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  1. I started a project a while ago using one of Killian Keanes prints to make a model of one of Issac Boultons locomotives Queen of the Forest in 009 (before she became Ant) using a heavily modified Bachmann Skarloey chassis with new 8mm wheels as at the time I was building it was the closest option I had to her actual wheelbase of of 3ft 9in. It had also been remotored with a 6x15mm coreless motor from Tramfabreik as the original can motor from Skarloey was too big. It still is very much an unfinished ongoing project and is also on hiatus as at the moment as I have a few other projects to do and also I discovered the Bachmann N gauge Percy has a dead on accurate wheelbase (bar the wheels which are 7.4mm diameter) and would be easier to develop on as the experience I'm gaining from working on this I will feedback to Killian so that a scratch aid could be developed for others who want to build their own QoTF or Ant. When I get around to it again I will update you all soon and with that further progression on completing the bodyshell I hope. Dan
  2. I remember purchasing two Stewart Reidpath 0-6-0 locomotives and one of them had a gwr style tapered boiler in a Rhymney Railway livery. Dan
  3. This is one of my favourite RMweb threads of all time and some parts have been an inspiration for my modelling. Definitely goes to show that you have to spend a lot to get a reletively decent looking layout. Dan
  4. There`s always the Bemo and Peco 009 couplings ( the latter found on their 009 rtr rolling stock). They are in many ways a bit bulkier than the greenwich types and slightly more expensive but are practically ready assembled. However, they are not as easy to uncouple as the Greenwich types unless you have a ramp to push the hoops up to uncouple but I have seen a modification where a track pin is glued onto theside of the coupling in an L shape which gives it the same functionality as a greenwhich coupler. The peco type also uses Nem 365 pockets and so could give you options to use a wide range of couplings relating to n gauge. There is also another etched type called Paul Windle couplings and they can be found on Parkside Dundas in the 009 section. I haven't tried them but from what I have heard from a few people is that they are easier to assemble than the Greenwich type. Dan
  5. For couplings I would recommend Greenwich couplings which are a fold up etch that have an arm at the bottom that is wrapped in a fine iron wire so that they can uncoupled by magnets in the track when the fitted vehicle goes over it. They are a little fiddly at first but it gets a little easier once you assembled a few pairs. As its the mine wagons you are taking about, for mine I have used identical couplings to the greenwhich made by a company called RT models which are smaller and were originally designed for slate wagons. Despite this, they can be used for the roco mine wagons if the single shank joining the couplings together is cut in half cut with both ends of the couplings fixed into where the original couplings are (seen in picture below). One thing to bear in mind no matter what coupling you use is that they ALL need to be at the same height otherwise they wont engage properly. A suitable coupling height can be found at RT models and, in my opinion, its a nice piece of cast resin that accurately does the job. As for fixed rakes, I would use fine blackened chain from Eileens emporium in the intimidate wagons and the use the rt models/ greenwich couplings at both ends of the rake. Hope this helps! Dan
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