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  1. Good point, I'd forgotten that detail. Nevertheless, I still like the idea (even if unprototypical) of having one power car done up like that with the other broadly clean with at least minor 'road dirt' weathering.
  2. That weathering on 43050 in C8179 really is something else! Fantastic shot for a model prototype there. Contrast with J8739 - night and day really. Your photos have inspired an idea to model an HST set with one power done up to mimic the conditions in each photo, would make quite a head turner I think.
  3. According to Timetable World (which hosts a selection of British, European, North American and other timetables from a variety of periods), it's 30 years - at least for BR timetables.
  4. Yes, it's on the roof - it doesn't pass through the passenger accommodation.
  5. Wasn't that only on the earliest conversions due to the way the ETH power was provided? Later 31/4s being more conventional in that respect?
  6. But surely having nearly double the weight for only slightly more nominal traction power than a single 47 would produce a significant performance deficit? You're shifting an extra 110 tonnes of motive power weight for only 260 extra horsepower at the rail, ignoring any ETH load.
  7. Though the almost double weight of two 31/4s (2×113t) against a single 47/4 (117t) wouldn't be ideal.
  8. The Manchester Pullman rake, complete with full kitchen car (Mk1 RKB) was certainly booked to work a service to/from Paignton on simmer Sats. Presumably the RKB was used only to provide a light buffet service, I doubt full Pullman-style refreshments were on offer.
  9. I would say I am more "attracted" simply by your post with a link to the relevant page on your website when you post an update to an operating session. However, I am of course familiar with your layout, so I need no photo incentive to click through. For those less familiar or who have only just come across the AFK the inclusion of a photo or several illustrating what to expect may well attract them, I don't know. If it is any use I personally would not mind one jot if you switched simply to a pure text update with link, that would be more than sufficient for myself. Regards, Ben
  10. The caption states it was a test to do with Channel Tunnel communications. The train consisted of Iris, a 47, 37 Mk1s and two 20s on the back. Also Iris was being detached, so she's not actually hauling the 1600+ tonne train.
  11. Wasn't it considered later on, when the Class 47/7 push-pull system was being developed as the system had an equivalent function for 81s though it was never used as such. That would probably have been more when they were planning the through electrification in the 1980s we have now though. As to introducing 81s on the GEML in the 1960s after the 86s were built, while perhaps a small consideration - linespeed was only 90 not the full 'ton' until 1970 as I recall, when it was raised to 100.
  12. The May 2022 change has been paused until May 2023 and may well be altered by then. The paths for LUMO already existed, but were not available at even intervals, hence the somewhat messy timetable they have.
  13. Station platforms, in fact one service is booked to stop there unadvertised for pathing reasons, one service is booked to do the same at Darlington.
  14. I think that is to try an get a march on LNER by offering such an early journey opportunity. I should point out this timetable is valid from January next year. At their October launch only certain services will operate.
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