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  1. I had a look and they were all still showing for preorder and when I’ve rang them they said they were still waiting for a delivery from Hornby yet everyone else has had theirs
  2. I’m still waiting for my nr and drs coach’s from ttc and both times they said they were waiting for a delivery from Hornby
  3. Craig1989


    I was wondering if anyone has done pre orders with these as I moved my Hornby stuff to them when a well known retailer stopped stocking Hornby and an still waiting for the drs and nr coaches
  4. I’m still waiting for my drs and network rail ones from ttc
  5. Been wanting these for ages but cant decide if I need a cs 73/9 without the coaches and a non Scottish based layout
  6. Can’t see this anywhere else but can the Oxford rail tesco containers fit these out of interest?
  7. My 2 packs of blas turned up today after ordering Monday and look fantastic can’t wait to run these with the accurascale jsas when they turn up
  8. Sorry if I’ve missed this but what sound file are you going to use will it be legoman biffo or your own one?
  9. According to the gbrf Facebook page 773 is on the Mossend Clitheroe cement atm after 787 failed
  10. Is it me or does the colas 56 look like it’s on that container wagon
  11. I’m hoping for some more modern image stuff and wouldn’t surprise me if the collectors club model was 66731 captain Tom Moore
  12. Hopefully some new modern image wagons and new liveries on locos like a GBRf or dcrail 60 maybe a dc rail 56 aswel
  13. How about the Freightliner mwa box wagons
  14. Being the lot these boys are how about doing the ifa point carrier wagon complete with dcc
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