?

    Thank you PhilJ W. Pendragon Publishing do not hold the rights. Modellers Backtrack remained with Atlantic Transport Publishing.
  12. Modellers Backtrack was part of Atlantic Publishing. Does anyone know who owns its rights?
  13. tanatvalley

    GWR cab side number red boarder

    Have a look at the number plates in the last GWRA auction last Saturday. Several cast iron plates with the line, e.g. 2255. 2255 has original paint and it was lined green.

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