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  1. To go with my other guess I’d say dc rail 56,60 more obscure engineers wagons and maybe another colas 56
  2. Hopefully gbrf 60 gbrf 50s unbranded colas 60 as in use with gbrf network rail coaches drs coaches just ideas
  3. Out of interest does the rhtt spray all the way on a circuit or spray where necessary?
  4. Am I right in thinking that the 66 with sound will come with a em2 fitted?
  5. Looks like my credit card will take a hit
  6. Out of interest does your rhtt do the dc lines into Watford junction aswel?
  7. Great video and following with interest also what dcc system do you use?
  8. The tmc still has it for preorder as I was in the same predicament so cancelled my preorder with hattons and got it from the tmc but can’t remember off top of my head it is with tmc
  9. What about an inspection saloon as in Caroline
  10. How about the kfa log wagons to go with the Bachman’s colas 70
  11. Out of interest as I’ve done a pre order for the 92s how do I change it to the monthly payment?
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